New City edition jerseys?…@caseyvitelli: This was sent to me on instagram. Unable to confirm if this is legit, or not. What are we thinking? Graphic - timberwolvestimes on instagram

  1. I think the neon greens are our current statement? So hopefully those are finally retired??? Unless Kyle meant “earned edition”

  2. Didn't know that, thanks for the clarification. Still the final version is going to need to look way above and beyond this.

  3. That’s actually a cool idea for the city jersey. I’d just hope the execution is better than that leak

  4. As a whole, can we just stop acknowledging Bob Dylan? His music is boring, he doesn’t embrace the airy or state and he seems like a crotchety prick.

  5. Bruh what the actual fuck is this shit lol. How hard can it be to just design a decent jersey for once. Bring back the OG trees, or do a northern lights style jersey, or something. But this?

  6. Despite finally putting together a decent team and looking to make regular playoff runs, the Wolves are still finding ways to take historic Ls.

  7. I don't get what's that supposed to represent, I just hope that they have lasts years city jersey as a base for the redesign

  8. I can't fathom how the design team came up with it, let alone how anyone in the FO thought it looked good. Really hope the actual one looks different

  9. Everyone seems to hate this... But uhhh I kinda like it. I wouldn't buy it, but I think it could look cool on court

  10. I mean everyone has his own taste, me personally I like all the jerseys that everyone hates (our statements, old atlanta jerseys, long sleeved jerseys from 15-16 to give a few examples) but these are just fucking disgusting lol. If we really are getting those Imma rethink me being a wolves fan

  11. How the fuck does a billion dollar industry like sports jerseys continue to cosign on such mediocre designs?? I swear the fan created stuff I run into is almost always way better than what these losers come up with.

  12. This jersey is a political one, right? I mean, the design is awful. It's like a 5th grader put this together..

  13. No, it’s not. It’s an homage to the Bob Dylan mural on 5th and Hennepin. If you’re not from Minnesota I totally understand the confusion.

  14. First avenue wall woulda been cool. Or a thousand other art directions they could’ve went. The font choice doesn’t match just like the grey jerseys in the past.

  15. Kyle Theige confirmed this is the style but not 100% accurate on the design also went on to say the wolves are getting a new statement jersey that is MUCH better looking

  16. I don't know who the jersey designer is that's obsessed with putting vertical lines across the Wolves' players tits, but they need to be fired.

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