Stellar word choice with the title there.

  1. American news will almost always post a picture of the arrested person if they have one. They'll even post pictures of accused people who have not yet been found guilty.

  2. I think this is actually why “Florida Man” exists at all. I’ve heard it has something to do with their journalism laws. Other states can’t do this, that’s why we only see Floridians doing all this crazy shit. It’s happening everywhere, but there are laws against reporting on it in the news.

  3. I might be in the minority here, but I think sex offenders should be publicly shamed everywhere - and then placed in mandatory lifelong treatment programs.

  4. Yeah this takes a lot of the funny out. That guy was seriously disturbed and I can see how that would be a mind fuck for that girl.

  5. No, there’s a tiktok about this. A girl and her friends went to Miami and this guy was following them, and was jacking off in the dinning/ordering area of the Starbucks. He was only wearing boxers and something else. The tiktok was very detailed. If I can find it again, I’ll link it.

  6. It was literally in broad daylight, in front of the pickup counter in a very crowded Starbucks. According to one of the victims, she and her friends were terrified. Another woman stepped in and began recording him for evidence while berating him for being disgusting.

  7. The eternal spirit of “Florida Man” strikes yet again. It knows no bounds. Whether it be man or woman, adult or child; Florida Man always appears to create a unique type of chaos within the confines of that otherworldly state.

  8. What the hell, he’s kind of hot, why is he masturbating in Starbucks. Hey could probably put a profile on tinder and get laid in 20 minutes. Instead now he’s a sex offender-_-

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