Lorraine Bracco at the Sopranos Reunion...

  1. That last sentence cracks me up. I'm picturing the crew being so internally happy then he moons the camera and they all sigh in unison like the crowd at a NBA home game when they're down by 2 at the last second and their player misses the first free throw

  2. If that's the reunion where she interrupted, hijacked the show and told everyone to hold hands as she said something nice about Gandolfini then yes, she was annoying.

  3. It must be quite strange for her at the reunion, the only actor she actually worked with is not there. None of the cast present have any relationship with her, no experience of what she is like, no history with her. It is entirely likely most of them never even saw her "at work" and her scenes were likely shot at entirely different times to theirs, the only one who actually had a scene with her would have been Edie Falco, and that is only a couple of scenes, that were suppose to be awkward so likely they did not hang out before the scene to help increase the awkwardness.

  4. There's a lot I could say right now and I am gonna say it. James Gandolfini was a saint! I can find no interview where his costars accuse him of that. What you said! Frankly I am embarrassed and ashamed of you. He gave his costars money out of his own kick when he felt they were underpaid and he was overpaid! Even if he did this for laughs once or twice. So be it! You've never mooned someone for a laugh? That fat fuck Steve wore a strap on dildo and a jamaican wig to get a laugh outta Gandolfini. Iler ADORES this man. And I'm sure he'd have lying, rumor spreading fucks like YOU OP and the fuck that made the orginal click bait, dumbass infused claim, rubbed out for such slander. Not to mention the stupidity of a Pro like Loggia needing to be coached up? This whole thing is fuckin slander you ask me. And you fell for it like a stunad OP. You can't be in our social club no more. I mean that much I do know.

  5. I believe he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia after leaving the show, so it was early symptoms of that. Probably came and went in the beginning, or came on quite suddenly.

  6. Do we have any short clips from the Wiseguy podcast to sum it up for us? I don’t wanna believe Gandolfini would shove his fyet aesh in Iler’s face. I also don’t know what is satire around hyeah anymore. I’ve said my piece.

  7. I think that would cheer me up big time if I was upset. Sounds fkn hilarious, to me. Better than offering a cliche about heartbreak.

  8. What’s your age? If you’re in your early to mid 20’s, then it should comfort you to know that the world changed a tremendous amount between the time you were born and now.

  9. That last one sounds like total BS. I mean, listen to the story. How could he have “ruined the shot” by mooning the camera AFTER the scene was done…? You literally said he finished the take…?

  10. "According to Iller Gandolfini patted him on the shoulder like a dad, nodded and then turned around and stuck the biggest hairiest ass in his face."

  11. I've yet to see a Lorraine Bracco interview where she doesn't come off as a belligerent drunk. She nearly ruined the reunion imo.

  12. 😂😂 his cousin in his biography has the same story where he got in trouble for constantly mooning his aunt when they were teenagers!! That was his thing I guess!

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