Fabian Petrulio?

  1. Good point. Also, why did Vito only stop in New England? He should have taken his fat fanook ass all the way to India and lived in some Hindu community. Then he goes back? Fat fuck oughta wear a sign.

  2. Vito could have lived there forever I think. He went back because he couldn‘t stand the civillian life.

  3. Because the audience overestimate the mob's resourcees in finding people. Tony had trouble finding Pussy everytime he went AWOL, so finding Vito would've been difficult. Fabian Petrulio got seen due to extremely bad luck, being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  4. If they were going to Colby then they were in Maine. That is more than a few hours drive from NJ. It is really a full days drive with traffic. That part of Maine is very isolated and sparsely populated, plus Maine is a huge state. Pretty unlikely that a nj mobster would ever drive up there. Where Vito went in Nh is much easier to get to and probably a dumb choice for somewhere to go on the lam.

  5. Im trying to think - do I know any wiseguys from Maine, and the answer is…………. No. take it easy baby👉

  6. Yeah all three colleges they visited were in Maine. I sort of thought they flew and then rented a car. But I get OP’s point - it’s like relocating from San Diego to Chico, Ca. Dude should’ve moved to San Diego!

  7. NH isn’t much easier to get to. You just get onto 93 instead of 95 for the last few hours of the drive. Plus New Hampshire is just as sparse as Maine in a lot of areas, depending on how far north you go.

  8. Not entirely. From my house (40 minutes west of Boston) to Franconia notch in the white mountains is almost 3 hours…from Newark it’s roughly 7…..

  9. I watched this episode just a few days ago and I recall they did fly out there (or at least I assume), as Tony and Meadow are in a rental car in Maine and then they arrive back home in Tony's SUV.

  10. Yeah, I always thought that was a continuity error, that they left in one car and came back in another. Rental makes more sense tho

  11. It’s 4 states away - from their house they have to drive through parts of NY, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and MA.

  12. I think if you view it through the “Glorified Crew” lens it’s not hard to believe that a DiMeo rat would think he’s safe only relocating a few hundred miles away. They’re such a small family that it seems like the likelihood of somebody that knew Febby accidentally running into him would be small. Whereas rats from real, huge, NY families like Henry Hill or Sammy Gravano would need to move halfway across the country to feel more isolated and safe.

  13. Someone else posted the answer, but I'll elaborate more since I just watched it again. He was in the Witness Protection Program, but he kept going off the reservation and they kicked him out. He started doing talks at colleges around the country. He obviously did these under his original name, but continued to live life under his assumed identity. He likely moved back to somewhere closer that he had contacts. He was already dealing out of his travel office because he tries to get two of his junkies to kill Tony and Meadow as payment for their fix.

  14. See I feel like the college talks etc. are not a great idea you never no who could be there for example what if Jackie Jr. went there and saw him and somehow made a connection. Unlikely I know but in that situation you’d be so paranoid!

  15. Maine isn’t that far away from New Jersey, but it is a mostly rural and sparsely populated state that few people from New Jersey go to with any regularity. Somewhere like Florida or the coastal Carolinas might be further away but I’d guess the odds of running into someone you know from NJ or NY who’s there on vacation is much greater.

  16. Some parts of Maine might as well be on the other side of the planet if you're in the Jersey mob. Sure it looks kinda close on a map, but nobody was gonna go looking for him up there.

  17. Also, doesn't Tony say that Petrulio made public speaking appearances to talk about his time in the mob? That don't jive with the fact he's living in witness protection under a fake name.

  18. Because outside of Providence and East Boston, there’s seemingly not a single Italian in all of New England besides me. Trust me, I’ve been living here for almost 10 years and I’ve yet to find a good butcher lol.

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