To play hockey with professionals too immature

  1. So now I want to know if a team has run out of stocks because the other team stole our broke all of them lol

  2. At this level of play, they wouldn't be likely to run out. These guys make millions, enough to hire their own stick-prepper, but they'll generally have a few sticks set up the way they like.

  3. They have like 5 for each player. A couple break each game. They're all stacked up on the wall so the equipment manager can hand them out on the fly.

  4. A player could I think, and they tend to set them up the way they like them, tape/curve etc from films I've seen, and probably wouldn't like to have to use someone elses.

  5. I usually bring two sticks to my games. The night I only brought one it broke and then I had to play the rest of the game with someone else stick who is about 6 inches shorter than me lol

  6. They had a savage rivalry for a stretch in the mid 90s —> early aughts. They despised each other, for good reason too. Some real greasy shit took place; Draper’s face got shattered from a dirty hit from behind. There’s a 30 for 30 on it

  7. These teams were very intense rivals in the 90's. Both won championships and often had to play series against each other to get there. Even had a few goalie fights.

  8. Red Wings vs Avalanche was one biggest Rivalries in the 90s. They were the two of the most dominant teams along with the Devils from 1995-2003. Whenever the Wings and Avs met in playoffs it was always a blood bath. Watch some clips on YouTube it was one of the great hockey rivalries.

  9. It's hockey but in this era these two teams were major rivals. I think this is the season they played each other in the Stanley Cup finals.

  10. There was a HUGE rivalry between the teams at that time. One point both goalies dropped gloves and met at center ice to duke it out.

  11. Ahhh the Red Wings and Avs rivalry, classic. If you watch the ESPN documentary Unrivaled you’d understand.

  12. They just be doing the most SpongeBob ass shit on the benches don’t they (I’m not a hockey fan and I want to get into hockey so please just laugh at my joke)

  13. This stick incident actually happens before that hit thought. This was the 95-96 season as proven by Keith Primeau on the Wings (and the Avalanche existing), and both Claude and Draper were in the clip, indicating that it happened sometime before Claude's dirty hit.

  14. I like hockey, but it’s definitely not sold on being “professional” lol. Hockey is the red headed step child of modern sports and that’s why it’s so dearly loved

  15. Am I the only one who thinks the caption is slightly uninformed? The Avs - Wings rivalry was so violent that this pettiness is just par for the course. Like, this was as professional as both teams could be to each other at the time.

  16. As a soccer fan, the bad part is on TV, you don't see it. When you're in the seats, you see it all. There's so much of that petty stuff happening all the time. The best soccer instigators know how to do their job without bad acting and crying like a baby (it's harder to pick up if you don't know the player or who the player is directing their actions towards).

  17. You want to see great sportsmanship? Watch Vernon (‘97) and Osgood (‘98) each kicking the shit out of that pussy Roy. There’s nothing better than a good goalie fight.

  18. You are obviously not a hockey fan if you’re seriously posting this. Antics between the Wings and Avs?! Heavens me!!!!

  19. One of the best rivalries in sports. The only teams I can think of that didn't even bother playing and just started a team on team brawl after the puck dropped, which included a goalie fight where Roy beat the ever loving shit out of Osgood.

  20. Lol at the avs equipment manager with his hand out to the wings equipment manager like “wtf!?”His boys started it, but love how the wings kept it going, and escalated it.

  21. The was no attempt. This is the Colorado-Detroit rivalry of the late 1990's to early 2000's.

  22. When my dad was a kid he was a huge red wings fan. Around this Era is when he switched to bruins and never looked back lol.

  23. I sure do! I was young but I will always remember Patrick Roy's hair moving majestically while he pounded on Vernon and also Lemieux's busted face.

  24. Immature because they are mostly under 20. Ya, what else? Fights too stupid too? IT FUCKING HOCKEY YOU BITCHASS.

  25. Just for clarity, these two teams hated each other. After the Claude lemiux cheap shot on Chris Draper, every time these teams played it was a war.

  26. Yeah, Red Wings were being dicks, but it doesn't compare to Claude Lemiux slamming Chris Drapers face into the boards.....

  27. Let’s just say the Red Wings weren’t known for being honorable or classy. I’d be miserable too if I had to work in Detroit.

  28. This is at the height of the Wings/Avalanche rivalry and as a neutral party I can assure you the Avs deserved every beat down they got

  29. It’s Hockey, fer cryin out loud. There’s penalties to be had. So send in the Enforcer before things git ugly

  30. I guess they want to show they arent punks or something, so they start acting out…its kinda like when there is a new kid in the school and he starts trying to he funny all the time for no reason trying to make friends

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