To get in the car

  1. 1000% certain that car was bought by someone from her onlyfans or some media outlet where she uploads content for subscribers. And they paid her to film that reaction. Her voice and her being dolled up with the pants are a clear giveaway that she’s celebrated by a community of men online that love how she looks… which I’m not saying is wrong in any way. But I’m also certain there’s a link in her bio or in the description box of this tik tok. Unless someone re-uploaded it to try and shame her.

  2. It's wild to me how many people in the comments can't immediately glean this is highly performative the way she's talking to the camera, and then I remember how many guys think the local stripper actually likes them...

  3. Before I even went into the comments here I was watching this stiff as steel and said aloud, "Whelp, I think I have a new fetish."

  4. I had a medical condition that caused me to get big, not quite that big but over 300lbs. I’m heathy weight now but it was not easy. Living as a fat person was awful. Dieting didn’t work, even starvation wasn’t really helpful, I’d lose some but gain as soon as I ate anything again. I hurt everywhere and was so tired and depressed. I wanted to die daily. I hated looking in the mirror. I hated wearing clothes but hated being naked even more. I see people acting happy while extremely large and I just can’t believe it. I think that even if they are happy at the moment it won’t last, the human body is not designed to bear that and things go wrong.

  5. You probably never will. I have body issues but it helps me to realize I will never be or get that big, which is my fear. I just don't love food that much.

  6. That’s extremely fatphobic. The car is fatphobic too. /s I'm actually impressed that she can laugh about the situation. But maybe that’s just the insanity some ppl get, when they realize that they fucked up and their life is basically over. This behavior doesn’t seem like she got the mental strength to lose any pound.

  7. She can’t be taller than 6ft. Look at her ass…her sitting height is probably double the size of average people though

  8. I also came here because I felt the need to say something... But I'm not going to because I can't think of anything that isn't shaming.

  9. I think I found a way. Technically, because of her form, she’s in a much safer situation than other drivers in the case of a car crash

  10. Notice how you never see anyone that size over the age of 55? Her condition should not be celebrated and it is in this video.

  11. And she sounds pretty young, so she's been on this track her whole life? It's sad that no one would/could steer her to a healthier path.

  12. I'm just imagining the bone pain from her skeleton holding up so much weight. But to each their own.

  13. I had a housemate that was large (not quite that size, but definitely unhealthily large) and AFAIK she didn't wipe at all. Sometimes she shat up the back of the toilet, too, and the landlord had to clean it up

  14. They don't. Some of them smell so bad. You should talk to some Healthcare Providers, mostly nursing assistance who need to assist them. There is literally mold kind of growth in their layers, dried shit stuck at various body parts for weeks, toe butter not cleaned for years, peeling skin, horrible smell, etc. This is for those who are actually were mobile.

  15. One thing people also forget about is the common issue of moisture damage and yeast overgrowth in skin folds… sometimes that smell alone will be enough to make me want to shower 🤢

  16. I was 350lbs went on intermittent fasting and keto and lost 90lbs in 11mth but then the pandemic started and I gained probably 60lbs but today is my first keto day!

  17. Idk how she happy, I’m 6’8 and chubby and every time I get in a car it’s a mix of me screaming swear words and me in pain with my neck crumbling.

  18. I test drove a used car once where the seat was crushed and it leaned toward the driver's side. I realized it was probably owned by a very large person. Pass.

  19. How the f do you ever get that big. How did she keep looking at herself every day and say 'yeah this is fine, totally normal weight gain, dont need to change a thing about life'.

  20. Just remember everyone, there's a regular sized human skeleton inside that meat sack and it's been screaming out for help since this person was a young obese child.

  21. This is like trying to squeeze my 6’2” 275lb ass into a smart car, or a Miata. Fuckin uncomfortable!

  22. it's time to buy a fucking party bus for you to drive. or you could always get in the back of a pickup truck or cargo van. this person is just dangerous to be behind any wheel because they have a lot of interference with their controls from their own body

  23. I don't want to be mean, but bed of a pickup is the only place you would fit, if anyone could help you up. I think it's well beyond intervention time. I blame your feeder as in such cases it's usually a huge parent killing you with love. Please adopt a lifestyle change and leave home

  24. This is peak American. Imagine being proud of this and thinking it’s okay to be this big. Even when you live here you don’t realize how many people there are like this unless you work in healthcare. It’s a disgusting symptom of our culture.

  25. Poor yourself more. I know there's people saying chubby or curvy girls are beautifull too, but you've passed that point. And i can know...i'm obese too. But that will never change if you don't think you're worth it to live your best life.

  26. Good Lord! Given the osteoarthritis in both of my knees, I couldn't phathom even trying to stand up from a sitting position, much less squeeze into a compact car with that much extra weight on me.

  27. Im all for body positvity but if you cant properly function ie fit in a car, walk, work, travel , because of your weight then you need to loose weight so you can

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