to eat the butterfly

  1. Fck like a duck. Come on people do i have you show you? .... Ok where's my american flag and speedo..."Can you quack like a duck when we fck"

  2. You started this, and as such, I feel like I must tell you that as I read everyone else's contribution to this rhyme, I couldn't help but picture B-Rad from Malibu's Most Wanted trying to showcase one of his tracks. ESPECIALLY when it reached the point about a peanut.

  3. I've seen longer version. Duck catches it but then butterfly escapes due to the way ducks eat. Since they can't swallow they need to look up and open their mouth and nod up repeatedly (idk if this makes sense English is not my first lang.) and that's the moment butterfly flies away

  4. Ducks have really bad aim. I can hold lettuce perfectly still in front of my ducks and they'll still miss the first bite 50% of the time.

  5. Fun fact: Monarch butterflies typically live from 2 to 6 weeks except for the last generation of the year, which can live up to 8 to 9 months when they migrate.

  6. Damn. Saved a butterfly from my cat today to let it die after 13 days. It was doing the same thing to my cat. Should have let it enjoy.

  7. That fluttery organism lives a lot longer than two weeks. The butterfly is just the end stage of a longer life. They’ve been munching along as caterpillars for a month or so, and existed as chrysalises starting the previous fall.

  8. Maybe they are not aware how short their lives are. They don't know what else is there to do. They have no time to learn. Lucky still compared to having to do it all, knowing what you are missing.

  9. Made me laugh. In all seriousness though this is a very efficient use of his short time - he's actually trying to drink the tears in the ducks eyes for the saline content.

  10. Do insects experiance time and movement differently, like, do they have flash vision where everything is slowed down proportally so that a min feels like an hour to them?

  11. My dog would try his damn hardest to catch butterflies all summer. He'd dive into the grass, grabbing mouthfuls of dirt, and the butterfly would slowly fly up and over him and he'd be like "Did i get it??!"

  12. My golden plays with the butterflies for hours during the summer. It’s nice to have them keep her busy so I can read a book or enjoy the view

  13. Seeing how short this butterflys life is, if we consider how long it possibly spent annoying this duck, it spent approximately 0.005% of its ENTIRE life just to piss of this duck

  14. pranksterbutterfly k…I’ve come to believe some butterflies are pranksers 😊 like here, I see a butterfly messing w/a duck.

  15. Haha ya know I kinda wondered if it was aimed at me or you understood the reference lol this is why I never assume and get offended, either way would have fit really, with me its more anxiety than meth... Meth would melt my brain...most of the time it turns out I am the dumbass anyway 😆

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