To beat up an old man

  1. When that dude got up again I was like bro, stay down. Then he got the hard shutdown. Rebooting is not gonna be fun.

  2. Once you've gone down it's basically game over unless you're a seasoned fighter. After that one drop you're. probably disoriented, frustrated, and unstable. With that said anyone that knows how to fight knows to stay out of Street fights. From knives to just hitting the concrete with your head (or the other person hitting their head) it's all negatives. Just walk or even run away. It's always a bad decision to stay and fight

  3. First two guys didn't even try to swing at him, leading me to believe they were not causing trouble, he was. Third guy came after him and put him down, so that.

  4. It turned out that the sweet-talking, tattoo-sporting pikey was a gypsy bare-knuckle boxing champion. Which makes him harder than a coffin nail.

  5. “Right now, that's the last thing on Tommy's mind. If Gorgeous doesn't wake up in the next few minutes, Tommy knows he'll be buried with him. Why would the gypsies go through the trouble of explaining why a man died in their campsite when they can bury the pair of them and just move camp? It's not like they got social security numbers, is it? Tommy - the tit - is praying. And if he isn't, he fucking should be.”

  6. I knew a retired championship boxer. He was the nicest guy. You could tell he took too many punches though. Slow talker. Slow Walker. He drooped in his stature. But once I saw him teaching a student and it was like a light switch got turned on.

  7. My dad has a similar story about his brother and his grandpa. My uncle at the time was a 200+ all district defensive tackle in 12th grade and was stupid strong, and liked to fight a lot. Well he had always been told that gramps was a 2 time golden gloves champ in the navy and decided to ask the skinny old drunk to fight after he had drank over half of a fifth of whiskey and my grandpa obliged. Right before they started my uncle looked at my dad and told him “I’m gonna take it easy on him”. Well fast forward about 2 minutes and my uncle comes back bleeding bad from his mouth, nose, and cut on his eye. Dad said every time my uncle would swing pops would just barely evade the shot and hit him with jab after jab after jab. My uncle never hit the old man even once. Dad said uncle mike had a different attitude about how hard he was from that day forward lol

  8. watching this I was also wondering. I didnt see a single punch thrown at the old dude until the very end. I have to imagine they're all drunk or something because this fight doesnt make any sense to ne

  9. I believe I saw this post in another subreddit claiming he was on meth but it’s also Reddit so who knows lol

  10. well white hoodie didn't look like he was even trying to fight dude. looks like he apprehensively walked up to him to maybe calm him down but ol' boy was already too far in his berserker barrage to turn it off.

  11. Usually the context of these videos is provided in a paper-thin and wholly unverifiable post title. It’s probably better to not have it

  12. It looked like he was trying to de-escalate. Also who's this bitch in the blue coat telling the guy to hit white hoodie again while he's on the ground???

  13. There’s a longer version where the police arrives and arrests the cameraman and everybody claps slowly. Can’t find it right now.

  14. I was good with him knocking the guy that came back for more again…but tagging the guy on the ground again is like those pos people that head stomp someone that’s already out.

  15. Most people nowadays don't know how to square up and fight all they know is to try to tackle you and get on top of you.

  16. 1v1 a good grappler will usually win, but a shit grappler will get himself embarrassed or severely injured if he's coming up against someone with serious boxing skils.

  17. Lock your screen rotation as soon as the vid starts, that way you can rotate the phone and follow the action deapite the camera holder fumbling his way through this masterpiece

  18. A bunch of kids teaming up on an old white man with no one stepping in? He was definitely throwing some slurs in their direction.

  19. This man was clearly a boxer at some point. His posture, his feet movement. He plants his soles into the ground when he swings and uses his hip. Problem is age has slowed his movement. So his aim isn't there. If this man was 5-10 years younger those guys would be in the hospital guaranteed.

  20. It's England and they're all hammered because it's 3pm on a weekday. Time to throw some pint glasses and go fuck somebody up out front the McDonald's.

  21. I was on his side till he started hitting them while they were down, and hitting the women who were just trying to de-escalate

  22. For all the tough guys in these comments, you’ve never been a fight, stfu and watch your hentai. For the rest, this was awesome 😂 I got 10 on the old guy.

  23. People forget, boxing used to be taught in hs and many of the old timers served in the military. Those skills remain regardless how old you get

  24. He appeared to be in the right until he started in in the guy who was on the ground holding his head. That’s when the crowd turned on him and he got layed out too. Should have just stopped after knocking the one dude the fuck out for the third time in a row

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