To run away from home

  1. I have a clear memory of 9-year-old me packing my dearest possessions into my blanket, tying it up bindlestiff-style with a yardstick for the handle, picking it up, realizing how heavy it was, and re-thinking the whole running-away-from-home plan.

  2. All this teaches a kid is that the parent doesn't care. This is the type of dad who in 15 years will be like "why doesn't my kid trust me?"

  3. I tried but then I realized I didn’t have enough food and went back to get some, when I want back to the door my little suitcase was gone lmao

  4. I ran away from home when I was 10, then again at 11, first time was aboutbfice hours at the park, second time was almost overnight but my brothers snitched me out thankfully lol

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