To have a nice meal…

  1. That random spectator getting a plate to the dome at the 55 second mark lol Was she trying to curve the bullet or something ?

  2. The other patrons should’ve just got tf out of there once they saw ol’ girl faceplant early on in the scuffle. She wasn’t going to be making any rational decisions for a while after that.

  3. Honestly, I’d you’re in the restaurant, or at least that close at that point, you might be asking for it.

  4. By the time they got the phone out to record, both women were already too gassed to do any damage. It's always the laziest people that think they got the right stuff to win a fight over a bean burrito.

  5. I bet they're family. Has that look of siblings or cousins who hate each other's SOs, always griping & sniping, passive aggression becomes aggression.

  6. Hands down that face plant did more damage than anything else in the video. Her forehead broke her entire bodies fall lmao

  7. One time I went to a Denny's and had a wonderful time and a good meal. Then the moment we left the front of the building a car crashed into the front. There's something about Denny's man I swear.

  8. My husband's god awful step mother was legitimately banned from Applebee's. This was after being banned from every other bar in her area. I wish someone would smash a plate over her head.

  9. Every punch, kick, and chair she throws seems like she’s moving through quick sand or like she’s having one of those nightmares where she’s moving in slow motion

  10. I don't understand how anyone can act like this especially in public. We need to start banishing people who do this type of shit to go live out by the landfills with the rest of the garbage that is thrown away.

  11. Damn, Green shirt tried to punch the guy in the nuts like 3 times after he separated them. Green shirt started throwing shit too. It also seems like she was the aggressor.

  12. As a woman, I agree with you. Women who think they can commit physical assault scot-free just because they’re women are scum, and getting their faces rearranged would probably go a ways toward correcting their behavior.

  13. I would literally walk out of that situation if I was another patron, and just return later to pay when things settled. I can’t stand this level of trashy behavior and there no reason to stick around.

  14. Naw this is revolting to watch. I get embarrassed on behalf of our entire species by this barbaric shit.

  15. I don't understand how some people looks like they're too weak to move their own body, they're not that fat. Results that's a very good thing if you also have anger issues.

  16. What a disgusting display. Sadly it’s too much to hope that these trashy fucks are appropriately embarrassed about being all over the internet. Probably think it’s hilarious. Morons.

  17. This is why I stay away from fights. Intervene and you could possibly get injured. At most I'll separate them one time. If they keep going after that I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the fight.

  18. I’m a chef/owner and I just want to say that anyone comes acting like this I’m bringing out my clever to regulate some folks. Breaking dishes and throwing chairs around. smh Lunatics

  19. “I was trying to break it up” By choking the girl getting he hair pulled really? On a side note I get hit by a plate like that somebody is going through the window.

  20. I can’t believe not a single person in that entire restaurant didn’t just walk out the door. I would’ve been out of there faster then a man finding out he’s a father.

  21. What sad is that the people who own the Restaurant work hard to make a living only to have Trash POS do this. Hope they all go to Jail and pay for all the damage’s and clean it up!

  22. What was the context of that? Did the argument start with one saying that Ubuntu is a superior Linux Distribution over Fedora?

  23. That being said, every time I see a fight between men break out I think about how funny it'd be if human males had antlers

  24. I wonder if people like this ever wonder «why did I end up in this situation? Maybe I should look inward and figure out what the fuck is wrong with me.»

  25. Gotta love the other as....ehm.. guy in jeans who gets there and jumps the only one who tries to break that fight the whole time.

  26. Why did they restrain the dude that was trying to stop the fight? Like 200 iq play of stopping the fight by allowing the main problem to keep attacking

  27. Where are the people that actually know how to control shit at!? Its like society has lost all knowledge on how to put someone down for good.

  28. All I keep thinking is “for the love of god, if you have to beat each other senseless, take it outside! Have some consideration for the poor employees/hosts who have to clean the area after your flinging food around.”

  29. That’s why bars/restaurants should keep a hand towel in the freezer. When applied to the back of a neck it instantly stops someone fighting and makes them retract their arms. Helpful hint for proprietors of dining establishments.

  30. If I owned this restaurant and you start picking up chairs an smashing plates, fuck any lawsuits that come my way, I'm throwing you clowns out physically.

  31. Just one punch to that cunts face would have ended this right quick. Act like this in public and destroy someone's restaurant you deserve to be punched.

  32. Wait I need to know the context behind this- also I hope the.... Lovely ladies enjoy the extreme fines and potential sentences that they deserve. You start shit, you find out ❤️😘

  33. Maybe our species is doomed. These kind of reactionary violent outbursts do not match up with our capabilities of reason and logic.

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