To straight hairs

  1. Considering all of our comments are toward that fact, and that the video is super obvious. OP’s plan worked to perfection, we, coming here to interact with the content and improving the algorithm of the post.

  2. Mann I remember this video 😂 till this day anytime I do my hair I always fear this happening to me 😅

  3. This video is so old, it gives me a little nostalgia. And it's still hilarious (sorry for the girl 😅).

  4. I think this was the first and most unforgettable hair fail I've ever seen on the internet. Such a classic, thanks for the nostalgia.

  5. This for some reason reminds me of a girl we knew in high school who at 14 posted a picture of a mirror selfie with a fucking dildo in the background and when we told her she tried to convince us it was a hair curler

  6. Damn this is ooooold. She had it on too hot, you can see her hair burn within 10 seconds, that’s how you learn though! lol

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