To coexist with a puffer fish

  1. I feel like this is the wrong sub. Crab is literally one of the main staples for pufferfish and I'm sure the owner of that fish knows that

  2. Yeah no attempt at coexisting, this was an intentional feeding lol. Not the first time I’ve seen a Reddit clip of a puffer obliterating a crab. Maybe

  3. They have some nasty little teeth that they sharpen on coral. Pretty sure they are a predator fish. They are aggressive little things. :)

  4. I had a couple of spotted puffers as pets and they really only ever wanted live food. They were interesting pets but very high maintenance.

  5. They’re even worse if you try to eat one the wrong way, aren’t they the fish that special chefs need to be used to prepare for Japanese cuisine?

  6. I used to keep fish and was thinking of getting a puffer. If my memory is correct I read they have very sharp teeth that need to used. Otherwise the teeth keep growing and cause problems for the fish.

  7. Yep they cut them and sharpen them on coral :) I've had multiple full reefs, they are like little dogs it's funny. They will follow you around the room, watch you with their eyes...stuff like that. They are way cool.

  8. Think he was feeding it more than anything. Puffer fish have very sharp, very powerful beaks and since they own one they probably know that. Still not as freaky as a pacus teeth though.

  9. The video is disturbing as it looks violent for me. In nature crab at least had chance to survive as can swim away but here it didn't have any chance in isolated aquarium. Poor thing was trying to survive without understanding it didn't have any chance from the beginning. Amd someone took them out and put in aquarium and made video for entertainment

  10. Pufferfish naturally eat crustaceans…. They evolved their beaks for that exact reason. I dont think the person was trying to make the crab live with the puffer but infact feeding it

  11. Tbh i don't like this guy cos he just shows videos of him feeding live animals to his fish it's unreasonably cruel

  12. Who is the piece of shit that keeps producing these videos? Don't come to me with the "nature is brutal" crap, this dickweed is intentionally doing this for views, and those animals wouldn't be killed off otherwise without his fucking intervention

  13. Have you ever been outside your bedroom? Animals eat other animals to survive, it's kind of a thing

  14. I know that puffer fish is usually used to get rid of snails in the aquarium. When snails are gone, it secretly bite other fish at night (they when sleep) so ppl usually raise them separately, not like here.

  15. It's weird there are other fish living in the tank. I had puffers when I was young and they would destroy anything made of meat.

  16. Imagine that was somebody's child and the mother was waiting for them to return home but it died. 😢

  17. It would be so easy to drive a knife through that crabs head before you feed your fish. Why the fuck would you put him in there alive?

  18. I've been watching too much of that Mr. Krabs screaming meme that whenever I see a crab being destroyed or killed it just plays in my head...

  19. I’ve seen plenty of animals be fed something alive like this and I’ve got say crabs make me feel the most for them I don’t know what it is sometimes about the sheer terror they look like they experience gets me right in the heart

  20. Pretty terrifying for the crab to be suddenly put into a tank and fed to your worst enemy. Didn't stand a fighting chance.

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