To do some pull-ups.

  1. Hell yeah that was sick. I like how he wiggled around and then used his head instead of his feet to land at the end. Props bro

  2. Every time someone mentions crossfit, I say it must be invented by orthopedic surgeons, and these videos don’t dissuade me.

  3. Shhh, it's a rare breed of special, too loud and you might scare it. It's a crossfitter in it's natural habitat, look at the way it kipps, truly astounding the stupidity of this creature

  4. The problem with crossfit imo is all the ”controlled flailing” in almost every exercise they do, the risk of injury goes through the roof. Why not just decrease the reps do it more controlled and do things properly like all other sports who lift. Get your cardio somewhere else…

  5. how do they even gauge whether a rep is done to completion? with a normal pull-up the lats max out their range of motion, allowing the chin to go above the bar.

  6. Regardless of your opinion on if kipping counts as a pull-up... That's some really shitty kipping... With, well idk if you can call it a dismount... But yeah bad fall form too.

  7. If they could slowly perform the motion without throwing themselves around, it might be considered a form of pullup. But they can't. Because crossfit sucks.

  8. Is that ….. kipping though? I thought kipping used your oscillation to help you both up and down, and it should basically referees at the top, this guy is cutting every imaginable corner.

  9. I like how the woman watching his technique is just fine with it. Then when he launches she considers running off like he's going to explode.

  10. Well they are crossfit pull-ups. Which doesn't negate your comment, just thought I'd point out it's not just him, it's all of them.

  11. Injuries can just happen in the gym sometimes. It's not "his fault" or like he "deserved it" like some people are making it seem. As an aerialist I've done lots of odd things for the sake of exercise or a performance where I could fall, doesn't mean I "deserve it" if I do, it's just a risk you take.

  12. just about everyone shitting on this guy have never touched a pullup bar. hard to reach from the couch with greasy fingers.

  13. Try doing 1 rep in between every set or every other set of other movement. Especially chest. You won't burn your self out and will most likely get more pull-ups than if you did max effort.

  14. I tried this technique and I already lost 15 pounds! Mostly because now I have to eat through a straw. Still counts.

  15. If you guys think the pulls are bad just wait till they start lifting with their backs in a sharp jerky motion.

  16. It’s cross fit gyms like this that give a bad name to the rest because that is not how your supposed to do kipping pull-ups

  17. CrossFit pull ups are lazy pull ups. I wouldn’t even call them pull ups. It’s a cop out. I’ll never understand why they do that.

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