to carry off his angry girlfriend

  1. They decently had me at the thrashing right after the initial lift, 7/10 acting in that 0.5 seconds. Would have been 10/10 if it was more directional and obvious at defense. It came off more like throwing a wild tantrum, but it was believable enough.

  2. This move specifically requires two people to pull off. When you are laying perpendicular to the person holding you, there is no way to get enough momentum to start that move. The person carrying you has to give you a push, and after she does her twirly bs, the person holding her does a cart wheel and lands on their ass.

  3. I don't understand why you guys keep posting fake shit. Like can't you tell? There is no "attempt" if it's staged. So karma hungry.

  4. Fun fact, if you don’t know how to move when the girl does that move, you will end up in the hospital or death.

  5. Is there anything that’s like Reddit? But, like, before it was full of children believing staged videos?

  6. gotta love when the entire comment section has to tell us it's staged even though they know as they're typing it there are 30 other comments saying the same thing.

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