to mess with the Judge

  1. As a longtime lawyer I really, really don't like this one bit. I don't like the judge demanding special treatment on account of his authority and I don't like the cop kneeling before him. This just smacks of a system that doesn't operate fairly for the people caught in it. But we knew that, didn't we?

  2. He's already lost in the court of public opinion. Stupid move on his part, the cop was going to run the plate regardless so there was no reason to get out and escalate the situation.

  3. Doesn’t this show the judge is biased towards positions people hold in the society, and can not be trusted to exercise fair judgement?

  4. I totally agree. This should be a massive, massive problem for anyone who sees it but yeah it's funny and entertaining so let's just giggle and shrug

  5. This judge, Lancaster County President Judge Dennis Reinaker, was admonished by the ethics committee. The committee did not elect to refer him for disciplinary action, but the message was clear. He won't be allowed to get away with it a second time.

  6. Ummm okay. But the clearest message is not letting them get away with it the first time. This is what corruption looks like. If he’s so blatant about it in public imagine what take place behind closed doors.

  7. I think the judge may have been in the right, if his point was that honking your horn does not justify being pulled over. But his response implied that his status was the reason he should not have been pulled over. If he did nothing wrong, he did nothing wrong and that should apply to anyone, regardless of status or employment. If he did something illegal, the fact that he is a judge should not be a reason to send him on his way without further investigation.

  8. I mean even if he did nothing wrong. Jumping out of your car and immediately charging down the approaching officer has gotten some people killed. Even when the officer has equally as little context.

  9. I feel that he's using his position as in "I know whats legal you moron" and was just to flustered to deal with the dumbass

  10. If he didn't have status he wouldn't have been let go like that. You can bet your ass if he was some schmoo he'd have a citation

  11. I think his response was possibly based more in knowing his rights, that he was being pulled over for bs, and he knew that once the cop understood he was a judge, the cop would also understand what he knew, ya know?

  12. But apparently they can get out of their car, walk aggressively towards a cop while threatening them without the cop fearing for their life and opening fire. Must be some magic.

  13. They aren’t. But this vid gives us no context. Cops oftentimes abuse their position and try to nail someone for something negligible just cus they can. If the cop tried to do that in this instance, then it was good of the judge to set him right. However, if the judge truly did something deserving of getting pulled over, then cop should have booked him like anyone else. Without context tho, we don’t know what the situation was.

  14. What an entitled piece of shit. If I got out of my car yelling at a cop even for a bullshit pull over cause, I'd be in fucking cuffs.

  15. There wasn’t an attempt to mess with the Judge. There was an attempt to rightfully ticket the judge for tailgating dangerously which he successfully bullied the cop into not giving him.

  16. Exactly. Everyone saying "well maybe the cop was in the wrong"... yeah, maybe, but that's for a court to determine, like everyone else. This is just two assholes greasing each other's palms.

  17. So did the judge get away with something because he was a judge? Or was the cop intending to victimize an innocent person until he found out his potential victim was a judge?

  18. If I walked up to a cop with tha6 body language, I'd be eating gravel/cement on account I fell on the floor face first after being tazed

  19. I honestly interpreted as "hey don't charge me with a bullshit crime because I will easily win the case because I'm a judge"

  20. Nice to know that we live in a place where your occupation doesn't make you immune to the law.... Oh wait it does? Oh shite alright have a good day sir

  21. If that was a similarly sized black man he would’ve been shot for approaching an officer like that, even if he was a judge.

  22. I grew up the son of a Judge. I'm very ADHD and was a reckless kid who got pulled over a lot. Aside from my ticket in another city, I got out of every ticket just by using my dad's name. I should have gotten each and every 1 of those tickets, all not getting them did was build a distrust for cops, as I know 1st hand how corrupt the system is.

  23. Looks like this judge needs to be knocked down a peg or two. That was a thinly veiled threat. That judge is clearly throwing his weight around. And no I’m not talking about his body mass. I mean heavy is the head that wears the crown. His crown is like a full diaper with the tantrum to match.

  24. American? Anyone with money and power in any country are immune to cops. In some countries if a drug lord got pulled over, he could put his cigar out on the cop's shirt and drive off.

  25. All of the animosity, misgivings, hate, outrage, protestations, anger, face-palms, soul crushing, unfairness, and a tinge of "white", wrapped up into one video less than 15 seconds.

  26. If that was a coloured man getting out of his car and started walking this aggressive towards a cop he would have been shot. Without hesitation, no doubt.

  27. Would of been pure gold if the cop replied, “get back in your vehicle or I’ll hold you in contempt.”

  28. I'd like to know why the judge was pulled over. If it actually was just for using his horn, fuck the cop. If it was for a real reason and he got away with it because of his job, fuck the judge and fuck the cop for letting him.

  29. Can’t tell if it’s the judge abusing his position or a cop trying a bogus traffic stop trying to find a ‘real crime’. It feels like it’s the latter.

  30. I feel like if a different type of person threw their car door open and approached a police officer in a pull-over at this speed it would have ended very differently

  31. Both of these people seem like they are bad if I'm honest. The cop for pulling someone over for using their horn and the judge for using his title to intimidate someone. Just my take.

  32. This is a weird one. I'm in agreement that the powerplay here is something that could not be done by an ethnic minority, and that there was something unjustly being done.

  33. To everyone saying 'well the judge is just mad cuz he shouldn't be stopped for honking' but he doesn't KNOW it was that! I was in a car pulled over, the people in the front had good reason to be worried, but it turned out they just wanted to say 'you didn't have your lights on' So either way, the judge is a fucking tosspot

  34. One man above the law tells another man above the law that the first man is above the second man's aboveness of the law.

  35. That pisses me off I don’t give a fuck if your a Supreme Court justice you are supposed to be upholding the law and that means if you break it even a dumb one you own up to it not hide it and cover it up. Starts with one little things but then balloons quick. That’s why people hate the legal system.

  36. The judge should have said “you know what you’re right” and paid the fine. There is no tv spot that would have beat the goodwill he would have gotten, and there’s no way beating a shitty traffic fine over a power trip was worth it. Of course the officer had no idea who he was as pulling over, it would be wayyy more concerning if he did. This is a huge fumble, and weirdly on both sides. The judge could have said I’m just a regular citizen see… the police could have said see we fined a judge… there’s no losers. How the fuck do they do this instead. Like purely for safety reasons, this judge shouldn’t oversee anything more complicated than ramen. It’s only worse when you realize any minority or poor idiot would have at the very least been in handcuffs after that aggressive approach. This judge proved himself to be less qualified than my brain damaged cat (don’t use hartz, I love my cat but they fucked her up), she’s still more intelligent than everyone involved.

  37. He was pulled over for tailgating another vehicle according to the link. He was reprimanded, he self-reported his behavior and apologized to the patrol officer. We all have had days but at least he took responsibility for his behavior.

  38. He was (unsurprisingly) downplaying his actions. He was later reprimanded by the judicial board because he had been tailgating the officer.

  39. What an egregious use of not very much power honestly. For a man who spent his life upholding the court of law you’d think the dickhead would have a little more respect for it.

  40. That's some BULLSHIT. No one is above the law, and the entitlement this prick judge has needs to be brought down a peg or ten. The ONLY way this is not egregious is if the stop was initiated wrongly, without probable cause.

  41. They didn't shoot him dead the moment he walked angrily towards the officer?, thats not how they react to poor people and or anyone of color, as they comply with instructions they get killed, wtf

  42. Oh fuck yea he shouldn't have been pulled over. He's a judge for Christ's sake. He's probably kinda important in his own opinion. Thank God that cop didn't follow any protocol and let him go immediately. Good thing he was also white. Those judges are less threatening when they charge you down.

  43. There is a lot of unchecked power in the video. Cop was pulling a person over for a bullshit reason. Judge was flexing his power by mouthing off to an officer. Fucking hell.

  44. There absolutely are two legal systems and certain people most def ARE above the law. This is such utter bullshit

  45. I'm sorry but I don't give a fuck if you're a judge, a cop, or the fucking traitor orange cheeto...if you do a crime you need to face the consequences.

  46. Seems to me the judge just realised he was being pulled over for a bullshit reason and wanted the cop to know he wasn't some idiot who didn't know the law or his rights.

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