To blow out someone else's candles

  1. I’ll let him have it lol. What a boss for blocking them from doing it. Reminded me instantly of the video of the dad with a paper plate blocking this little boy from blowing out the candles and this kid was so angry he was about ready to hit the cake 🤣

  2. I play this game 24/7 with everyone in my life! 😂😂 including my mom (but I don’t punch her 😂)

  3. All jokes aside I don’t know why but I hate kids that do crap like this, that kid in the back is clearly a veteran sibling. What a fucking legend

  4. As a kid my parents were super fucking strict about this when we were kids. Took me until I was way older to realize they were teaching us that “not everything is about you”

  5. Is this common? At any age I never even considered blowing someone else’s candles out. I’ve never even seen anyone do it, either.

  6. The few times that my family had cake and candles in the house, we were told that blowing the candles out was to make a wish, and that stealing someone else's wish breaks the magic.

  7. Yeah, it is, and it's all in good fun anyway. Well, most of the time. Imo, as long as it's not to some other kid, it's fine. Dad seems pretty happy about it.

  8. My fucking nephew. He thinks every present is his to open, and plays the 'do you need help?' game to act like he's being nice. He isn't, he just hasn't been told no and gets away with it constantly. I brough a wrapped gift for his brother's bday recently, fully planning to ensure he didn't get his fingers on it, and the sneak still pulled it off.

  9. Am I the only one thinking just the kid in blue is the one overreacting? Don't see much of red shirt, but certainly isn't throwing a tantrum, meanwhile the girl is laughing along with the mum as she sees everyone else doing it and is just joining in. Big bro at the back has obviously been raised well, I would imagine the parents know what they're doing with the other three 🤷‍♂️

  10. Yea I’d be really pissed if blue shirt was my kid. That kind of reaction is ridiculous and I would be ashamed.

  11. Honestly, none of these kids looked like they were ready to blow out his candles, I've never seen so much vitriol towards little kids as much as in this thread FR.

  12. I’d like to start a petition to stop the ceremony of manually blowing out candles on a cake. It was nasty even pre-COVID

  13. Yeah, it’s gross. I don’t remember ever blowing out birthday candles, actually. My family has always used those big number candles, and a candle snuff.

  14. This is one of those subs that I am sure will have a ton of funny content… that will make me hate humanity in a hot second lol

  15. Everyone other than the blue shirt kid was pretty happy abt it. I think it's still pretty sweet at the end. They'll grow out of it

  16. Kids need boundaries and guidance because they really do not understand social cues, basic morality and lack empathetic development. Is it really that surprising that kids that are not disciplined properly act like brats?

  17. Kids are weird. They can be wholesome and sweet one moment then do this the next. Really isn't that bad, but reddit hates kids for the most part.

  18. Parents who don't raise their kids and try to avoid them or give them whatever they want to have peace and quiet for themselves

  19. Am i a sociopath if i say i get so much satisfaction out of watching kids get blocked from blowing out someone else’s birthday candles/getting their shit rocked after blowing out another kid’s candles?

  20. Good on the older sibling for keeping his younger ones in check. But they Honestly all look old enough to know better unless someone just didn’t teach them🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. Exactly! Each one is way too old to be doing that shit! When our kids were young and wanted to blow out candles (at someone else’s birthday) they’d wait until the birthday person did their thing and then we’d give them their own piece of cake with a candle to blow out. And mind you, no child did this past the age of 5.

  22. The dad’s, how is this confusing? That’s why the little assholes were t allowed to blow out the candles

  23. I'm assuming that the parents had time and patience to raise their child when it was only 1 kid so they educated him but once they got more kids they stopped having so much of it and either stopped caring about raising them or tried to avoid educating them so that they would have peace and quiet for themselves I've seen cases like this in my close friends and relatives.

  24. There's only one that seems upset about it. I believe all the others just think it's all in good fun. A little friendly competition in the house, yknow?

  25. This video made me mad at the blue shirt because he's very clearly the kid who would've actually done it, the other kids who were blocked didn't really seem to care. Also is the blue shirt the same kid who did the same thing in a similar video and was winding up to punch a paper plate? He looked younger there. Clearly the parents still have not done their job at making sure their kid understands that not everything is about them. Possibly intentionally, after the first clip went viral. I was pissed.

  26. Blue shirt is the only brat. The little girl literally covers her own mouth😂 red shirt looks like he’s battling the Gods just to try and SEE cause he’s got two hands literally pushing his head away. Blue shirt however…

  27. Why do people comfort naughty children who express rage at being denied what they think they're entitled to? It simply reinforces temper tantrums.

  28. If those were my kids, even the attempt to blow out another child's birthday candles would mean immediately leaving the party. You don't get to have a slice of cake, you don't get to enjoy the rest of the party, you're just immediately putting your shoes on and in the car. If you can't behave yourself at a party, then you don't get to enjoy the party, period.

  29. Children are right lil shits sometimes, and I think it's only fair they are prevented completely from doing that if they can't control their impulses.

  30. Maybe just have better parenting, if kids don't know it's not their candles to blow out they should maybe skip one or two celebrations until they learn

  31. Dealing with kids like that is easy. Just go all Madam Zeroni and tell them that candle wishes only work on your own cake on your own birthday and that if you blow on someone else’s cake you’ll be cursed for all eternity to never have any birthday wishes come true ever again.

  32. I love how he tried to cover their mouths cause he knew what they'd try to do lol. So cute. I say let the kids try to blow the candles though lol.

  33. Let them learn they aren't the center of the world early because it will only get harder and harder as they grow up. Teach them to be happy for others without expecting something too or life's gonna be a lot harder then telling a 4 year old no you can't blow out their candles

  34. If you need to resort to such techniques to prevent that from happening, its quite safe to say that parenting has failed.

  35. Do you want to know how quickly I would have been removed from the room and ignored, thus removing the tantrum? Quicker than lightning speed.

  36. Ngl, this family seems pretty happy. Both parents are there, celebrating birthdays together, good older brother to set an example, on top of a fun little family moment. I think that's better than most redditors can say.

  37. Agreed, everyone on here hates kids for some reason. Especially in a close family setting, this sorta thing is really fun.

  38. who raises these spoiled ass little kids? my daughter never thought to act like that at that age lol. teach your kids not to be selfish little shits so society doesn’t have to deal with them being asshole adults

  39. I'm pretty sure it's just the "👌" hands. I dunno why they'd pull up white power at a birthday party

  40. Man, I don't like children, but they arnt a cancer. You seem like the kind of person to kick over a kids sandcastle or treat a kid like shit for exciting or complain when they play basketball on there own yard.

  41. But that was extremely adorable though.. big brother going be a great roll model! They have it cut out watching over lil sis though.

  42. My nephew is developmentally delayed and one of his favorite things is blowing out the candles. We always relight them and sing happy birthday for him so he can blow out the candles no matter whose birthday it is. Kids just love blowing out candles, nothing wrong with that.

  43. I do understand that in certain circumstances it is acceptable, I never ment to offend you or your nephew. I was just making a post because there was an attempt to blow out the candles. I'm sorry.

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