to ride bicycles on a freeway

  1. At least would be one less moron on the road putting other people who might try to avoid him and get themselves in danger

  2. Yeah, that truck could have had ...biker... All over it, makes me sick thinking of that... I mean, dog shit it's fun, but Biker of all things...

  3. I drive a bicycle since I could walk. Whoever idiot created this fucking logic behind bikes being the same as vehicles is a fucking asshole.

  4. The bicyclists just need to ride, while holding a protest sign. Then they can say it's their right to block the flow of traffic.

  5. Relatively a new cyclist here. That's not how you drive on the freeways if you're on a cycle. Even if it's legal you just shouldn't do it even if you know how to properly do it.

  6. Except it’s not a restricted access highway. The cyclists are fully allowed to be there and the truck made an illegal undertake.

  7. And that's how you know automobile manufacturers won that fight in the 1920s. For 10k years streets were shared spaces, for 100yrs they're death traps, and nobody even questions it.

  8. Dude, that could have killed most cars. That truck pulled across the median into their lane while they were executing a lane change. That truck driver should lose their license.

  9. Except if course that this bike was not on a highway but on the designated cycling route following all the rules of the road, unlike the truck that made an illegal manoeuvre and hit them.

  10. Normally it’s just freeways where they’re not allowed because there’s a minimum speed. Highways allow tractors and horse buggies and even bikes, but most cyclists aren’t stupid enough to bike in the lane on a highway, they stay on the shoulder.

  11. Can you give the name of the road or a link to the incident? Because it would save a lot of the arguments in this sub.

  12. I swear I've been on this sub like 4 times and every single time I saw some post that was labeled way wrong. Hell, first time it was a guy got robbed of his keys and the guy who robbed him crushed him between another car and escaped. Luckily he was ok, but the title labeled the guy who got robbed and crushed as trying to rob the other guy.

  13. I don’t know which country that is but this is why in Germany we’re tough to look over our shoulder before doing such maneuvers.

  14. Just because it's perfectly legal doesn't mean it isn't stupid. There is a safe are near the rail where cars don't go to. Use them. If you need to cross the street look both ways and travel.

  15. It’s also legal in many states in USA to walk down a busy road while wearing full military armor with a loaded rifle sling over your shoulder. And it’s legal to enter many buildings where law enforcement are present dressed as such. You’d be basically asking to be killed if you did so, but hey it’s legal so common sense is not relevant right?

  16. I would argue it doesn’t matter in this case. Something being legal doesn’t mean you should do it (for your own good), just like lane splitting on a motorcycle.

  17. Can't really tell what country this took place in, but in the US, most major freeways have signs posted next to the entry ramps stating that bicycles and pedestrians are prohibited....

  18. Yeah, cyclists are prohibited on most freeways and highways in the US. Cycling is allowed on certain sections of freeway/highway shoulders in California where no alternate route exists.

  19. Maybe they are Christian so they think they can do whatever the fuck they want and everyone will make allowances for them.

  20. I feel like there aren't enough people here condemning the truck driver, cyclist here in Australia are allowed on the highway and that truck just plowed through that split strip next to the offramp.

  21. I like this thread. Noone knows which country, noone knows if they are allowed or maybe even need to drive there, everybodies assumes shit and blasts on the cyclists.

  22. There’s gotta be a different road for cyclists. Something in between the freeway and a side walk maybe? How do people think riding in a bike around cars is safe?

  23. Sure looks like the trucker ran right through the gore point to come up on the right of that cyclist. I don't think bicycles belong on a freeway but that truck was completely wrong.

  24. I think you’re interpreting the situation wrong. There was a vehicle in the left lane. There were two or three idiots riding bikes on a restricted access carriageway in the right lane with the truck coming in hot behind them. He couldn’t swerve into the left lane, as it was occupied by a vehicle, so he braked and swerved right, temporarily using the exit ramp to maneuver around them.

  25. We just gonna ignore the truck cut across into the traffic lane despite originally being in the exit lane? I mean, I get it, its a dumb idea to ride a bike on a highway, but that driver is out for blood.

  26. I think you’re interpreting the situation wrong. There was a vehicle in the left lane. There were two or three idiots riding bikes on a restricted access carriageway in the right lane with the truck coming in hot behind them. He couldn’t swerve into the left lane, as it was occupied by a vehicle, so he braked and swerved right, temporarily using the exit ramp to maneuver around them.

  27. This is why the "life saver" look is important. Whether anyone is at fault or not it doesn't matter when on a bicycle or motorcycles. You check over the shoulder of the direction your moving to before you move and see if there's anyone who could hit into you. Stay safe my two wheeled maniacs and remember; bubble up, rubber down.

  28. 1 second in, the cyclist has chosen to not exit the road, 2 seconds in, the cyclist is as rightmost as possible, given the choice of not exiting the road. 3 seconds in, the lead cyclist signals he's going to start using the new lane. Cyclist is intending to go to the slowest lane available, as soon as it's available. 4 seconds in, lead cyclist is hit, followed by a flailing camera that shows they are all off their bikes. Last frame, if you look back, it looks like a toll road toll station across the road.

  29. Good to see someone had gotten here to speak sense before me. As usual with Reddit most people ignore any context or just make it up for themselves.

  30. Fun fact, sticking your arm out half a second before you veer straight into another lane doesn’t make you some unstoppable force. I ride daily on the roads, I never ever move across the road without visual confirmation. Absolute fucking idiots.

  31. You’re talking about the truck overtaking on the right across solid lines, right? The two bikers were on the rightmost thru lane, the other lanes to the right are exit lanes.

  32. I mean...yeah...fucking idiot. But the truck has also no fucking business being there. If it would be a car or motorbike same fucking shit would have happened.

  33. I know right, if I'm on a highway for some reason which i absolutely avoid for 90% of the time I constantly take a peak at the traffic behind. I'll stop if I have to because you know what's worse than losing momentum and slipstream, death.

  34. Also just because you are on a bike doesn’t mean you don’t need to check over your shoulder before changing lanes. Manz didn’t even look LOL smh

  35. The truck crossed over a line and you're only blaming the cyclist? Of course the cyclist shouldn't be there but the truck driver was a dick...

  36. You should hate the government for not providing enough cycling lanes. This kinda shit doesn't happen in places that have cycling lanes everywhere.

  37. Where I live there's a battle going on between the residents, construction crew expanding the lanes that lead into the neighborhood and the cyclists. They had to turn our two lane road into a one lane each way while they add two more lanes to the other side.

  38. But imagine being cussed out, being hit by a car, flipped off, got trash thrown at your head, sometimes full beercans, getting cut off without being in a group. This might be hard to grasp but most cyclists are very afraid of being hit and I, as a lone rider, have been hit for no reason a couple times. So yea, there is strength in numbers, and it adds to visibility too. Try to walk a miles in their shoes before spewing hate and anger.

  39. For a thousand time, it's not a freeway, it's designated bike route and truck is the one braking the traffic rules by driving over merging lane. Use your eyes and stop hating bicycles so much, they are not the one to be hated, cars are.

  40. Not saying the guy on the bike was in the right, but that truck looked like it didn't care if they got killed or not from doing... whatever it just did.

  41. This is hilarious I'm glad they're not dead ( looks like not) I'm a trucker and I don't like getting close to this idiots. 😅

  42. Whether to allow or not bicycles on the highway is up to a local regulations. Sometimes taking a highway with a wide shoulder is a safest way to go.

  43. i’d love to know the mindset and reasoning of the type of person to wake up one day and think this is a good idea

  44. For what it's worth, there's a lot of places in the city where I'm riding in a bike lane which suddenly just ends leading me into a major intersection that looks just like this. The speed limit is 30 but of course all the cars are going 50+ because why wouldn't they be?

  45. Man what a couple of fucking idiots. Why would anyone think this is a good idea. They got so damn lucky if that’s all that happened to them

  46. Turns out: the truck went straight from a turn only lane, the cyclists were in a bike line and had the right of way, the motorist was arrested

  47. I see the dumbest motherfuckers ever to own a bicycle trying to ride on the rural highway I commute on. It has tons of curves, no shoulder, and no posted speed limit. But every year without fail for the past 40+ years someone tries to ride on it and ends up getting flattened. They do this even though there is a trail for bikes and pedestrians running parallel to said road, all the way from one town to the next. I don't even call them accidents any more. It is a form of suicide by stupidity. Stupicide.

  48. This is not a highway and yes it is legal in some places for cyclists to ride on highways/freeways/motorways - Australia has been mentioned in this thread for instance.

  49. In the United States (edit at least in CA) it’s illegal to ride your bicycle on a highway unless there is no parallel road the bicycle list can use. Even then, you should have a rearview mirror on your handlebars. It doesn’t look like this guy had a mirror. He didn’t take the most basic safety precautions

  50. This is in Russia, St Petersburg ring road. Not only was it fully legal to ride there, it was the recommended cycle route at the time (2015). I have no idea if that has changed since but this not a highway/freeway/motorway, it's an inner city road with a 60km/h speed limit.

  51. STFU nobody “blames them for existing”. We blame them for their willingness to create a fucking hazard on a highway purely out of entitlement.

  52. I’d love to say the cyclists are in the wrong but they usually have the right of way no matter what so the trucker is probably fucked if there’s some real solid proof tying him to the scene.

  53. Another example of cyclists assuming they always have right of way. Dude didn’t even look to see if it was clear to move over and almost paid for his arrogance with his life

  54. Fuck that trucker, that was an incredibly dangerous move but how the fuck can you ride your bike on a freeway and not check if everything is clear before you change lanes

  55. He was on the same lane as before. I agree that a bike shouldn't be on such a street, but the truck shouldn't and wouldn't act the same way if a car was in the lane

  56. This was the "ok everybody I turn left now" didn't even look back just put his hand out and expected everyone to yield. I hate 98% of bikers.

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