to chill his enemies to the bone

  1. He's got a PO for stuff involving minors. We live in the same city. He's notorious. Has been banned from at least one local bar for repeatedly stealing food off of people's plates.

  2. I’m surprised I had to scroll this far down. Immediately gave off HUGE kip vibes! “If you want my gun so bad Napoleon… why not try and take it from me? gets slapped geeez! You didn’t have to hit so hard!”

  3. This is exactly what happens years and years of never overcoming pillowpants or listerfiend.

  4. It’s like if you gave an alien a human suit and said “okay, now your undercover assignment is right wing red neck” and this was their practice.

  5. Actually really sad, this dude doesn’t seem to be playing with a full deck and my guess is he was indoctrinated into this ‘lifestyle’ by his family

  6. He clearly has a disorder which affects his communication. Not making fun of him, just very obvious by his demeanor.

  7. Here in the south, they would describe him as "a bit touched". Or "extra". Basically, polite ways of calling him developmentally disabled.

  8. He has a "special" appeal from his body language and mannerisms. Like a child that never grew up and hides behind his mother's legs. I have a "my dad is better than your dad" vibe going on.

  9. The more radical you go, the better the LARP is. The only issue is when these people LARP and actually hurt others, the system is enforced by police and laws that protect that LARP and therefore validate and perpetuate the ideas of said LARPing.

  10. Watching him makes me feel certain the police should be searching his basement and he is a high risk to become the next mass shooter.

  11. Lack of confidence in self image, and yet completely confident in his ideology. Imagine someone screaming "I may be ugly, but my brain is beautiful!". It's up to opinion whether the mind is attractive or not. So, this is both pretentious, and pitiful. You want to feel sorry for them for their lack of self image. Yet loath their vanity in self righteousness. As it is a toxic trait to not constantly be questioning things, and believe that one has all the answers at any given time. Even the most intellectual minds of every era had some form of self doubt. It's built into "Scientific Theory" to question what you "Know", so others can establish trust into what you think. It's not just stupid. It's untrustworthy.

  12. He is the embodiment of Ephialtes the spartan hunchback from 300. Wants so badly to be a proud patriotic warrior.

  13. There's a video where someone convinced him to twerk because it will get him TikTok girls. I think he's slowly becoming more fabulous the more he's exposed to TikTok

  14. I genuinely wonder how he reacts both outside and deep inside when his confederate buddies start talking shit about LGBTQ... Poor guy's lost.

  15. Yeah, I mean my guess is that he lives out in the boonies, and he’s honestly probably going way more conservative than he feels at all, just to fit in and hopefully hide the fact he’s queer. For protection. Kinda sad tbh.

  16. He deffo needs one too be fair, a stern look might finish him off. He's like a Pans Labyrinth character with vocal chords.

  17. I had a really hard time figuring out the accent; definitely sounded a little Canadian, but there almost seemed to be some Indian too.

  18. There are people in Connecticut like this guy. Huge income inequality and lack of education makes a lot of poor white neighborhoods look for solidarity with poor white folks elsewhere in the country. We end up with shitty pickup trucks sporting trump and confederate flags. Accent seems about right for a slightly lispy New England.

  19. Oh my dear god democrats dont want to take YOUR GUNS away they want to take them from the nut jobs who shouldnt have them in the first place. Just to stop atleast a few of the school shootings. If you want to be a poser alpha man who cant feel tough without holding a pistol on you go ahead be my guest. Just please get an actual hobby like football or basketball or videogames or something. Ass kissing the flag enough to do a threesome with uncle sam and lady liberty isnt a personality its worshipping a landmass that doesnt know you exist outside of taxes.

  20. I've been told since I was a kid (i'm 40) that the governmetn is coming to take our guns. It's dawned on me, that over multiple democrat controlled House, Senate, and Presidencies that not once have they actually made my guns illegal.

  21. Oh the irony of the two flags directly behind him, how can you honestly 'fly' the USA flag right next to the Confederate flag, they are literally different countries that sought the same land.

  22. Wow I've never seen a redneck that was so clearly not a redneck and Do you think he knows that he's gay yet or is the redneck and guns thing still a viable cover in his eyes? Holy shit I can only imagine how his dad has groomed him to be this way and repress those feminine mannerisms and phonetically no strait man talks with that much flared tempered attitude.

  23. I hope he figures himself out soon. Angry, resentful, repressed people can become embittered and volatile. A comical figure is no longer funny when seething anger, a desire to "get even," and military style weapons converge.

  24. Why is it that white supremacists are never good examples of a supreme race? Lower intelligence, significant physical flaws, like fr this guy wasn't feed enough as a child.

  25. He’s Not a great ambassador of my people (gun toting southerners). He’s not a very intimidating figure and….possibly inbred as well. But as the quote goes “God created men equal. Colonel (Samuel) Colt made them equal”.

  26. I used to work with a flamboyantly gay redneck (who told the absolute best gay jokes), and even he was less gay than this dude.

  27. This dude is creepy. It’s almost like he’s the reason/example why guns aren’t for everyone. Like bruh, we aren’t scared of the gun. We are scared of people like you with the gun.

  28. I love how the "back the blue" and "blue lives matter" crowd is also the "we will happily murder police and have an odd fetish about when the day comes that we will shoot police" crowd.

  29. What a weird little dude. So awkward and fumbly! Darting eyes insecure as fuck.. totally checks out. Incel w a gun fetish

  30. Man I hate how this is going to come across, but this is exactly who shouldn’t have guns. And I think everyone knows what I mean by that.

  31. is this really a person or in fact, 2 genetically modified 3-toed sloths, jammed into a poorly tailored, human-skin onesie???

  32. He’s ugh, definitely got some developmental issues. I’m not saying that because of the way he dresses, the political statements, or the decor of the room. Don’t get me wrong he’s doing a great job at hiding it, but ya can just tell there’s something there. The way he flips his hands and fingers, the way he’s built, his stature. His whole body says something along the lines of fetal alcohol syndrome or something of that nature, possibly autism.

  33. It almost feels like he’s actually a very liberal progressive kid cosplaying what he thinks an angry redneck sounds like.

  34. Obviously a guy with some disorder maybe on the spectrum, maybe just has trouble with speech . He probably just has insanely stupid patents that drove this shit into his head. I feel bad for him.

  35. Im pretty much a second amendment absolutist and I agree that this kids whole room screams racist parents that caused this kid to go hanging up confed flags and shit.

  36. The way these comments are (rightfully) treating him is the way he's been treated his whole life, and I can just about guarantee that's why he is where he is now.

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