to plant drugs during a traffic stop

  1. He's so much more than that. He destroyed at least 120 lives. I guarantee if I had been caught up in that trap, my wife probably leave, lose my job and vehicle cause can't get it out of impound among countless other things. Nothing can be done to this man to make him fully repay what he has done

  2. Let's not forget every other cop he worked with, who knew what he was doing (how could they not?), and didn't do a god damn thing.

  3. Dude should serve the exact sentence for every crime he created, and the state should use the entire department pension to give to anybody who was wrapped up in this.

  4. Don't forget all his buddies that ignored people saying that the drugs weren't theirs, that it was planted, that the cop who planted them was lying, the cops that saw all this on bodycam and ignored it, the cops why were supposed to review bodycams and didn't, etc.

  5. This is a fall guy. Make no mistake. 120 planted drug charges don't happen without complicity. Without higher ups knowing about it and a systemic directive.

  6. They got the cop on RICO so he’ll be in prison for a very long time with a lot of folks who don’t like cops, let alone dirty cops. Let that set you at ease while you try and wrap your head around how long it took them to figure out he was a dirty piece of shit.

  7. Yeah, just that one cop though, all the others are fine. Except for all the other bad apples, but the rest are fine. Oh, and the ones who turn a blind eye to the bad apples.

  8. My guess is he didn’t expect anyone to ever review the bodycam footage. He would only pull this stuff on people with a record so that no one would really question it.

  9. The amount of cops that get caught by THEIR OWN BODY CAMS tells us how many more aren't getting caught because they can just turn them off and be slightly less braindead about criming while blue

  10. It said generally he'd turn the body cam away before he did anything and turn back when he found something. He just got sloppy in a handful of cases

  11. Florida has some really progressive transparency laws. I think it's called open-government law or "the sunshine law". This basically contributes to seeing all the "Florida man" memes because you have relative ease of access to police records including body-cam footage

  12. My guess is that these were plea deals and never went to trial. Almost certainly handled by a pd or a low cost lawyer.

  13. Maybe he would usually turn it off or plant the drugs out-of-frame, but he messed up once or twice and was caught.

  14. I read the story about this, the way they found him out is because the body cam footage where he didn't turn his camera deliberately away from him planting drugs were mysteriously deleted. It took him deleting a bunch of videos for them to finally catch on to him.

  15. He usually would obscure the body cam footage or flat out turn it off when he was doing the most incriminating stuff. But three or four occasions where he basically filmed himself or someone else filmed him planting drugs on people. he's in prison right now

  16. When you think about this guy planting the evidence, and then asking them “just tell me how it got into your console/truck/etc”….. It really shows you what an insane sociopath he is. That’s some real evil shit that he did, and he deserves to pay for ruining those poor peoples lives.

  17. "Honesty will go a long way with me" when you know you planted it. What a piece of shit. I hope this fucker rots in jail for a long fucking time.

  18. He planted drugs on someone who just got out of jail, which probably put that person back in jail for far longer than those tiny bags of meth would normally do.

  19. This really gets my blood boiling. 12 years is not nearly enough for all the lives ruined, jobs lost, families broken up, etc. His victims could never recover from this. Some may be even driven to suicide.

  20. When sentencing, its really all about mercy. Did he show mercy to others? If so, how much? A little bit, a lot or none? I think judges and juries tend forget that. A convicted person should be sentenced solely on the the mercy they showed to others.

  21. Looking at the charges he was facing it looked like prosecutors were trying to get him on anything that'd stick.

  22. This is what people who dislike the police think every police officer does, people like him are literally the cause of the socio economic strife. The reality is the brotherhood of police should want people like him to be held as accountable as possible because people like him put all of them in harms way by creating this negative energy for an honorable job. Dude should get life in prison for this. He basically tried to end people's lives without using lethal force.

  23. He ruined lives. Lost people jobs, family, friends. Maybe even drove some to suicide or forced them into a life of crime. Truly a terrible person.

  24. Let's face it, this man destroyed people. His actions were no less heinous than murder in my eyes because in our system you don't recover from this. You can't. That time, those opportunities, your very life was taken from you deliberately by this person.

  25. His family and a number of other people wrote letters saying he's a good church going man who deserves leniency. His wife on the stand called him a "mighty man of God".

  26. ACAB. He did it to over 100 people. Other cops in his department surely knew about it after he falsely arrested a few people

  27. A person lost custody of their child based on their arrest (at least what it says in the video, I don't know if there was more to it). That alone is emotional trauma, on top of thousands in fees to fight, and potentially years of time with your child you won't get back.

  28. Do not ever comply with a search. The whole “I got nothing to hide” is the worst mentality to have. They’ll search it if they have reasonable cause, but never consent only comply if told they’re going to. Don’t state why, simply say “officer I respect your time and appreciate you but unless I’m required I do no consent to a search”. Whether a friend of yours who does drugs drops something, or something like this happens, you can never truly be confident in what’s in your car.

  29. Gotta love that condescension from this loser “ I got you, I got you man “ . All the while knowing...would’ve loved to see that same shit used on him during his arrest. His white overweight privileged ass sitting in a FL jail. Wonder how that’s working out for him.

  30. Take solace in knowing that, like every year is 7 years for a dog, 12 years is an eternity for a cop in prison. Especially one doing time for fitting people up. This cunt is going to be doing hard time.

  31. 12 years is fine, so long as he has to serve it all in gen pop wearing a sign that says ‘I was a dirty cop that planted evidence’

  32. 120 Charges dismissed. 120. If there's any justice, they should have turned right back around and charged this piece of filth with 120 counts of possession of meth, since the only one rolling up to the scene with meth was him.

  33. I think we need to bring back some old school, Roman punishments for this level of proven, premeditated, perversions of power. Crucify that son of a bitch. Make him fight a lion for our entertainment.

  34. High jacking trop comment to say this wasn’t an isolated actor. Another officer, Trevor Lee, worked with Zachary Webster on drug busts and is implicated

  35. This motherfucker generated false felony arrests and destroyed lives. 12.5 years is an abysmal punishment.

  36. I remember seeing this guy on Court Cam. He got 12 years in prison. The alleged reason being it was be wanted to work in narcotics and did this to speed up the process. Even though he did this with body cam footage showing him planting drugs, and had mysteriously deleted footage. Power hungry young cop ruining lives for his own benefit.

  37. Quotas, which can impact things like promotions. Although not universal among police departments, you can see how they'd create a conflict of interest.

  38. Cops get treated differently. And it should be 120 charges of DELIVERING a controlled substance. He's a pusher.

  39. It's seeing shit like this motherfucker, repeatedly and all across the country, that's making me want to install dash-cams not only looking out - but in from multiple angles.

  40. Luckily the victims can sue the city for damages. Lost wages, damaged reputations, emotional damages. 120 victims is going to cost the city a pretty penny. They might even have to reduce the police budget for a few years to cover it all

  41. Never ever consent to a search with out a warrant.. and remember refusing a search request from law enforcement is not probable cause for them to search you.

  42. You deny the search, they bring in dogs, dogs dont budge an inch, cop says the dog hinted. Cops now have full rights to search your vehicle.

  43. A lot of cops REQUEST Gen Pop after enough time in administrative segregation. Isolation can fuck you up just as badly as other prisoners.

  44. Any arrest/conviction he ever touched should be overturned. How can we believe anything this monster has ever said?

  45. Not just that. How many people were arrested, falsely or not, for having drugs in their vehicle? There is now precedence of at least one police officer planting evidence in dozens if not hundreds of cases. How many past cases can now be disputed because of his actions? How many future cases will be dropped because there's little evidence to suggest the officer didn't plant the evidence? Like you say, he cannot be the only one doing this, there are others.

  46. So true. And Black America has been screaming about this for years and trying to get the rest of us to believe/understand. Chappelle used to do the "sprinkle some crack on him" joke as a "PS" on almost every cop joke he told dating back 20 years now

  47. Well, never consent to a search/entry. They will probably still search your shit. Then you get a lawyer and fight their bullshit in court if it gets to that point.

  48. For a few years I had a trampoline in my back yard, for the kids to play. I took it down every fall and stored it in my garage. Kids were old enough that I didn't set it up one spring. That summer we had a pretty bad storm one evening. I woke up and saw a wrecked trampoline in the neighbors yard behind me. Later that day a local police office knocked on the door. I opened the door a crack and said hello. He mentioned the trampoline in the neighbors yard, and I said that I had saw it earlier in the morning. He asked if it was mine. I said No. He said a couple of your neighbors have said that you have a trampoline. I said yes I do. He asked if he could walk around the back yard to look at it and I said no. He then said, he already noticed that I did not have a trampoline in my back yard as he looked while in the neighbors yard. I said ok. He then asked if it's not mine and I don't have one in my yard how I knew that one was not mine. I said because I didn't set mine up and it's in the box in the garage. He then asked if he could see that. I again replied No and added Have a Good Day and shut my door.

  49. Never give permission to search. Never talk to the police. Give them your license and registration, take your ticket or whatever and gtfo. If they want to call dogs, let them. If they want to call backup, fine. Just do not give them anything more than you have to in order to get out alive. ♥️

  50. Other people in the comments said that there are departments who give promotions for people who imprison more "criminals" or find more crimes. So maybe it's about his sick rate of find "criminals" for more money and appreciation....

  51. When police do shit like this their needs to be an incredibly steep penalty. This is unacceptable by the people who uphold the law. Lol the police these days really don’t give a fuck

  52. Yup, clearly body cams are a start but there's no review of them. And cops are pure shit at reviewing themselves.

  53. They knew each case was corrupt but after taking paid administrative leave 122 times, it was just too much. /s

  54. Isn't this a sad that you have to know your rights when being stopped by police? They'll violate you if you dont know your rights.

  55. I’m on probation, so I currently don’t have my 4th amendment. Would I still be able to request a supervisor?

  56. I've been getting into YouTube videos that go over police interactions and highlight the legality of the situations, really recommend to get the general gist of do's and don'ts

  57. There’s a reason why there’s no song called “Fuck The Fire Department”. This is just a disgusting abuse of power

  58. Let this be a lesson, kids. If the good officer asks to search your vehicle, you tell them to fuck off until they get a warrant.

  59. Even if they say it makes them “nervous,”. They wouldn’t ask permission unless they were legally required to get it to search. You’re not being difficult, you’re not obstructing a peace officer, you’re asserting your rights under the 4th amendment. You’re under no obligation to make a police officer’s job easier.

  60. Important note - the whistleblower that got this guy caught was a prosecutor who grew a conscience. She wound up having to resign because the rest of the "justice" system froze her out for daring to raise this concern.

  61. Maybe I missed it, but every one of his arrests should be freed and given money from his own pension he had. Records cleared etc. He should be behind bars for the remainder of his life.

  62. The part about his wife and up to 50 friend and family members pleading with the judge and jury to be lenient cause he's 'a good guy' is downright disgusting.

  63. Also we shouldn't even need the bodycam. I wonder how many of these cases could be found with access to the data alone?

  64. This is why you should not and can not trust cops. This is why you don't talk to cops. This is why ACAB. If you're being asked questions by a cop, you shut the fuck up.

  65. Main problem is that American prisons are a way of making money for America. So people going to prison is actually a good thing for America. Prisoners have to do labor for free or almost nothing.

  66. Fucking piece of shit. This is the epitome of why people dislike cops. Even with the good ones out there. The air and generalization is they will absolutely Fuck You every chance they get.

  67. Amen. Medical personnel, firefighters, these are ways to support and protect a community. No cop in the US signs up to help their community.

  68. I am just waiting for that day and then finally being able to say the line "I cant even. Im medically prohibited with a signed document of my doctor."

  69. ...and these are the people we're supposed to trust? That are supposed to 'protect' us from danger?

  70. This guy needs to be locked up for at least as long as the minimum sentence for each conviction and repay every cent of the state's legal and accused legal fees on top of lost income and damages for every conviction or arrest he has been involved in. Or else there is no justice.

  71. No one was questioning how come he was catching people with meth everytime? No one else was catching people with meth as much as him?

  72. This is blatant class warfare. Notice these are all poor working class people. He's not doing this to doctors and bankers that can afford lawyers.

  73. My buddy used to say: Evil my boy, after 30 years on the force I’ll tell you this, if back in a day there used to be 1 asshole for every 10 decent cops. Today it’s 1 decent cop for 10 cocksucking assholes. Never trust a cop for anything, ever. Fuck’em!

  74. This is sad. Makes you wonder how often this happens and you don’t have footage like that make your case. Life ruining arrest.

  75. And of course it's just him yup no conspiracy in the department nope nope just another bad apple nothing to see here move along

  76. Hard to fathom that people that can do that with a straight face exists out there. What a terrible human being.

  77. How fucking stupid do you have to be to do this wearing a body cam, and how fucking inhuman to do it at all?

  78. This shit right here has convinced me that I need a dash cam + several other cameras pointing inside my car. Imagine the look on the cops face if one of them had said "can we check my cameras and see who put that in my car?"

  79. Police are now just an organized crime syndicate within the united states, and it'll never get any better because they write their own rules that allow them to do things like this without any real punishment.

  80. You have to wonder how many cops have done this throughout the history of the drug war. This officer is not an anomaly, and this shit is not new. In fact, I bet it's LESS common now that cameras are everywhere, because many of them who might otherwise do something like this know there's a chance they'll get caught.

  81. One man lost custody of his daughter. LOST CUSTODY OF HIS DAUGHTER. That cop is a terrifying piece of shit.

  82. It's a matter of simple math - there's statistically zero chance this single officer could be this "lucky" in his searches. Any commander worth his badge would realize this immediately, unless they were complicit in the crime.

  83. Anyone ever asked how he got those drugs? He wansnt sentenced for trafficking, Carrying in an official goverment vehicle

  84. He is a sociopath by my estimation. The lying he was doing in that video was scary to me. I'm inclined to think that his victims should be allowed to stone him in a public square.

  85. But yes, let’s all fly flags in support of law enforcement officers as they clearly are the good guys 100% of the time.

  86. So, this motherfucker's motivation was only to make random people's life misserable? It wasn't even to ask money to them? He is a very sick man, almost a psycho

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