To stop employees from taking the days off before a holiday

  1. Companies need to start treating and seeing employees as the assets they are instead of liabilities that need to be crushed.

  2. Probably because they learned from the last few times companies said that and their staff quit the job like it was going out of style

  3. They have to gaslight the employee into thinking they're the problem and that they'll find the problem no matter where they go, so they should instead fix themselves.

  4. Also ‘we are a million dollar company, let’s act like one’ yes! Let’s! Let’s pay our employees a liveable wage using that million dollars and provide them a safety net when they need to call out for emergencies like a million dollar company should!

  5. Naaaah, sod off with quitting myself, I'll just do jack all while on clock, while waiting for them to fire me and pay my unemployment and benefits. And probs hit the handbook just to check what's the bare minimum I have to do just for that.

  6. When I see things like this, I stop being insecure about my mistakes as a foreigner because I know there will always be a grown-up American with a job that is worse at their own language than me

  7. lets be honest, 1million for a company is such a low-fucking bar. that's what I would expect to make if I opened a simple sandwhich shop for 75k. Im not even sure 1million could pay for any staff.

  8. A million dollar company, great. That means they can afford to lose an employee for the day while the tend to their sick kid.

  9. Right? "Let's act like one" You mean like giving employees time off in case of an emergency because you've got redundancy/backup plans? Sounds great, we'll figure that out right after we discuss the proper use of belittling notes and what basic grammar to ignore in them!

  10. I hope everyone realized how fucked making people work on holidays to make the rich company more rich isn't worth working for.

  11. Yep, I’m guessing this is one of those small business bosses who feels like all his employees should be as invested as he is and accept his offer of $7.25 under the table

  12. I got in a car accident driving home from work during a damn near hurricane. Big pine tree fell in the road just past the crest of a hill and I couldn’t see it to stop in time (dark, raining, foggy, and I was already going well under the speed limit). Police said if I was going any faster or not wearing my seatbelt, I would have possibly died. Car was wrecked. I called my boss to tell him and he asked if I was still planning to work the next day. And this was for a BILLION dollar company.

  13. I would just delete all the work ive done, change all my passwords, and just quit. There's always some else hiring.

  14. Also give your employees some sick days instead of forcing them to take vacation and hire enough people so that a few calling out doesn't become a crisis

  15. Hahahah. As if these jobs offer any type of benefits and if they do they make sure to schedule just below the minimum average hours to disqualify you.

  16. Go into work deathly ill and highly contagious. Hell, buy the whole office donuts on your way in. Shake everyone's hands. Make sure you go everywhere and talk to everyone in the office. Especially your boss. All day.

  17. Show me you’re a faceless, soulless corporation that doesn’t value its human employees without telling me….. you know the rest.

  18. Gonna name and shame, just bc I know where this screenshot came from, but it's from a grocery chain called Food4Less which is now owned by Kroger.

  19. The shop I work at has a couple dozen people and also a million dollar company... My boss says things like "you're sick? What are you doing here? Go home and get better. Work some overtime next week if you need to make up for it. Your boy is sick? Stay home, I hope he feels better."

  20. A million dollars really aint much these days when youre talking about a business. And theyre acting like a broke ass company that hasnt planned for people being sick.

  21. This should be a zero-dollar company because the owner didn’t factor humans into his/her business model.

  22. “I was unable to find a babysitter, so I took your advice and will be babysitting my own kids today.”

  23. If they’re a million dollar company, they should pay their employees enough so that babysitting, medicine, and/or Über is an option.

  24. A million dollars isn't much for a company tbh. If you have a large enough staff that you communicate via notes like this, and don't just mention something in person, then being at a million dollars means you're pretty much bankrupt anyway.

  25. Find another job immediately. There are plenty of jobs out in the world that don't treat you like slaves you are breathing your own air live your life better

  26. A million dollar company should have enough employees that if one or two call out with true emergencies, there are enough staff scheduled that it won’t be an issue. If *your employees are held hostage by *your bad practices then *you’re not as successful as you think you are.

  27. I assume they pay standard pay rates these days also. If you want people to work on holidays insensitive them. Pay and a half or double pay if not eat my ass

  28. I work for an independent contractor employed by a billion dollar company and the owner gave us a pre-holiday and post-holiday bonus with the incentive to work every day scheduled. It’s fair and we don’t have call ins except in emergency situations. It works. I wish that we could get these bonuses quarterly at least for those of us who don’t miss work, but I’ll take what I can get. My company is amazing.

  29. Is this million dollar company paying for health care, child care, and wages high enough to afford reliable transportation?

  30. I’ve been a small employer for about 10 years now. My dad always told me to treat your employees like family because they’re the ones making you money. They’re willingly giving their time to you in exchange for money. They should be appreciated and commended for doing things well and not torn down when they make a mistake. You’re only as good as your help and your help is only as good as their training.

  31. Million dollar company? , Exactly, act like one , millionaire companies have money for sick time , PTOs etc , finding coverage is not the employee job , it's the Manager's job , it's in their title MANAGEr .

  32. Imagine that. Million dollar company cant afford to pay for management that even knows proper Grammer. What's up with them hiring drooling slackjaws for these positions of power

  33. lmao million dollar company that cant afford to let employees take time off to spend with their families.

  34. “We are a million dollar company, let’s act like one” Your employees are not a million dollar company. You are. You act like one.

  35. I work for a multibillion dollar company, and they don’t treat us like that so maybe this company needs to take notes.

  36. This is terrible of a company and not empathetic at all, but I can guarantee it comes from present and past employees abusing the system.

  37. Want to be a billion dollar company? Try "child sick take them to the doctor and let us know how you made out tomorrow" if one cog in the wheel is broken the ship shouldn't sink.

  38. "We are a million dollar company, lets act like one." A million dollar company and couldn't even afford a spellcheck, sheesh. No wonder your employees are unhappy.

  39. “We’re a million dollar company” no, you’re a millionaire. Don’t pretend the employees are gonna have the same investment in the company when you treat and pay them like dirt

  40. We're a million dollar company, so let's act like a struggling company who has to work it's employees to the bone to stay afloat

  41. When did it become the employee’s responsibility to find someone to fill their shift and not the manager who is actually responsible for filling the schedule?

  42. I feel like a million dollars is not a very large threshold for companies these days, from experience.

  43. Just buy some medicine? Okay. Viruses don’t have a quick fix like many bacterial infections do with antibiotics. Fevers mean contagion. Goons. They likely don’t offer insurance so there goes more time/money to get to an urgent care and/or regular sick Dr visit to get a diagnosis.

  44. If you are a million dollar company you can afford to have employees to cover when some needs off for any reasons.

  45. A million dollar business is basically a Burger King. It costs around $2.5M to buy a Mcdonalds franchise.

  46. Surge fare for an uber on Christmas eve, depending on distance, might cost about $30 total to go in and go home (never drive an uber, cannot confirm). Min wage ($7.25) for an 8 hour shift is about $56, not counting taxes and deductions.

  47. Can I expense the Uber? Repeated car problems can cause the company to come down on you, but most states they are not allowed to discriminate against people with children, and if their shift is normally during school hours they need to have time off when school is closed

  48. As an employee this sucks. As someone who has been in management, it's amazing how many people get sick on a payday that happens to land on a beautiful summer's day.

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