To be safe as a Lyft driver

  1. Not only is she wielding the firearm out in the open in someone else’s vehicle. She has the gun pointed right at the back of his seat. And the maniac has her finger on the fucking trigger the whole time. That’s the first fucking thing they teach you. Never point the gun at something you don’t intend to shoot, and you never keep your finger on the trigger unless you intend on discharging the firearm.

  2. Imagine if that was your dad just trying to work late and make extra money for the family. These people deserve prison time.

  3. My mom does Lyft and Uber in Fort Myers and this just put me in tears 😭 to be so careless and selfish, potentially taking someone’s dad, husband, brother, son or uncle away…

  4. My husband did Uber/Lyft while he was finishing up grad school. This was always my fear. It got worse after an Uber driver got robbed and murdered by his passenger in our town. Uber and Lyft drivers aren't supposed to be armed, either.

  5. My husband was driving for Uber when we had no money and someone got in his car drunk waving a gun around. He peed his pants in fear and never drove for rideshare again. Came right home crying. F these people. They deserve everything bad that comes their way

  6. This was posted in another subreddit last year and surprisingly there's still no news article anywhere about if she got arrested.

  7. Came here to say this. I really thought this video was going to be them hitting a bump and her shooting the driver in the back.

  8. This video is the perfect example why I could never be a lyft, uber, or taxi driver. There is literally nothing this guy can do to defend himself or even get away. Being at the complete mercy of somebody else like this is fucking nightmare fuel.

  9. There is something you can do in this situation: speed. If you get hijacked, drive as fast as possible to an area with lots of people. If you are driving fast, the person will hesitate to harm you or risk their own health in a crash. When you get to the public place, blast your horn and get everyone's attention. The hijacker then has no choice but to get out of the car and run, or hurt you in front of many witnesses. If you get kidnapped or hijacked, NEVER let the criminal make you go somewhere new, because if they are willing to hurt you in public they'll be even more willing when in private.

  10. Heck this whole premise is so terrifying they made film around that back in 2004. Collateral, starring Tom Cruise (as a hitman) and Jamie Foxx (as the unfortunate taxi driver whom he hired).

  11. Pointing a gun at someone for no reason should be illegal. I hope there is something that can be done about this. Gross women.

  12. In my state of California, its considered the same kind of criminal offense to brandish a weapon like that even if its a bb gun replica. Recently a group of teenagers got some serious jail time over pointing one at a guy and his family in their car and robbing him of his money and phone.

  13. I'm pretty sure pointing a gun at someone like that is felony assault with a deadly weapon in any state.

  14. Stupid worthless excuse of a human being. And her finger is literally on the trigger and she is presumably drunk making a ‘mistake’ that much easier. It sucks that we have to share Oxygen with morons like this..

  15. In the animated movie Heavy Metal there is a cab driver of the future that has a button on his floor and whenever a passenger pulls a gun on him he pushes the button with his foot and a disintegration ray gets rid of the person in the back seat and he collects the pistol in his glove compartment. In my opinion that should be standard equipment for every person they carries passengers.

  16. So I did some digging, there’s no update and the last time this was posted on Reddit was 200 days ago. Unfortunately I don’t think justice was served on this one. But what goes around makes a full circle back around.

  17. She keeps making gun puns about killing him asking if he has ever heard of “Kill-Him-bus, Georgia”, instead of “Columbus”.

  18. at one point she jokes about killing him if he doesnt get them to the beach. Of course he cant understand their poor english so he just kinda laughs along with them to be a good host.

  19. What sort of cumulative effect will it have on us being exposed to videos displaying sociopathic behavior, even when we know it's not still unconsciously normalizes it if we see this stuff every day, no?

  20. Good point. When we expose ourselves to stupidity and dangerous behavior consistently we become desensitized to the alarms that should ring in our brains saying “this is not right.” Similar to how we adapt to our environments for survival purposes. Children who grow up in consistently abusive homes don’t have the same alarms anymore because their brains are overstimulated to the point of being numb. If their amygdala was always firing at every sight of dangerous behavior, it would be more detrimental to the child than to eventually just have it “shut down” or numb.

  21. Lyft or Uber could EASILY find this driver, identify the passenger, notify police, and ensure the swift execution of justice. That Lyft doesn’t do this tells you not to ever work for them.

  22. i find this so hard to watch. made me extremely uncomfortable. if she got busted wouldnt they just book/release? here in my state its seems like you have to be an absolute monster for the jails to hold you

  23. Her face is on the cam, surely someone can identify so they can get this garbage can off the streets?

  24. Dude she has her finger on the forking trigger wtf... she could kill that guy by accident if he hit a pot hole. I hope she went to jail for this.

  25. She puts his life in danger and it's horrible but where is her sense of self preservation? Imagine him going on a highway and she accidentally shoots him, does she really think the car would gently stop?

  26. Most places it could also be considered assault with a deadly weapon just for keeping it pointed at his back like that .

  27. How many videos do you see of people accidentally shooting their gun in their house? Same here. Could have been a very ugly accident.

  28. You’re in Miami. Just hop on your 75’ Cigarette boat and hammer it all the way to your private Cocaine Farm island in the Caribbean, whilst blasting the last 36 seconds of

  29. social media really made humanity so fucking worthless. people like this make want to vomit in their dumb faces. I hope if that gun is fired it's into her own idiotic flesh. I'm all for the second amendment, I own guns. this is what happens when anyone can own a gun. dumb ducks like this have no right. if you're going to put someone in danger like this you should be forfeiting you right to protect yourself for the collective good of the human genome.

  30. Its a felony to point a gun at someone. She had her finger on the trigger so that’s intent, Never point a gun at anything or anyone you do not intend to kill or destroy.

  31. Pointing it at the guy with a finger on the trigger🤦🏻. It’s a miracle she didn’t shoot him. I can already hear her friends and family now when she inevitably kills somebody “didn’t do nothing!” “She was a good girl!” “Free my girl”.

  32. Jail time wont fix her. Hopefully she accidentally shoots herself in the head one day. Horrible gun owner and horrible person.

  33. Deplorable. I’m a huge 2A guy but some people shouldn’t have the right to bear arms. Driver is lucky he’s alive.

  34. This is beyond sick. My dad was assaulted while driving for Uber and now we got psychos pulling out guns??? Get me off this planet ffs

  35. She's obviously hasn't been properly trained to be a responsible gun owner. She's way too immature to understand properly gun etiquette. No trigger discipline. Finger on the trigger the whole time.

  36. I think Lyft and Uber drivers should have a hazard light like some cabs have. If this light is flashing it means that the driver is in distress.

  37. This is honestly so sad. The driver could be someone’s dad or grandpa. Imagine seeing this vid of someone you love doing their job/a service while unknowingly being held at gunpoint while someone is laughing/high holding the trigger. Ugh.

  38. Looks like her finger is on the trigger too. So extremely dangerous for him she’s pointing the barrel right at his back. I hate seeing this.

  39. This is why I’m never doing uber/lyft or anything equivalent. Delivery drivers already have it pretty hard. I don’t need to have those psychos in the same box as me.

  40. I see more idiots and unhinged people with guns. They really gotta add some sort of thorough psychological screening.

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