"The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick" - S05E01 Discussion thread

  1. That driving as fast as possible in the tunnel bit was absolutely insane. Must have been one of the dumbest ideas they've had. Can't belive that was green lit. Given the accident I'm assuming it wasn't even staged at all.

  2. I laughed my ass off when Jeremy somberly said "with James in hospital, we knew what we had to do" and it cut to Hammond about to race down the tunnel

  3. I couldn't believe it. These guys are nuts, lol. Straight to the jokes afterwards, too. Gotta love em. Glad he's ok.

  4. They've done plenty of other similarly stupid things over the years, this just happened to be the one that went wrong. It was only a matter of time, really.

  5. It was absolutely mental after clarkson did his run and he could barely keep it straight and he’s the best driver of the group they should of stopped it, may just booted it to win not even thinking of his own health that’s crazy

  6. It probably wasnt as insane as it looked, i assume they put up a sign up somewhere to tell them to break or its just suicide. But even then you can still lose grip and spin like james.

  7. I agree, I think it was a ridiculously silly idea. It was one of those things that on a risk assessment matrix would be high likelihood of occurring + high impact if it did occur. Dark and unfamiliar lighting, literal tunnel vision making visual references difficult, studded tyres on slippery concrete after previously driving on snow (Clarkson triggered traction control when pulling away) danger of extraction and fire in a tunnel (imagine if the car did finish on its side against the wall and then caught on fire, May would be toast), old-ish cars which will have lower safety ratings than modern cars, no escape route for drivers who are perhaps getting on a bit age wise and might misjudge things etc. Completely baffling that they would allow their highest valued assets to be put in that situation. Clarkson stopping looked very sketchy as well.

  8. That was great, but my main takeaway from this episode is Richards quote ”A dog with two dicks and a super yacht”

  9. The move would’ve been to throw the rope around the lift and ride it to the top. Come on Hammond! You were so close!

  10. I dont care if it was staged either was belly laughing between Jeremy's reaction and richards screaming great acting if scripted absolutely hilarious

  11. I knew the crash was coming but the sheer violence of it absolutely caught me off guard. Glad James is okay, cause Jesus, it almost looked like he slammed his head into the concrete there.

  12. Same, I expected someone to hit the wall, but when he hit the wall that hard it surprised me. Also surprised they managed to fix that car to make it drivable again

  13. I was shocked at the severity of it. And a bit surprised I didn't see any airbags deploy.

  14. Or blessed that he made it out of two scenarios that could have ended much worse for him fairly unscathed. Couldn’t believe it when he went through the ice.

  15. When they were pulling the car out of the ice and he was standing 5 feet from the damn rope, I thought, "Well, here we go again..."

  16. I'd guess the fire bit was real enough but it didn't show against the snow, so they fluffed it up with CG.

  17. I like how we never got an explanation what they were supposed to do in that tunnel and why Dutch Special forces were there

  18. I’m guessing they had something else planned for that day, but it changed after James’ accident. I’m just surprised they didn’t skip it.

  19. I also have a hard time believing that they were able to just drive into a submarine base without the forces stationed there knowing they were coming. They didn't seem too surprised to see them.

  20. Do we have any idea what happened to it? When James looked back at it before going onto the plane I felt a feeling that doesn't have a name lol.

  21. Yeah, I wish they didn't discontinue them. Amazing cars. As a huge car guy, I'm sad that it got destroyed. I hope someone keeps it and fixes it because it's not like it's totally gone yet.

  22. Didn’t even think about that Jfc and was it not possible to get at least a fucking tire wall or anything that’s softer than a fucking ROCKWALL at the fuckin DEAD END??! Is this wat happens if the producers just let them do whatever or is it even the other way around? This whole episode feels a bit more masochistic and batshit (the ski tow race??!) than usual Jesus guys I want you to survive for a couple more years

  23. I'm not 100% but I'm pretty sure the other end of the tunnel had a cliff right at the entrance so that would've ended a lot worse when something went wrong

  24. As someone who purposefully did NOT watch trailers of any sort, everything was a surprise for me. I'm glad that I avoided both the trailers and this subreddit during that time.

  25. The way Hammond initially reacted, I wonder if there were real flames that just didn’t show up well on camera so they enhanced them

  26. Yes and that bit that was obviously fake the cabin sliding down the slope wasn’t delivered in a way that was meant to make us think it was real it was all done in clearly a comedic way like when James went off the edge of the cliff in Albania the way Jezza and Hammond reacted after that

  27. The scripted gags felt like they enhanced the episode. Like yes obviously the entire bit with the sheds was scripted, but watching them tow around giant sleds on skis is funny, and that's what I watch for. It felt like old top gear a bit where they put themselves in ridiculous situations and then film.

  28. 39 minutes, 30 seconds. The same music used when they did amphibious cars for the first time. It's so great to see them go back to their familiar music vaults.

  29. *39 minutes, 15 seconds. Sorry to be pedantic but your time is exactly when it stops playing lol. Was sat watching for 5 min waiting for it

  30. James crash looks to have been very lucky... Wasn't head on Wasn't fully side on Looks to have hit the corner and pivoted around it, Possible helped dissipate some of the force involved

  31. I'm so happy I didn't watch the trailer. I feel like it's 2008 again. That crash was a shock and violent. Glad he only suffered a broken rib.

  32. Same! Honestly, watching the trailers for these episodes have spoilt (pun intended) a lot of entertainment, but I didn't watch the trailer or get any hints of what was going to happen in this episode and man was it good

  33. Totally, I didn’t watch the trailer and therefore also almost forgot about it. It was just yesterday that I remembered that I could watch it for breakfast the following day.

  34. The best episode of Grand Tour since the Mongolia special - perhaps no coincidence it has the car with the greatest soul since John.

  35. The best car based episode since Survival of The Fattest for sure, but the Seaman episode was fantastic and underrated due to the lack of cars. That one had a weird feeling of being top tier trio but not involving cars.

  36. That entire sequence was so predictable, but in a good way. I was HOPING it would be a Botswana callback and it made me happy how faithfully it was.

  37. Now that's one where I'm going to want to see a behind-the-scenes follow-up. Just how much of that was staged or scripted ahead of time?

  38. Shit! That was scary what happened to May. These guys aren't exactly 20 year olds. I definitely thought he was hurt a lot worse. I had to stop the show and catch my breath.

  39. Reminded me of the episode of Top Gear in Afghanistan Syria, when may was pulled by that rope into the ground and hit his head on a rock. I’m surprised he’s made it this far, but I’m glad he’s still holding up either way.

  40. Sure Jeremy said that out of the other two, Richard is the best tv presenter funny but James is naturally funny that doesn't translate as well

  41. Just finished! Initial take away: (spoilers...obviously). This was a fantastic special. Really taking some of the best elements of their old specials with new twists. Some things were staged of course (Hammond down the ski slope in his house / the "accidental stumbling" into a sub pen) but that's okay! My theory was that the special forces in the sub pen was supposed to be much more, whether they were meant to get on the transporter ships or something, but because of James' very real crash, they either didn't have time or had to change plans. And yes, James' crash wasn't played up. You could always tell when something was a real moment on TG because the shot was never perfect. It would have always been captured by a dash cam or a glancing angle. That was the case with the tunnel crash - there was a camera man there but it wasn't framed perfectly like you would expect it to be if they set it up. Same deal with the skiier falling down behind James. What I'm still questioning was James' frozen lake fiasco. It seemed real, and it really is extremely dangerous to fall into a frozen lake so I don't imagine they set it up. Also the only good shot of it was from a hood/bonnet camera. But the lack of urgency by the crew to get him out asap and the fact that it became a full prepared bit with Jeremy and Richard had me curious. Overall, 9/10 special. Will watch again. Really have to treasure these as unfortunately they are becoming less frequent and more rare.

  42. I don't think that you need to explain that that tunnel crash wasn't staged, because it very obvbiously wasn't. I'm also questioning the frozen lake bit, but I'm guessing it was staged because of the way they just kept on mindlessly driving on the ice. Considering how extremely dangerous it is to fall into a frozen lake in a car they would have been a lot more careful after James fell in but they drove on like nothing had happened.

  43. I doubt with a broken rib they would choose to willfully put James into a situation that would require rescuing if the stunt went wrong

  44. Falling through the ice is very dangerous, they made a big point of it in both th Polar Special and the snowbine episodes of TG.

  45. Ice thing had to be planned. He got wet, but just got out and sat outside on the back of the car like it was nothing.

  46. That was bloody fantastic, the ice pranks and the ski houses had me gasping for air. May's axe joke in the store got me good too. I already knew about the crash and started mentally bracing for it when they got to the tunnel but damn that was scary, I mean you could've at least had the tunnel fully lit lads. I'll be cringing at the thought of that from now on just like I do with his injury in the middle east special. The ice lake bit was obviously planned for since nobody was rushing to his aid but that that was jarring too, that evo is a hero.

  47. I thoroughly enjoyed it. James had not one but TWO incidents. Jeremy's car frozen in ice was brilliant, still no clue how they managed to do that. A fitting tribute to rally cars.... and Jeremy's audi. They've had small rallying bits in other episodes but im surprised theyve never done a full special on it before! Besides the good, it felt a bit too scripted even for the Grand Tour. Parking on the ski slope 'by accident', sending hammond down the hut (absolutely no clue how real that was), and jeremy's trailer on fire (am I the only one who thought the flames out of Jeremy's car looked CG?). Solid 8/10 (if I consider Mongolia as a yardstick 10/10) (also I was half waiting for Kimi Raikkonen to appear, but welp)

  48. Was funny but man that was one of the most scripted and planned episodes I can remember in some time. Literally just about everything was clearly planned out and built and staged, I mean except the crash.

  49. Can someone (without spoilers) please comment on the age rating of 16? Carnage a Trois was 12. Only profanity and a crash (where I assume not much is shown) or something worse? My kids wants to watch it with me.

  50. In the credits there are some slideshow pictures of the guys being silly. With some suggested profanity and alcohol use. And the mooning mentioned above

  51. Wait, am I getting this right? Is the ending supposed to be like a "To be continued" and they supposedly got on a wrong plane to Gdańsk, Poland where the next special will be? Otherwise I don't really understand the ending

  52. The joke was that the studio hadn’t actually paid for them to fly private, that plane was a “prop” for effect and they were really booked on the Wizz flight. Hence the credits montage of them partying in the private jet taking advantage of the mistake.

  53. Unarguably the best episode since the Vietnam-boat special. The funniest one of the whole 5th “season“ yet though.

  54. My full opinion: One of the best car Special of the Amazon era, I still think Seamen was the best overall. The car choices (apart from the Audi) were good, the location was nice, the humour was on point, the editing felt a bit odd, and despite everything being very clearly scripted it was much better than the average GT episode. The tunnel bit was obviously going to go wrong. But seeing Hammond constantly falling off the sled thing was absolutely fantastic.

  55. the audi was the best choice for me, if it wasn't for this special you would've not seen an executive spec car being thrashed on the snow

  56. I don't really understand why they lean into the obviously fake gimmicks. If they're staying at the fancy ski lodge, I would much prefer to see them sitting around with their spirits talking rather than scripting that they 'woke up' at the top of the slopes. I feel like the show would be so much better if it wasn't a constant back and forth of 'is this real or is this fake?'

  57. Neither did may. He was wearing bright yellow jacket and it was nowhere to be seen during his descent: only reflections in the windshield. That part was completely edited and was plain stupid. Probably, the only not cool thing about the episode though. Everything else was quite nice.

  58. Did anyone else notice the reference to the Botswana special at the end when the Volvo turned up, followed by the Evo? It felt eerily similar to the end of the Botswana Special when the Beetle shows, followed by the Lancia.

  59. This special has gotten zero traction/promo on amazon prime for some reason and I was the first person to leave a review in the usa on prime. Was shocked at that. Also, even on youtube, reviews about this ep are very few and have very little traction/views. It seems the world has just moved on and forgotten about the lads. It's too bad as this one was the best in a quite a while imho. It has been about a year though, maybe that's just too long a wait.

  60. This special was marketed so poorly that I didn't even know that it was a thing until this morning when I opened Prime Video to give the new Lord of the Rings show a go and was greeted with this special up near the top of the screen.

  61. Definitely one of the best specials in a long time, incorporating some of the best parts of previous specials and challenges dating all the way back to the TG days. Few bits were slightly overplayed, but overall a great episode!

  62. I think they are generally going in the right direction for the newer specials. But still fill the last great special they had was the boat one.

  63. He put gas on the hood of his car and then lit it on fire. Definitely was real. You can see the flame go down the car where the gas dropped off. But yeah the sheds was extremely dumb. You don't put stabilizer bars on your trailer and your shocked its moving all over the road? Nah not fun to watch. Could tell they really had a great time but not the most fun to watch.

  64. I really enjoyed everything and had a few good laughs. But two things just weren‘t neccessary: The fake CGI flames and the obviously fake slide downhill from hammonds shed with him in it.

  65. I'm guessing if James had gone in head on that would have been game over. Was a good episode but my wife spent the entire episode being worried about James after that, and telling him to stop picking up heavy things

  66. I knew James had a crash but holy shit that was so much worse than I imagined. My stomach legitimately dropped when I saw that.

  67. Fun episode. I really hate how obviously staged the whole Hammond's shed skiing down the slope was, but I haven't laughed that hard, or long for a quite a while. Pretty sure James going through the ice was a setup too.

  68. One of the best episodes they've ever done. Just to be negative though, it doesn't need CGI flames or Hammond sliding down in a shed. Bits like that work best at the very end like with the plane. I would rather just see Hammond try to problem solve his way down the mountain

  69. Second best entry of the “specials” era for me, very close behind the boats one. The extended bit of them hauling dumb living spaces behind the cars was vintage TG/GT and had me rolling.

  70. Late in the thread, but does anyone know the final fate of the Evo? I feel like it deserves a monument like the old Toyota Hilux had in the Top Gear days.

  71. Loved the cars, would have actually liked them to have more competition between them, and I'm not really a car guy, but those 2 are classics to me. The segments racing on the ice were one of the best parts of the whole thing. In terms of mods it was a bit weak, the classic liveries were great, but I would have liked some sort of "cold weather mods" and some shenanigans with that. Hammond tuning the engine doesn't really translate to a fun watching experience.

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