Daddy's merch flying off the shelves at the local goodwill.

  1. It's literally a clothing brand for that very very specific demo of people that are both proud of being over-weight and also biking enough to be part of a "club". Genejuice Marketing b.

  2. These weren't released that long ago, this definitely was donated by a former fan turned homeless cat. You don't simply stop being a fan of Schlaub without becoming homeless, there is no soft landing.

  3. Even if the designs were cool, which they aren't, 'Thiccc Boy' looks idiotic on a piece of clothing. Even something like Schawlb could work. Thiccc Boy is something either a self-deprecating obese person or a BGL looking weirdo at Gold's would wear.

  4. It really never ceases to amaze me how downright awful that branding is. Like it's just repulsive to read and look at. He could have gone with ANYTHING else. Something more descriptive, something more abstract, an acronym, literally just anything other than an off-putting misspelled topical reference..

  5. Someone who is fat as fuck with heart disease who is too lazy to do anything about it but wants the world to think they are proud of it although deeply ashamed.

  6. Man the whole “thiccc boy” branding is so fucking dumb. That’s actually embarrassing if you wear that shit

  7. I try not to hate on people for doing whatever they want with their money, but I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would purchase this kind of shirt. It's legitimately mind boggling.

  8. “Ride hard, ride thiccc” sometimes, I don’t even realize how stupid some of the shit ACTUALLY is. You can’t be an adult and where this with a straight face.

  9. You shouldn’t even be able to give this shit away, if you pay for it you have to carry it with you to your grave as a token of shame

  10. Needs to be in the Chang’s museum as a piece common when the empire first began to crack. Think of everything that followed from I can’t tawlk!

  11. How long ago did this bullshit come out? Usually I don’t send shit to goodwill for a minimum of 5 years. This must have been a gift or free.

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