Do people respond telling him these are cool I don’t get it

  1. "Bunny ears, bunny ears, playing by a tree. Criss-crossed the tree, trying to catch me. Bunny ears, bunny ears, jumped into the hole, popped out the other side beautiful and bold."

  2. He really thinks he has a fan base. His early exposure gave him enough celebrity to attract a few redacts for life. He’s just too dumb to realize he can’t grow that audience.

  3. These shoe places must fuggin love when this redact comes through. They get to use up all of their excess fabric, slap it together and charge him 5x the price.

  4. I swear to god Brendan Schaub's merch is ugly as fuck, and to add insult to injury, it's Brendan Schaub's merch. Who the fuck would proudly wear a shirt that says "Thiccc Boy" on it, and who the fuck would wear ugly ass sneakers with flowers AND camoflage on it.. it's all just so gross and unappealing to the vast majority of his "audience"

  5. My 3 year old, girl, would call these “the dumbest shit I have ever seen.” And something like “no self respecting man would wear these, unless peer pressured by his middle schooler, social media fan base.” “Unless maybe it’s just a bunch of men like him that are in those social circles that compliment these things, and most people assume they are middle schoolers, but are in fact 40+ year old str8 Yt alpha males.”

  6. Your 3yr old has a larger lexicon than me. Maybe one day she will grow up to score a 32 on her ACT and obtain two degrees from a Big 12 school. For some reason my niece popped up in my head and I pictured her talking shit about that fuckboy Brenda Schlob.

  7. I’m fine with owning a handful of solid pairs of shoes, but the sneaker thing has always been lost on me. The fact bapa is into is really just the final nail in the coffin.

  8. Is this a new post? He posted this same shit months back and got roasted for it, did this unoringal hack reuse his old shit? Gawd dawg

  9. So he wears new shoes at-least twice or thrice a week? Thats like what 500$ a week just on shoes? Pretty sure 75K views on youtube don’t pay that much?!

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