Bapa claims people accuse him of having others write his jokes(like Chris Rock possibly), then compares himself to Lebron and Tom Brady

  1. We know others write his jokes because he told us about the joke workshop he used to do with those two other comics who opened for him. It was in one of his promotion videos for his special

  2. The key component to Bapas testimony is that "Mark said", Braindumb is so insecure that he will pay ◼️◼️◼️ just to have someone to reassure him that he's aggtually funny.

  3. Yea seriously. There’s a lot of merit in the comedic opinion of a roided up Kimmy Gibler/Kevin Sorbo mashup, though, b

  4. This guy's fucking grandma died and he took the opportunity to post his funeral fit and claim she would have wanted him to style on his family. It's always the bapa show

  5. With ZERO self-awareness. I almost envy that level. If he was Rogan's height he would probably be talking about how tough it is being so tall all the time.

  6. If he took a more humble approach, sort of the way he was before he became a comedian and was just “the fighter” his career would have been a lot better. But he’s chosen this road and there’s no going back

  7. Bapa’s a delusional redact who surrounds himself with yes men and gadooshes anyone who dares to challenge or question him. You can tell he’s just horrific to be around. Otherwise someone who cares about him would have said something to him by now.

  8. Right. It’s amazing that he wouldn’t be known for his own jokes? He thinks it’s great that they think someone else is writing for him? lol.

  9. The reality is that they think his jokes are written by someone else because they’re common dime a dozen comedy-writer type jokes that simply don’t sound natural coming out of Brantan’s mouth.

  10. Hey B - your head is literally inflated. That's some heavy whiggsy bloat. Starting to look like Mr. Mackey from South Park.

  11. I beg the differ b, he’s getting it awwl confused. People aren’t saying “Brandan Schwab doesn’t write his own jokes”. They’re saying “Brenda Scab’s set didn’t have any jokes”.

  12. Schuab didn't write jokes, he just giggled about Mexican stereotypes, ranted about the governor and drank whiskey on stage for 18 minutes"

  13. more like comedy heroin.. dude's so out of it he can't even think up any jokes.. and this is supposedly his profession!

  14. BS says multiple stupid things every episode, but I feel like it's been a while since he said something this extraordinarily dumb. The joke stealing narrative came from him having comedians, by his own admission, help him write his first special as well as him having a really similar joke to Swardson. No one is accusing him of being so funny that it has to be written by someone else. He's routinely referred to as the worst comedian around today. Wtf is he talking about

  15. Brandon makes shit up that "people are saying" and then defends something that doesn't actually exist. Its high-level: I have No Clue What I'm Doing

  16. There was some linkage between Tom's personal trainer/team trainer and steroids but like most usage in football, no one cares.

  17. God he has consumed his entire life with this nonsense lately… Every podcast is about everyone talking shit and it only makes the people more popular. He has convinced himself that the more people talk shit the better it means your doing to make himself feel better.. He’s pushing this narrative so hard because he knows the larger this web page gets and the more people talk shit, he has to have a reason as of why people do it, and make it into a good thing for his fragile ego.. He use to say this stupid shit here and there but lately it’s every podcast almost.. Instead of listening to anything people say, learning from it, trying to better yourself, Fat pat just makes up new scenarios to twist it into a positive… Have a Reddit page with 100,000 people ripping you to shreds? it’s because your the best comic out there. Duh… I bet BGL has some behind the scenes in this also. Him and slob were playing with each others peckers one evening and he was like let’s hit everyone with some reverse psychology.. We’ll tell them they are only helping us by talking shit not hurting us.. Then they finished each other off and congratulated each other on the best idea ever.. Now we get to listen to slob for half of each podcast tell us how haters and anyone with any kind of Criticism good or bad are helping anyways.. What a way to go through life.. Never learn, never improve. Just keep altering your fake reality to fit into whatever is going on around you…. This poor sap couldn’t fall asleep at night 100% sober if his life depended on it.

  18. Told ya, time to milggg this jake paul shit for all it’s worth. Stop tawlking about him bubba, he’s not doing an appearance on your smooth brain negggwork

  19. If he’s paying people to write his turrble jokes he needs to fire them. We’d only think this if he ever had any good material. We all know he’s too cheap to hire innyone.

  20. Are people accusing Brady and Lebron of being on steroids? What about the people accusing Bknds, McGuire, Armstrong, Lesnar, Jones, etc.? What? Pro athletes take steroids? I thought only weekend warrior softball guys did. Fuck. His “build up fake argument only to dismiss it” shit he does is so hard to listen to. Hope he dies slowly in a fire. Over days. Maybe weeks.

  21. His little pre-special mini doggumennery had a whole section about how he takes a couple door guys from the Comedy Store to write once a week.

  22. Marg read about that on here last week. Cats were discussing how loogas and Justin write his shit and then he just tries to remember it word for word with no practise

  23. It all makes sense now!!! mooseknuckles shows are so good our regular unworthy brains can’t comprehend what we’re seeing that’s why his speshuls have 1.7’s he’s speaking the language of the comedy Gods. This whole time we thought it was George Carlton it was Brenda all along!!!

  24. It’s like he’s constantly on the verge of being fired and has to constantly tout himself while simultaneously offering nothing to prove actual value. Exhausting.

  25. How is it possible that people still listen to this guy talk at such scale that it generates enough income for him to buy multimillion dollar homes and drive ferrAris.

  26. Dude needs a handler. Ariel already hit the nail on the head. He steals jokes and then fugggs em up, so they suck. The Bapa original jokes are trash 99% of the time, and thats being generous. The scary thing is that he is dumb enough to steal material and not see it as plagiarism.

  27. Whoever said that was either joking, or has an IQ that’s lower than BGL’s shoe size, B!!! braindumb, you’r cawlmedy is atrocious, and that giddy smile while you speak of how grait you’r cawlmedy must be for someone to think someone like Chris Roggg wrote it, begs to differ with the clips of you saying how much you hate iivrything you do. When people speak of Brady and James, they’re tawlking about people who‘re at the pinnagle of their proffeshun. Patrice O’Neal is the only stand up I think of when I think of pinnagle of stand up. Toe and AWL his boys aren’t even in the conversation for most people with a modicum of taste. It’s funny how so many people are famous nowadays for stuff they aren’t even good at in the slightest. The bulk of society will settle for just about iinything when it comes to iintertainment, like pawl boxing, yeah he‘s knogged people out, but in the very beginning he was already selling massive amounts of tiggets and nobody gave a shit it was an amateur with no igspairientz at awl, going against others that didn’t really have iiny pure bogsing knowledge.

  28. What the fuck is he saying. He sounds like courage the cowardly dog. “Hububba, hubba, hubba, Chrizock, hubba oh hubba.”

  29. Or they think you are so incredibly stupid that even the worst joke seems like its a step above your capabilities.

  30. I can niver accept that Bapa can achieve these lows without berformance-decreasing drugs like Tiger Thiggg and Happy Hibbo kratom extract

  31. If people are writing jokes for him-they are either the most terrible comics in the world or in reality the smartest.

  32. No, it's not really like that. It's like if a kid writes an essay that gets a D, and everybody still thinks he had somebody else write it, it's not a compliment.

  33. This man is so fucking delusional. The only people telling him he's so funny that someone must be writing his jokes are his simp yes men hanger ons. From the clips I've seen if anyone thinks he has a ghostwriter they must think it's a rock not Chris Rock.

  34. There literally no way someone like shaub could have written the messican cookie joke… just imposible it’s too good had to be someone else…

  35. Brother I literally come to this sub, see 5 seconds of the video on mute and read the cawments and it’s still painful. He couldn’t possibly make it through another yair

  36. What is he on about? The behind the scenes doc he filmed for his first special literally had a scene with two other comedy store regulars workshopping and writing his bits for him. And he regularly STEALS jokes on top of that.

  37. So fkn void of self awareness. Truly idiotic. NO Brenda. Nobody thinks Chris Rock wrote your “jokes”. We know Nick Swardson wrote at least one of your jokes. Unfortunately NS just wasn’t aware he was doing so.

  38. He should wish that someone else wrote two of the worst comedy specials of all time. Then he could chill out with his whisgy and kratom consumption.

  39. Mark said... Yeah maybe don't listen to a word that monkey brain says! Pair of them are on the spectrum for sure

  40. How is this water brain that delusional and so far removed from reality? How can people in the room hearing this shit keep a straight face? I hope he gets a real rude awakening soon.

  41. God brenda is such a fucking loser nowadays and the absolute best part is that he’s completely unaware of it

  42. I was so impressed by Fernando tatis jr I thought it couldn’t be real. But it turned out he just had ring worm. Maybe Brenda just has ring worm of the brain

  43. My god if you poked his fat stupid fucking face with a needle wissgey would shoot out everywhere. Dudes face has gotten so fucking bloated it’s insane.

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