thiccc boy merch runs circles around Drake's

  1. The OVO store in Toronto is like Supreme in LA. Always sold out, when shipments come in there’s a line around the corner. We’re talkin $200 sweatshirts sold out in minutes. Please tell me how thiccc garbage runs circles around that.

  2. drakes merch is huge and he has his logo on the toronto raptors practice jerseys. and their city edition jerseys are ovo inspired, schaub is actually a fucking idiot

  3. This. Ovo is a huge brand. Wildly successful for a artists “merch“ so much so that it is literally a collaborator on raptors jerseys. Such a horrible comparison from an even shittier person

  4. He also does actual collabs with Nike. in contrast, Schaub has to pay 3x retail for his Nikes on Stockx.

  5. OVO has retail locations across Canada, in LA, Vegas, London…Thigggy Boi running circles around the toilet as it gets flushed.

  6. true, but you'd be just as big of a tool to wear Drake merch as you would Thiggg Boi IMO. Drake hasn't been good in over a decade, he's pure clout culture bullshit

  7. Lmfao he also got the logo on the FC Barcelona jerseys for a game against Real Madrid (biggest game in Spain) but mayjur sirgles bapa

  8. He’s really that far gone huh? The only thing that runs cirgles are the little birds above his head after he gets knocked out. I know he’s familiar. The audacity to even mention yourself in the same sentence as an actual suggsesful person.

  9. How does this buffoon actually think he’s in the same conversation as drake and Kanye with respect to merchandise sales? OVO is on Barcelona FC kits for fucks sake.

  10. Could you imagine Thiccc Boy on a football club as big as Barcelona? I mean, the Owl was kinda cheese, but imagine if Barca got Thiccc Boy?!?

  11. Isn’t Ovo extremely popular for fuckboy Zoomers? How tf is he even comparing a legitimate clothing company vs print-to-order podcast T-shirts?

  12. Yep, there are OVO retail stores in Canada, UK and USA. Drake's clothing re-sells way over retail in the aftermarket / Stock X etc. Meanwhile Schlaub's print on demand shirts aren't particularly in demand...

  13. I'd call bullshit about the merch claim but bapa is a nummers guy and he'd nivir say something on his pawldcass that could easily be disproven. Nivir.

  14. ya its true I just looked at Dranks merch and when I hover over the t shirt images him wearing the shirt with a seriously funny face doesn't appear. That is ecommerce 101 bubba.

  15. The fact that he has to constantly promote himself to everyone around him shows how little his shit actually speaks for itself

  16. Drake's merch includes limited edition Jordan Concorde's with his OVO Owl logo in gold. Yasurrr you wouldn't gobble Drake dack ferrrapair Bapa?

  17. Doesn’t drake have a real life clothing line? How can you even compare that to merch that’s like comparing a vlog to a Netflix series talm bout delusional I’ll be your hucklebee

  18. Does he really believe Thicccccccccccccccccc Boy runs circles around Ovo? Like, we all heard him say it, but does he really, truly believe that?

  19. OVO is absolutely massive in the Toronto area. Say what you want about it not being your style, but to say it isn't big is just delusional.

  20. once you make hundreds of thousands of dollars talking bullshit into a microphone, you start to believe you deserve great things for minimal effort

  21. Brendon catches a lot of shit but he definitely has balls. I'd personally be in fear of getting raped sitting that close to Bryan Callen. The guy rapes people.

  22. This might be the worst one. He’s in between drake and Kanye. This guy really lives in his own world with like 10 people. Anyone else is hayder and don’t matter.

  23. 🤣 as if Brenda or thigg has better name recognition than Drake & I don’t even listen to hip-hop since the 90s

  24. Just for context, I work in London, England. I noticed there's an OVO (Drake) 'merch ' shop in central London. Now I'm not a fan of Drake or his clothing, but I'm pretty sure The THICCC One doesn't have a line of international stores.

  25. Hahah this bloated fuck really thinks he’s outdoing OVO with box t shirts printed with “save a horse, ride a thick boy”. So disconnected from reality

  26. Hahaha. Watch this on mute and just watch callen. That cunt is just waiting for his next toilet break so he can powder his nose. Absolutely checked out from what dickhead is saying.

  27. Bapa is a creative thief. He’ll creatively steal you emblem, logo, what he can get his greasy hands on. Bbbbbbeast of a creature

  28. Dude drake could call the messican while the florist is balls deep and she would be on a jet to Canada. While the Chombies get raised by their abuelamom

  29. If he meant this as a joke and took the piss out of himself he’d be funny, but no he’s an unfunny self proclaimed cawlmic

  30. It adds up... I'm not really a fan of oVo but looks a hell of a lot better than Kanyes branding. I'm glad I have the literal opposite opinions of shwab when it comes to fashion, dudes outfits are terrrrrible. Also you know your going downhill when shwab is endorsing your brand, just sayin.

  31. The mostest delusional papa, papa needs to lay off the sauce, drakes merchandise is the bes, great merch never seent it

  32. Obviously he doesn't sell more but he's not wrong either lol hate to admit it but I'd put up Schaubs top 10 against Drakes anyday

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