You couldn't script someone more unlikeable and unaware

  1. I knew I didn’t like him when he started paying “mixed Molly whoppery” to give him shoutouts in his videos.

  2. Whenever I look at this dumbass, I can’t help but think about how he intentionally gave himself cauliflower ear with a phone book and pliers because he thought it would make him look cool. A true redact in ivery sense of the word.

  3. It’s a good collab from an agent’s pov (probably who suggested it/set it up). They both have similar sized “fan” bases and are both redacts with ignorant takes on mma.

  4. God, I remember all those clips of threats he was making towards this sub. I couldn’t imagine batting so hard for another man. Especially one who’s as big a piece of garbage as Brandon.

  5. I love how dedicated he is to providing us with some fresh dishes. Fly em out bapa, we’ll man the fryers

  6. As a former drunk I think I actually can. You see, at 11am, you're going to get enough sleep where you wake up super hungover and dragging ass and it sucks. But 7am, whoo boy, you wake up still drunk off your ass and you're so out of it you don't even notice you feel like shit. You get to keep drinking and just ride the morning drunk until you pass out after lunch. I live in Florida and anytime we'd go to the beach early on a Saturday I'd get to do this. As an alcoholic it's kind of blissful.

  7. Where you at bri…well I’ll be…, yea I’m gonna be flying ivveryone out for the fikumpanion in salakity

  8. This is one of the best cards of the year, I’m not sure why anybody would wanna ruin the experience tuning in to these idiots

  9. Wow…… wow……. Wow. I’m a bartender and I wish more ppl knew that when I get to the 3rd “wow” or “that’s crazy” that I stopped listening 30 seconds ago.

  10. "I'm flying Chin out" - yah bapa, most people would say "Chins coming with us" or "We are flying Chin out". Bapa has to let irrrrryyyyyone know he's the top dawlg

  11. hes got us all fooled... hes been "leaning into it" for a while now. hes just leaning so hard that we all think hes redacted

  12. I’m literally grasping for any reason to like or even tolerate this guy. The way he ALWAYS belittles “B” or just talking to him like he’s a moron drives me crazy. He doesn’t do that to innyone ilse.

  13. Ahahahahaha I knew it was only a matter of time until Beandip called up Leprechaun from the g league of YouTube. That guy is such a cuck..Marg better watch out, little Leprechaun man might steal his golden ticket

  14. I’d feel bad for Bryan but he puts up with this and he’s been outed as a piece of shit so the redacted clearly uses it against the cuck, it’s so pathetic

  15. Jesse was spreading the lie of the homeless cats we threat the life of the chombies. He said bappa was a great guy just defending he’s family from us….. he clearly has wet dreams of being in toe’s show . That’s the only reason he’s taking advantage of this drunk redacted we call bappa .

  16. That "wow" at the end of this clip by 'Brine the Rapist' has to be one of the most unenthusiastic wows I've ever heard.

  17. What's up with those sox? Pretty early was a problem and then it was fantastic. There's enough money in it to fly all those people out and the equipment. I guess those were editing cuts. I thought he was cutting off Brian again.

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