Strickland isn't a fan of bapa's hairos

  1. Just a small note on translating Schaubanese for you -- when typing phonetically to imitate Schaub, it's a intellectually lazy to simply spell the word wrong but keep the same pronunciation. Writing "Cris" makes it appear dumber because proper spelling is "Chris", but the "h" is silent so both words sound the same phonetically.

  2. Ngl between that and his weird ass jaw rocking dude seems coked out. Like this is just the POV of regrettably waiting in a bathroom stall with two other grown men while some guy takes 45 min to cut up the line you agreed to take for free but realizing you'd pay way more than that coke is worth to have just taken a piss and walked back to the bar but you've already sunk half an hour you better at least get at 'er.

  3. Hate to participate on the incel behavior with you guys But damn you can tell this backfire so hard on Brendan lmfao and he can’t even play tough guy either he knows Strickland can beat his ass 😂😂😂

  4. I seriously think Sean, the guy who clowned on Israel over anime, might seriously have come in with a plan to poke at B in every way he could. He’s gotta know about this. He’s gotta have seen past episodes.

  5. Finally Brendan talking with someone waaaaay dumber than him. He’s actually caught off guard because he knows nothing he says will be dumber than this guy.

  6. Why does he look like he is staring directly at the sun with now sunglasses on while he sits thinking of action hairos with sunglasses on?

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