pff totally b I hate those beta males too

  1. Bapa's steadily looking worse and worse for yairs now, but this is truly concerning. His face bloat is a full blown sign of alcoholism.

  2. Compliments to the chef! A very tasty dish you’ve served us 🐈🐈today. What a delicious morsel of redactedness perfectly balanced with a generous serving of soy. I had to go for seconds 😽

  3. Sean rails against weak men and starbucks while a) holding a starbucks cup and b) has a fighting style that is timid; the cognitive disconnect is astonishing.

  4. Jesus H Christ does he look horrible in that ad read. The bags under his eyes are almost as big as his actual eyes. Gawld dawlg

  5. This fucking guy must be a mess behind closed doors.. Nothing screams weirdo, insecure, little dick energy like being totally obsessed with other men's masculinity lmao. Relax you bald, bully, bitch

  6. I agree America is soft for letting absolute redacts and “former” neo Nazi fucks like him have a platform.

  7. Braindead is so lucky he became a heavyweight ufc fighter in that particular time. Similar to white sport athletes before they allowed other races. He is wildly mediocre at best and soft as baby shit.

  8. God Brenda does not keep the same energy. Like ask who are alpha fighters or something lol You know he is pissy because he doesn't iterrupt as much

  9. Sean thinks that talking tough, being loud and rambling like a Coke head makes him alpha and smart... is Bapa the top dawg in a clip for once??

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