Erik continuing the open contempt, part 2

  1. Oh my God no he did not LOL nothing makes me happier it's so weird because he's the only comedian on these podcasts that no one's allowed to roast him about anything but he literally talks so much s*** about everybody around him even his family the second is friends joke around with him about a sensitive topic he looks like he's going to f****** cry he is not cut out for this s***

  2. I'm sure he hated it but what did he expect? he hired a comedian to join his podcast where the premise is to rip on each other and the people that call in. Great podcast, never seen it but it appears Schaub has just turned it into another version of all his other shows

  3. This is like the typical thing Erik would say to Bobby and they just riff. Bapa too stupid to do any come backs

  4. He didnt even need to look in Brandon's direction. He could feel the heat of the CTE glare and in that same moment backed off, instead noting that the guest lost connection as everyone's was already a wear, 🎲🎲.

  5. When you say ride. Would this be a yellow specialised (great bike neva paid for it) powered by ◼️◼️◼️

  6. i legitimiately laughed out loud when the camera went back to Braindead.. the look on his face.. dude looked like he was genuinely hurt.

  7. I mean I bet the 5 people who pay for Schaub tickets are the same 5 people who willingly call into the Sting, Wing, and….Griffin show

  8. Idk the ratio cuz I don't click on anything Thigg Boy, but I feel like he's been harsher than most and from the beginning. He's redacted for being there, of course, but I like don't hate him.

  9. He has a 25 year career in comedy and here comed slob fuck, Joe's "make a jock a comedian" project. I'd fn hate him too!

  10. My theory is Erigg is trying to get to a point where he can start a podcast with Pedolia. Drop the KATS name and start again.

  11. That’s low key the b plot of the show now that Theo’s gone. They’re testing the boundaries to see how much they can get away with. Shwab is going to snap eventually.

  12. Jesus, is he ever going to realize the comedy world is just not where he belongs? Does he ever notice that other comics don't get butthurt like this when they are the butt of a joke?

  13. Montez ain’t holding bagg.. it wouldn’t surprise me if he saw Randy’s numbers and is now jockeying to make a move in the hopes of getting the Chang’s rub

  14. Braindead shwab everyone. The ‘comedian’ who cant take or understand jokes! My daughter has thicker skin than this chuba buba and she’s 6

  15. Erik must have realized he’s never getting off the Sofa and onto the desk, zero fucks given now. He’s just going out guns blazing!

  16. Yep, this is a Patreon ep (I may not or may not have paid for it) but I just checked and the Patreon page for the show prominently features Theo and doesn't mention Erik.

  17. I’m glad erik has the balls to take such an accurate shot at Shaub lmaoooo keep it coming griff!

  18. Fuck!! For a “comedian” he really is way too sensitive. No wonder he is jealous and hates on all of the New York comedians. They are true comedians who shit on each-other and laugh about it. He wishes he could be like that but his ego is too big.

  19. He has been to NY city multiple times but I have not seen any evidence of him doing spots there. That's all you need to know about his comedic ability.

  20. I always like seeing clips like this because despite claiming to be a comedian, he never has any comebacks to these. Like that time Chris told him he sounds the same with food in his mouth and he was silent for a while after.

  21. Loog at Bapa's face, talmbout orange chiggin PTSD. Marg is salvading in duh bag, knowing a spod just opened for him on the pawldcast.

  22. not only is he just a mad redacted child after that joke, he then proceeds to take a lame dig at the fan calling in "cricket wireless" see the caller pause for a sec like Ok? and this is just another way a homeless cat is conceived....

  23. "great club..." Now, why would anybody in that moment open their mouth to say something. The guy is telling a quick story and he has to jump in and add to a description where it's absolutely unnecessary. This is why brendan, this is why people don't like you.

  24. Annnnnnd he’ll be gadooshed by Christmas 🎅. I never thought they liked each other. It’s a paycheck for griff and it’s desperation from bapa.

  25. Literally any other cawlmedian would crack up laughing at themselves over that joke… but not bapa. Sensitive adawlnis.

  26. I've heard nothing but praise for his standup. I hope he releases new a special at some point so I can actually check it out. I suspect that the cats would show some support.

  27. I mean we couldve guessed what he was NOT going to say, "and it was the best comedy show ever" "brendan is so funny" "im glad I went" he rlly didnt need to come back on

  28. Erik homeless af, you know he man's the fryer's with his COVID mask on so he isn't outed from making a living off braindumb ... All jokes aside, he better tread lightly, a gadooshing is percolating

  29. I don’t know why this sub keeps popping up as recommended, but I love that every time I look in the comments everybody is just clowning all over this idiot. Fuck Schaub

  30. I’ve been working at Chang’s for a while now but can someone tell me who erik actually is, he seems so much older than the others

  31. where is erig in the layout of the room? Is he to brenda's right when he does his little bitch scowl? I can't tell. Are there glass doors in the room?

  32. Directly across from the "hosts". When Bapa looks to the side, he is looking into the production booth which is, incherestingly enough, divided by a pane of glass.

  33. Props to you for still watching this show and getting dishes out despite our best tipper Theo not being there anymore. That alone is worth an award

  34. Much obliged. The show got a lot harder to watch after Theo left but Griff is really not holding back anymore so I can at least feed the cats.

  35. There’s a part of me that feels bad for Schwab and then he goes on a redacted rant and my homeless cat ticks crawl back in my fur(this probably only makes sense to me)

  36. Brendan sucks, but he needs to get rid of Erik.. Erik isn’t even funny, he has no room to be shitting on anyone. Send Erik packing

  37. In less than a year we will see king and the sting with Brenda and the Juicer only. Irrbody is mad hating on Brenda

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