Finally all events done in ACE MODE. Did I experience demonic levels of RAGE, YES YES I DID. 😈 πŸ˜€

  1. I tell you there's 3 events that traumatized me. Took weeks to beat. One Rally cross, one touring car and one demolition derby. All 3 events REQUIRED RAMMING to win.

  2. Mad respect. I’ve had it for ages and still only did the finale race thing 5 weeks ago. Only 60-75% completion on categories.

  3. I'm only level 1787 with 1800 hours of game play and I haven't even got 100% on each mode because I just like cruising around. Maybe when I'm level 9000+ I'll fix that just like you OP haha

  4. I'm surprised no one mentioned live battle I tried to do it but most times I tried I had to wait 4 players who left. Not fun πŸ˜•

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