Threatening someone with a gun does not even make you sound cool

  1. I love how the guy in the car's apparently on "Let's Go Brandon's" property before he even gets out of his vehicle. Does Mr. "Brandon" here also own the street?

  2. Brave guy. Except for the whole Brandon thing in the first place. Doesn't even have the guts to say Fuck Joe Biden like they mean so the whole tough guy thing is lost on me.

  3. I actually thought this sounded like a teenager at first because of how immature the whole post was. I'm from Michigan and I remember my cousin getting his first hunting rifle for his seventh birthday, and that was the first and last time he ever made stupid comments like even play-threats with an unloaded gun because he was 7 and didn't know better. A few people in my family love guns and my aunt (gun cousin's mom) doesn't leave home without hers, but as over-the-top as I think that is, at least she isn't bragging about threatening people with it on a regular basis.

  4. The guy is on your property and he's already said "You want a piece of me?". The only way that's going to end peacefully is if he knows he can't win.

  5. I wish the let's go Brandon cult would realize that most liberals don't really care or "get triggered" by their excessive merch. We just think it's lame

  6. tbh i was confused to who Brandon was for the first two months when they started saying that. one of my sister's neighbors has a big flag that says "Let's Go Brandon" and i just thought it was a flag to celebrate their son's graduation or something

  7. They follow their god-king no matter what he does and assume liberals do the same. It's so funny seeing posts like these. They have an imagined argument in the shower and post it as if it has happened.

  8. Also seen them berate Hispanics n blacks at the polls for simply not saying they would vote for the blue candidate they were backing

  9. Right, like in this situation no lawyer on the planet would want any part in trying to defend the guy who clearly is happy to escalate to guns, when in the hypothetical scenario where the other guy had a gun and didn’t decide to use it first is now given ample justification to draw his own gun and commit to an act of self-defense.

  10. These dudes project so hard. Seeing an anti Trump sticker makes them lose their minds, so they think the opposite must be true.

  11. Some loser just wishing someone cared enough about him to confront him. Wear your "Lets go Brandon" t-shirts, it lets everyone know you're a clown.

  12. If he was in his car how was he on your property? Did he pull into your driveway to cuss you out? How big is the print on your t-shirt if he was able to read it as he drove by? I have so many questions.

  13. Having your whole personality revolve around some senile, sexist, racist old fart must be exhausting.

  14. There was football game and people were chanting “fuck joe Biden.” And the tv person ask the reporter on the ground what they were saying and they said “let’s go Brandon.” So now a bunch of adults go around giggle lets go Brandon as a sneaky way to say fuck joe Biden. America is a weird place where apparently you’re not allowed to swear idk not American.

  15. Threatening to shoot someone during a disagreement/scuffle, Pretty god damn tough… doesn’t make you sound like a coward at all.

  16. Their idea of peacefully backing up what they say is by threatening with a gun??? Not like, having a logical argument as to why you believe what you believe???

  17. Taking aside the fact all this is bullshit, the one thing I've never understood about these stories is they act like democrats/ liberals don't own and use guns. I have friends who shoot and hunt who are super blue. I learned to shoot when I was a kid and support responsible gun ownership and common sense gun laws as do the majority of people I know. Like it's not uncommon, though every one I know wouldn't be trying to get in a gun fight over a dumbass flag/ shirt/ bumper sticker.

  18. The real difference between the vast majority of gun owners and these assclowns is that most gun owners don’t make it their personality. Owning a gun is only a lifestyle if you’re a 2A celebrity or a complete tool.

  19. I’m a conservative and this rednecky bullshit really bothers me. This fool actually thinks showing a firearm to someone he doesnt agree with is “peaceful” wtf! You don’t have to be homophobic, racist, or a gun wielding buffoon to be conservative.

  20. No matter what you say, trying to sound tough in the format of a social media post always makes you look like a wimp

  21. Hold it…the guy parked in his driveway to yell at him? And this dude was out in his yard with a gun? I mean sure it’s all fake anyway but it would almost be dumber if it were true.

  22. "Hold on I've got a stupid t-shirt that basically says fuck Joe Biden, time to make a fake story up to get sick internet points on Facebook!"

  23. Weird because the leader of their cult, Trump, literally never backs up what he says and he never stops making claims he can't back up

  24. You know I wonder how they go when they commit a crime in their stories and think oh a policeman would let me get away with it and think it sounds feasible in real life

  25. We do not engage with Trumpers. I’ll cuss you out in my car, but I’ll leave you to be stupid all by yourself.

  26. Because 99% of them have never faced a second of adversity or thier entire lives. Once you shoot someone all you can think about is how you never want to do that again. Unless you are seriously mentally ill.

  27. Imagine being such an insecure, frightened pussy that you have to carry a gun everywhere to feel like a man. Seems to me he knows for an absolute certainty that he'd get his ass kicked otherwise.

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