How do people come up with stuff like this?

  1. Fuck hustle culture and fuck the grind. I want to chill with my wife, eat nachos, and play old school D&D with my friends, not waste my time in pursuit of wealth I can't enjoy. Chill people. It's okay to just exist.

  2. They have a motivation called addiction. Something you get after creating an exercising routine where your body starts craving exercise and adrenaline.

  3. So… I should be committing crimes if I can’t see any other way to get what I want? I should be willing to harm people I love to achieve my goals? Even if my goal is something like washing the dishes or taking out the trash?

  4. If you're rich you can just settle in court for 200k +450k in lawyer fees, +1.5m for your own lawyers.

  5. I wish I was as motivated as a crackead, I can barely wash my dishes, and I burnout a week after a new job.

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