Based on the comic, you should get 8 Souls from a Medic

  1. That's where I got my gargoyle all leveled up, but that was the year the gargoyle first showed up I'm pretty sure, cus I haven't played MvM in like 6 years

  2. 6, because he started at a defecit of 1 because he sold it before this scene at some point. My theory is that he sold his soul for the ability to perform any medical operation successfully, and outsmarted the devil because this meant he could even do surgeries on things that should be impossible- like a soul transplant. This is why just pouring blood into the body successfully revives his teammates in the comic

  3. How do you know he removed them that early on? It would also mean that you shouldn't get any souls from any of the other mercs

  4. The 8 other souls medic has are from the other mercs. If we were to assume medic did this before the events of the gravel wars no other merc should give anything for the objective

  5. But, unless you’re no cosmetics, only stock, you are not THE Medic, or THE Engineer or THE Heavy, you’re just playing a character with a similar job title.

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