Looking back at the Jungle Inferno update page, found this image at the end of the Day 3 page rather wholesome.

  1. Hey, I’d argue the Thermal Thruster (paired with the Backburner) is actually a good combination. Especially on open maps like Thundermountain and Swiftwater, Pyro can become a one-man Sniper melting machine

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but I like how Saxton's voice was essentially fan-casted for VS Saxton and animations like Meet The Amazing Team and Valve just used the general same voice for him in the trailer.

  3. The heavy update died for the Dragon's fury (nobody uses it except to kill sentries), the Gas passer (nobody uses it except in mvm), the Thermal thruster (a noob bait weapon since its so damn loud any experienced player will instantly know there's probably a pyro around someplace they couldn't get other then detonator jumping), and the Hot hand (just used for the novelty and amusement, any pyro playing seriously is running powerjack, homewrecker, third degree, axtinguisher, and sometimes neon annihilator )

  4. Dragon's Fury is a strong offensive weapon. People just needed time to warm up to it. The rest of the weapons introduced weren't great. But I actually really like the Second Banana. Unironically a fantastic addition.

  5. i didn't play before jungle inferno but from what I've heard it had major benefits to just generally how the flames worked and stuff. more consistent.

  6. But there were also flamethrower changes that made it more consistent and fun to play against, this really needed but heavy didn’t really need any updates

  7. I think it was better that pyro got the update for 2 reasons 1 the class was janky and needed fixing 2 I never play heavy so the update would be basically useless and also I love the dragons fury and use it whenever Im playing pyro

  8. TF2 players on their way to complain about an update that made Pyro infinitely less frustrating to play against by making the flame hitbox more consistent and giving airblasted players more control because the toy keys Gaben is rustling in front of their eyes aren't as entertaining as the stuffed animals he gave them before.

  9. I love this so much, Saxton Hale is too tough to be intimidated by Pyro and Pyro probably thinks Saxton Hale is Santa Claus so I could see them getting along. Whenever they meet pyro gets a head pat and he asks Santa (Saxton Hale) what he wants for Christmas (next weapon drop)

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