This is your chance to be redeemed.

  1. When I was a bit younger than I am now I used some steam achievement gainer shit and I have every achievement in tf2 I regret using that and I'm not sure how to start over with achievements

  2. You can reset them from tf2. Just open the game and look for "achievements", there's a button that resets them all. No need to use external programs. I did it two months ago and I already unlocked half of them. Its actually really fun, especially if you've never done most of them before.

  3. You can use the same addon again to reset all your achievements and gain the favour of Pootis. I think it's called Steam Achievement Manager or something.

  4. I once disguised as a friendly heavy as a spy and pretend to be a hoovy and when a guy came and danced near me I stabbed him

  5. I pick medic only to do the emote where he sits and does nothing, watching my teammates beg for healing and i just hit them with “no”

  6. I play medic to weaponize my teammates, they act like rabid dogs barely held by the leash once they get a vaccinator on them.

  7. I once said "Blu your spies are terrible" and the one said "im trying my best" and idc if they're 8, 18, or 80. That shit hurt. Learned a lot that day

  8. Oh boy, feel regret for the ones who later suffered his reckoning when he became a dedicated spy main in spite of that day you insulted him. Many engie nests months and years later destroyed with ire and hatred. You've created a monster.

  9. my rule is to only trash talk the people who deserve it, like if theres a guy bossing the team around in chat but hes at the bottom of the leaderboard. everyone was a noob once, even you.

  10. I liked overwatch before they added Orisa/Doomfist/Brigitte would be a more accurate sentiment for most people. Shield meta and stun meta ruined the game for like half the cast.

  11. Overwatch had moments where it was kinda fun sometimes, for different reasons that TF2’s fun. Let people enjoy stuff you gatekeeping weirdos

  12. reminds me of the time I met a demoman named "Rape all the crystal gems!" and held an objector with porn of that mountain dew coloured triangle lady

  13. I once got mad during a casual match on hightower, pulled out my bagpipes irl and blasted "Scotland the brave" in the voice chat.

  14. If you’re playing medic and the team is abusing you, please go battle medic. Team yelling at me, the pyro for not doing a good enough job at the million things I need to do at once, fuck it. Dragon’s coming out.

  15. Selling my friends festive jarate :( I really had to for irl money... They aren't mad at me but I do hate myself for it, even after 3 years... It even was named to "Merry pissmas" or something like that...

  16. same lol. I came back to TF2 after not playing the last 5 years. I tried out uncletopia and just found I hated getting stomped by people with 5000 hours on demo and then waiting 20 seconds to respawn.

  17. Back when I mained medic I would usually complain to myself about how stupid my team was. But I've changed, now I main spy and only complain to myself about how stupid I am, for failing that trickstab 👍

  18. I use the reserve shooter for pyro, I just want a quick switch shotgun without the downsides of the panic attack

  19. Downsides? Genuine question what downside does the panic attack have? I ain't gonna say it's a direct upgrade but to me it doesn't have any kind of notable disadvantages.

  20. When I was but a baby boy I downloaded aimbot/wall hacks etc got one hour in and got perma banned, I learned a valuable lesson that day, always wash your ass.

  21. Back in the past, I used to equip both the Classic and the Danger Shield with the very explicit purpose of trolling and mocking Quickscoping Snipers because I hated how good their aim was. Charge a shot, jump from a corner, survive a headshot, then bodyshot them.

  22. I W+M1 as Pyro with the backburner because I don't know how to airblast and don't want to learn. I also can't hit my shots with any other classes so I resort to Pyro. I also tried to set up a lewd SCP-682 spray but failed. I only ever play in very short, sporadic bursts because I have a huge skill issue and ragequit often.

  23. I haven't spent hundreds for a hat. I also fell for a scam and lost my flamethrower, I could live without my hundreds worth of rocket launchers and other guns, but that flamethrower ment so much to me :(

  24. I go into a community orange/hightower/2fort etc. server. Check for the scoreboard to see the soldier with the highest score. Join the other team. Select pyro with degreaser, flare and powerjack. Target and tilt the soldier until you make them insult you.

  25. Hoo boy. Where do I start? I am currently a pyro main, enjoy Overwatch (the characters, not Blizzard’s choices regarding the games), and I’m actually retiring from the game for a while until I feel that it no longer negatively impacts my schooling.

  26. I stand next to health packs or ammo with cloak and dagger spy and take all of them when anyone tries to take it and schadenfreude them.

  27. I equip the Solemn Vow and play as a Sniper of sorts with the Crusader's Crossbow, picking off weak targets. In other words, not healing my team.

  28. I like to disquise myself as a friendly heavy from my team, and backstab people who show me mercy, can even a sin such as mine be forgiven?

  29. I provided the sniper bot experience long before bots overran the game. I used to go on unmoderated trade servers and spawncamp the everloving fuck out the enemy team as sniper. I was good enough at it to sour a lot of people's experiences and I'm truly sorry.

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