The most boomer sign in Houston

  1. They're anti-gay, anti-Black, anti-bodily autonomy, anti-trans, anti-teaching real history...and pro-Christofascism.

  2. As someone who used to go to his church every Sunday for years, it likely means “The Church is alert about woke culture”. Like “we’re onto you” kinda thing.

  3. The series the pastor is on right now is called "The Church Awake--Not Woke". That's what the billboard is trying to say, but whoever designed it did a poor job of conveying their message.

  4. Don't you know? Jesus is a big fan of deceiving migrants and shipping them across the country under the lie that they're going to be treated well. He said "love your neighbor as you love yourself... Unless they're brown. Or from a poor country. Or didn't file the correct paperwork. Otherwise fuck em', verily, I got mine."

  5. i remember seeing a crazy old school bus in downtown Houston about 30 years ago - covered in graffiti. the most memorable line was “Ed Young fucks goats”

  6. Generally, they use it as a slur against anyone who demands to be treated equally, with respect, and with human rights. It's a code-switch for words they would've used in earlier times, like the n-word, f*g, etc. Someone who is woke in their eyes is an uppity inferior or minority person, or their allies, and now has the audacity to call out their behavior while demanding respect.

  7. Pro- CRT. And if you ask what CRT means. It means woke. If you point out that it’s circular, then the answer is some kind of angry grumbling and storming off like a 5 year old.

  8. It’s not new. Just look at how the racist white evangelical Baptist leaders treated MLK Jr like a heretic for demanding equality. If MLK Jr were around today, these same Baptist church leaders like Young would be trashing him and calling him “woke” as an insult.

  9. Thank's for proving their point. You are refusing to treat the baseless opinions of Christian fascist as equal to that of informed opinions based on years of study and research.

  10. Ah, Ed Young of 2nd Baptist. This is the preacher that hosts news personalities like Tucker Carlson. Just Google one of his most recent sermons calling Democrats bums.

  11. And who’s son started and is pastor of the mega church Fellowship church in grapevine. Used to attend growing up, pretty involved actually, and then they had a sermon saying homosexuality was literally the same thing as bestiality, necrophelia, oh and it was the first time I’d ever heard about “golden showers”, which apparently is paramount to a homosexual life.

  12. Yep, this is a word that black people originated and racist white right wingers started using it to mock black people who were standing up for justice.

  13. So do the taxpayers. We support this bull crap whether you want to or not. Zero separation between church and state here. Kid is in HISD, One of the better ones inside the loop. The amount of “god” we heard via song during the 5th grade graduation last year was nauseating.

  14. This is why people don’t go to church as often. They’re too involved in politics these days. Writing sermons that talks about their opinions on candidates is a complete joke.

  15. I just gotta say, I'm a 'boomer', and I take umbrage at being associated with this type of garbage. Ed Young is garbage, he's more worried about having enough money to pay for new helicopters than he is about helping people in need.

  16. Right? I am queer and I'm like... I don't give a fuck if your kids are gay or not. I just want to be able to be married and have my spouse covered by my health insurance. I don't even like kids.

  17. These people are literally brainwashed into living out of fear bc hell and an imaginary judgemental bearded old white guy in the clouds. Propaganda is a hell of a drug.

  18. No they’re not!!! Texas is very different from other states, it’s like a country on its own. They keep saying that Houston is turning purple but you still have quite a bit of really right leaning people

  19. My parents are in their 80's. They are old school Republicans but hate Trump, Abbot and Cruz. They called me a few weeks ago and asked me to explain the term "Woke" to them. Its harder than you think.

  20. Where is the rapture already? Jesus, come get your christians please, they are annoying the fuck out of the rest of us

  21. The radical republicans want to do the same thing to our country that the radical Muslims did and are doing to the Middle East. The only difference is the republicans do it under the name of God instead of the name of Allah.

  22. He doesn’t get tired of seeing his mug on those billboards. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that church’s billboards without his picture.

  23. They also don't know how a fucking strike thru works. This sign implies that they used to be "the woke awake church", but are now just awake.

  24. Here in Austin, there is a super-boomer political sign for a candidate that says something along the lines of “teaching kids ABCs and 123s not CRTs and LGBTs.”

  25. Just saw this for the first time on Friday. Imagine how rotted out your boomer brain would need to be to see that and think “that’s the place for me.”

  26. I went to that church once when I lived near Woodway. It was more of a fashion show rather than a sermon. Gross.

  27. I tried going back to church and the first thing they said is that church needs to be in schools. I walked out. Is there a church anywhere in this town that isn't full of MAGAts?

  28. Yes. My pastor has been speaking out against church seeking political power in his latest sermons. Still probably some of those folks in congregation but the leadership isn’t made up of them.

  29. Dude was basically telling his people to vote against Hidalgo in the pulpit a few weeks ago. Tax political churches.

  30. Remember when the Macarena came out? It started red hot and then at some point elementary teachers were doing it at functions, grandparents were doing it at weddings. It became unacceptable at the club. That is where we are with the word woke.

  31. The Maga kids are consumed with “woke.” Most of the rest of the country or the world for that matter could give two shits about some buzz word. Fox and the rest of the “news” channels tell them to be angry and they run to the front of the angry line. Pandering and stupid.

  32. Ever noticed how the right is just a bunch of followers and have zero critical reasoning/thinking skills. It reminds me of Jim Jones and his cool-aid trick.

  33. I saw this dumbass sign and rolled my eyes. Fuck this fake pastor. MAGA trash ass pastor. His trash ass church set a field on fire from summer fireworks in the middle of our extreme drought.

  34. Most Texans I’m one try to forget these places are right down the street. When we see parents taking kids you get the feeling in your stomach. Knowing all the possibilities of what can happen. I’m 80 miles west of Houston

  35. I'd like to ask the dumb question or a clarification. The last time the church was "awake" in my mind meant conversion, torture if we want to go as far back as the inquisition, child marriages, etc. So, what the actual (*******(fill in with words that are not proper)) does this mean? Also, I don't think you should cancel someone for growing. I'm just sick of class and cultural warfare.

  36. There’s a resource out there somewhere, I forget the name, where pastors can go online and buy a pre-packaged sermon series. It comes with promotional posters and sermon handouts and whatnot. I bet that’s what this is

  37. Oh, Ed Young? Glad he’s not in my hood anymore, we’ve got enough soul soliciting pig fuckers in Ft. Worth already. We’ll gladly ship Copeland to you free of charge so you can complete the set.

  38. Oh man 2nd Baptist. My ex boss was a big shot over there. All I can say is I am happy to no longer work for him and with his cronies. Based af.

  39. The trees are making me think that this is way north or way east Houston, if it is indeed within the city limits. Not that the megachurches inside the city are any better.

  40. Send this picture and a link to that "church" website to the IRS department of Nonprofit Compliance. They reward whistleblowers.

  41. Does anyone else find it completely nonsensical that the right wants to destroy and make fun of “woke” people - when in reality being “woke” means you respect and care about all people equally. I mean, how much more “Christian” of a concept can there be besides “love thy neighbor” and they are like “nope…f that.”

  42. The original meaning of woke is gone 🤦🏾‍♂️. Old white people have completely changed the meaning of it.

  43. Left his church when they were discussing to rent or buy a heli to transport him between campuses and made a joke about flying over the man the hood samaritan helped. Yeah tax the churches and their ability to joke about not helping others because they are flying over.

  44. Somewhere, in heaven or hell, the Greatest Generation must be shaking their heads at their offspring of Boomer Generation. 🙄

  45. I actually used to go to that church; I worked there in their A/V department. Still friends with a few of the guys still there.

  46. Saw this sign yesterday - no idea what it means. All I know is mega churches are a huge scam. I see the Joel Osteen billboards everywhere too… Amazing how much money is in that scam.

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