Installed a hitch a couple days ago and finally got to attach the rack for my Girlfriend’s and I’s bikes. Makes me wish a hitch was standard on the Model 3.

  1. I had a stealth hitch installed on mine. Can’t even see it - it’s underneath the car. Works great with the Thule platform hitch rack. Highly recommend to anyone considering a hitch for a bike rack.

  2. Likewise. Just wish the 3 had a factory option for tow bar / hitch. It wasn't cheap getting the Stealth Hitch installed (3K AUD).

  3. Stealth hitches are the ones that clamp vertically, the newest models and the most expensive ones too. The OP seems to have mounted one that clamps horizontally, not so stealth for such a nice-looking car.

  4. Only major problem with ours is that if we have a rack installed, there’s no way to turn off the proximity warnings when we’re in reverse.

  5. This is why i load bikes inside my car, it's insane to think about the drag at highway speeds. Some people load their bikes on the roof along the wind, rather than sideways at the back.

  6. I have the same stealth hitch, there is a removable panel on the fascia where the hitch locks in. With the hitch removed, the panel hides it completely. Peak under the backside of your M3, you'll see what I mean

  7. I have the factory tow hitch installed on my 2022 m3lr and it’s the most disappointing thing about the car. It’s perfectly functional but it’s bloody expensive, has to be manually fit by me lieing on my back on the ground, removing a plastic panel, putting and locking in the tow bar and even then the electrical face down, not towards the rear so you risk the cable catching on something and drive with an open panel again facing the dirt.

  8. Americans don’t have this motorized hitch luxury, so it makes sense that they didn’t try and build that or incorporate it from westfalia. I bet you can rotate the electric connection some, but a zip tie may be a better solution.

  9. My dad just always leaves the hitch on since he tows often enough. I think the only time he took it off was on a 3000km km road trip.

  10. They must've changed the panel between 2021 and 2022. When I take the panel off to access the hitch, the angle is facing towards the rear of the car so dirt isn't a huge issue unless I'm backing up.

  11. Teachers (incorrectly) taught that it’s always “someone and I” instead of “someone and me”, when that’s simply not true. “He’s coming to the theatre with Sophie and I” is incorrect, yet I’m pretty sure it would be the only acceptable answer in school.

  12. Your first mistake was not living in Europe ;) . Tow hitch is offered as an option or standard for all teslas here.

  13. Not in the UK it isn’t. The option no longer exists on the website. If you call them they will let you order a car with a hitch but they claim the chassis is different so they have no clue when it would be delivered if you did.

  14. Have the stealth hitch as well. Still really like it after having had it more than 3 years. One comment, be sure to use the lock cover and rubber plug (that fills the void when the hitch is removed). I didn’t use the plug for a while and it really reduce how well the lock/release functions.

  15. What does the US do about plates on trailers? Do you also have a "copy" of your own plate or does every trailer have its own plate?

  16. Yeah be careful with this one. It doesn’t happen very frequently but I do have friends who have gotten tickets from having rear racks and have not been able to get out of them.

  17. With the amount of effort you put into the install, you should check into getting a quality bike to go with! Makes all the difference.

  18. Seems like the existing metal bumper in this picture could be modified to accept the trailer hitch instead of bolting on that big heavy piece of black metal. If it’s too weak for the hitch it could be bolstered with a few pieces of well placed metal bits. The whole kit could ship in a much smaller box too. I’m just talking about bike rack and yard trailer scenarios, nothing heavy duty.

  19. Glad you're going to enjoy it, but can't imagine that enough M3 owners would want one for it to make sense.

  20. I installed hitches on 2x 2018 Model 3 without issues so you think they changed something for newer cars?

  21. I have underground parking at a condo in a downtown metro area. It’s super awkward to put bike on roof of car for anything but a long road trip. With hitch mount, I can wheel bike to car. Drop platform, put bike on and drive out.

  22. Great looking install! I put the Stealth Hitch on my Model 3 when it was new. It was really quite easy, I really only needed another person to help with the bumper fascia as it is a little unweildy. The only tool I needed to acquire was a 15mm deep socket.

  23. Anyone that has looked into hauling bike racks off a hitch mount and towing with a 3/Y, any good range data for comparisons and understanding how each effects range under a specific condition?

  24. This is one of the reasons I went with a Y over the 3... I couldn't fathom taking apart a brand new car for a hitch installation... good on you for getting it to work though!

  25. Curious. When installing the receiver, do you have some wiggle room when moving it around. I recently installed this exact hitch and am not sure if it's normal or I need to have mine replaced. It locks just fine but I am getting some wobble. Appreciate the response!

  26. As a fat and lazy model 3 owner I would be highly offended at any "standard" implication I should be doing any sort of cardio vascular training.

  27. It's good that it works for you, but what other 4 door sedan comes with a hitch as standard equipment? Even the model Y doesn't come with the hitch standard.

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