Daily Thread - November 28, 2022

  1. I feel like I’m spitballing, but I know and understand that at this point, Elon tweeting something is he realizes can push down the stock price of Tesla.

  2. Have you ever seen square bullet chambers before? Its obviously a prop gun for crying out loud. Relax on the hysteria..

  3. Rumor has it that cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou which was active during protest will enduring at least 14 days of “strict lock down” to quell the protest. Not sure if it will affect factory

  4. This rumor doesn't make sense. Instead I think they are more likely to take steps to end the zero covid approach. Someone said their stock market shoot up for this reason.

  5. I switched my longs out to shorts. Simply because today the price reached the same level as his last big stock sale on November 8th. This year the prices he sells mark the top of that price range so i'm simply going with the trend.

  6. Too risky IMO to be playing options right now. There's lots of good news for Tesla. Almost all the bad news minus China, is Elon's twitter account and that hole he's digging for himself. It could move up or down depending on whatever big market markers are taking more seriously.

  7. I work in the Class 8 ecosystem. Nikola’s biggest problem is their name. The Tre Bev is baller. 753kWh battery pack is no joke. Yes, I think tesla will out perform them but don’t write them off

  8. Elon musk no longer cares about the success of tesla in the same way he did before and now its all just an after thought compared to his twitter culture war. Just look at his tweet history. Thats all the proof you need. There is no point in alienating tesla customers unless you dont care about them. I feel we will have the same result with china. He cares more about his new wars than he does about losing control of a factory in china. Guaranteed.

  9. I am curious to see if we can hit all time highs for S/X production - most ever was 26,903 in Q3 2018. Last Q was 19,935, most since Q4 2018's 25,161, so they'd need to produce 7k more than last quarter to hit all time high production. Wonder if any of the S/X production capacity has been converted to 3/Y since 2018?

  10. This is great but wallstreet (due to zach comments in last call) is expecting us to go all the way from 340k to 430k in one month which is a tall order. Hopefully this gets us there.

  11. Since Elon is feuding with Cook, I'd remind everyone that Tim Cook didn't feud with Trump. Tim Cook made Trump create exceptions for Apple in China trade war. As long as the revenue rolls in, Cook doesn't give a fuck about the politics.

  12. He needs to partner with Microsoft and make a Windows OS Surface phone. Non-game apps with their own payment system don’t have to pay commission on the Windows store.

  13. I just hope in a year’s time people realize giving up their tesla for the competitors was not worth their dislike of Elon lol and come back. There are always those who will protest Starbucks, McDonald’s, Apple, but eventually you still want it cause the alternatives are worse for you individually even if they don’t jive with your principles.

  14. Elon’s “pro free speech” LARP falls apart the second someone asks him his thoughts on the China protestors lollll

  15. Elon knows exactly what he's doing outing the threat to remove the twitter app from Apple's app store, highlighting their egregious 30% take and making this reply to someone who warned they might remove the Tesla app too :

  16. My car is more important than my phone, I’m already looking for a way out of the apple ecosystem and if apple did this I would bail.

  17. Apple isn't going to fuck with the Tesla app because of twitter drama but Elon might need to sell more shares to fight this battle if he intends on really standing up to them which could lead to short term down side for the shares.

  18. That whole demographic has been ignored and treated like monsters online. You reap what you sow. Maybe if someone listened to these people (not accepting their views but allowing them to be expressed) they wouldnt be as extreme and violent.

  19. Wait you say that while supporting free speech Elon? Interesting. What I would propose: only allow investors with over 500 shares, that wouldn't probably make the discours much more interesting.

  20. Good thing we have a CEO with laser focus on energy, like new Tesla solar-integrated HVAC systems to help people avoid high heating/cooling bills and capture those sweet IRA subsides.

  21. And don't forget curing illness with the brand new Neuralink (sold separately) while enjoying a trip to the mars colony.

  22. Lol he almost had me there. It’s not about Apple censoring or obstructing free speech. It’s about the 30% they take from apps on app store.

  23. He can always say I don't want to be on apple phones... He has an iphone himself, so kind of stupid. He knew what they were up to. So personally he should discuss this in a closed door meeting. Nobody listens to him apart of more groups moving advertising from Twitter. I hate it, we need a CEO for twitter to do what Elon wants without screaming around.

  24. If Musk uses Tesla's money to make a smartphone just so he can get Twitter out to users, do you think the Tesla board will draw a line and say "no"?

  25. Elon doesn't need to build a phone from Tesla. It could be from SpaceX. SpaceX is the communication company.

  26. Honestly I think that's a task which involves just sooo many new areas. So will we have an android phone? Or a Tesla system and a totally new 'app' store? My guess is no, the board will not go with it.

  27. Read between the lines. This tweet storm is about 50 of their top 100 advertisers leaving. Then think about what that means for Tesla investors...

  28. If there was ever 1 human person that apple should avoid angering in a business sense it would be Elon fking Musk!! Let's go were comming for ur number 1 spot apple u dun goofed!!

  29. Apple offering a Twitter replacement for Mac/iOS users would turn Melon's Twitter into a rump 4chan / Truth Social wannabe real right quick.

  30. Elon sharing a photo of his bedside with guns, caffeine free diet coke cans, some weird Hindu weapon, framed photo of George Washington makes him look even more sociopathic lmao

  31. I mean, one is obviously a prop and the other one is a musket (lol) that seems to be purely for decoration.

  32. Tesla board could shut him up if they really wanted. He is the CEO and the board could threaten to oust him. I know that would tank Tesla short term, but still.

  33. If you're a long term investor, who cares? Tesla has a fantastic team in place right now. Elon had the bandwidth to take on Twitter, so he's taking it on. He already has admitted his tweets are more impulsive if anything.

  34. Still can’t stop thinking about my Model 3 test drive on Saturday. I want one so bad I had dreams about owning one last night. If you haven’t driven a Tesla go do it. I’m a fan boy now.

  35. Could this be in part due to Semi rolling out Thursday, I believe it will create a bit of psychic shock as businesses and trucking lines see the potential massive cost savings.

  36. FSD's lane centering (current lane centering not-so-much) is going to be revolutionary for long-haul truckers. I loved driving from California to Boise last month in a rental Model 3, just sitting and watching the view go by (between the moments of terror when the braking and merge-lane issues/bugs surfaced).

  37. So i have been a Tesla fanboy since ~2009 (didnt buy my first chairs til 2018 though) and my family is probably sick of hearing of me talking about Tesla. :) My little brother said about ~5 years ago that he would never get an EV, and especially never a Tesla.

  38. [Off topic] The day I pass the whole CPA exam, I’m buying a red Model Y sport. Sister has a gray model y & it’s the nicest car I’ve ever been in my entire life. Just like even the car making an alert when the light changes green while I’m playing on my phone is awesome. No need to hold the brake at red lights or even use the brake at all. I’ve passed 2 tests & a model y is motivating me to keep going. All in the stock this year & lost almost $300k this year, but it’s short-term pain for long-term gain. Never selling a share

  39. I wouldn't mind upgrading to a refreshed Model 3 in a year or two. But upgrading would make me feel like I wasted the price of FSD since it still hasn't been delivered.

  40. I've been following Elon for a long time and listening to his talk or conference he never mentions/utters words like dream or passion but consciousness-which alerts me that he's interest in Buddhist tantric. Today the picture says a lot.

  41. I have one - I got it in Bhutan at a temple shop. It’s a religious relic and I got it cause I think I saw one in Uncharted or Tomb Raider but mine is a three sided dagger one one end

  42. I found some of them actually refreshing. Many are outright wrongly critical of TSLA, which means TSLA has room to grow. Many are also appropriately critical of Tesla-- Tesla does need to make improvements.

  43. Until december 14, everything is suspended in mid air, moving up and down like a soap bubble, while we pray for pivot to come!

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