caught this in the wild. the fuck does it even mean?

  1. Friend of mine has a father-in-law who legitimately refuses to turn his TV off because he doesn't want to see the LG logo, because it reminds him of LGBT. He puts it on standby instead.

  2. I like to think someone just added the makeup and color to Tennant because they thought it looked cute, then someone else came along and added the flag and intolerant bs

  3. Schools are apparently trying to turn kids gay... Even though there's nothing they could POSSIBLY benefit from doing so. I dunno people just love crazy conspiracy theories without actually taking the time to rationalize the goals of whatever evil group they decide to point fingers at

  4. I think they mostly have the more accurate impression that schools are teaching kids it is okay to be gay and that it is not okay to mistreat people because of their sexuality. Maybe they are afraid that without the fear of it being evil their kids will turn gay? Either way, it is pretty sad that people get that worked up that our schools are "brainwashing" kids into thinking bigotry is wrong. It should be up to the parents whether they want their children to be homophobic twats, not up to the schools! Or something.

  5. It comes back to the 'pedophile agenda'. If the teachers themselves aren't actually pedophiles they think normalizing LGBT will lead to normalizing pedophilia.

  6. “I just want my kid to learn traditional school topics like math and English but the Alphabet Brigade teacher is forcing my child to learn about social justice awareness and neopronouns”

  7. I think it’s fair to protect self/identity discovery/sovereignty of kids. Good intentions don’t always have good outcomes.

  8. While you have it, can you get rid of the letter C? It's useless. We already have S and K to fill the sounds it makes.

  9. I think the logic here is that they don't want their kids to learn that gay people exist similar to how some Christians doesn't want their kid to know that other religions exist. I could be wrong, I'm neither gay or Christian.

  10. clearly their LQTBG smart watch broke and it caused them to fail at teaching their kids the alphabet because of it… i thought this was obvious.

  11. People literally think that primary school has become a vector for liberal indoctrination and that children are sitting around learning about gender identity, sex change surgery, and homosexual relationships, rather than learning reading and basic math. A large cohort of people actually and truly believe this. That's how bad disinformation campaigns have gotten, and it's the source for a large amount of content for this subreddit. It's the reason Florida has passed its "Don't Say Gay" bill and banned a bunch of banal textbooks, and the implications of this level of mass brainwashing are terrifying.

  12. A is for Asexual. B is for Bisexual. C is for Cunnilingus. D Is if Demisexual. E is for Ejaculation. F is for Furry. G is for Gay. H is for Homosexual.....

  13. Oh no! The LGBTQIA’s are teaching children to respect all ppl regardless of their gender, sex, SO etc!! How can I prevent my kids from being taught something that I don’t understand it’s the right thing to do??? Huh??

  14. I think it’s saying how parents just want to educate their kids, but can’t with LBGT propaganda being thrown at them

  15. BREAKING NEWS: Reddit crypto trader thinks LGBTQ+ values are stupid, doesn’t recognize irony in trading fake currency, not backed by any standard, on social media.

  16. It means that schools are so focused on teaching children a liberal extremist agenda that they’re graduating without a basic education. They know the innermost workings of identity politics but can’t perform simple mathematical equations and we’re losing face on a global scale, to highly bigoted countries for whom we are supposed to be an example of success.

  17. Not really. I don't even think it belongs here, it is something that I can actually see happening and it doesn't say something like "haha gae bad" or anything.

  18. Even in junior high, I don't see kids learning that queer folk exist and are completely ok as a bad thing, like seriously, there's no harm that can come from it.

  19. My partner was in a same sex relationship when my now stepdaughter was 3 and she was able to understand they were in a relationship with out issues. If toddlers can handle it I think elementary aged kid can

  20. Really, you don't get what they are saying?Must have been a lot of lead pipes where you grew up.

  21. *hard laugh....idk boutchu but my poor life has been inundated at every possible opportunity w/ useless "christian" culture....can we graduate, already? I'm SO exhausted w/ feeling like we're perpetually trapped in Junior High

  22. That they want to indoctrinate their kids into hatred and the teacher who just wants to teach the kids is ruining it by not hiding the fact other people exist.

  23. Memes like this are so pathetic. I’m nonbinary, and I work as a preschool teacher. It has literally come up exactly once. Kids do not care.

  24. The GAYS want to destroy the entire English language by making everyone illiterate! What do you want me to do now! Learn another language!?

  25. I’m confused, are gay people staring through my house window as I teach my kid stuff? Do they need something? Do they want to come in for coffee? Or are they aliens just pretending to be humans observing me? Please advise.

  26. "Mostly Peaceful Memes". Are they admitting that they might radicalize a few people to shoot up a few drag queen events, but most of their viewers don't?

  27. I saw this one shared by someone from my old hometown. Last year he got mad at people who were starting businesses because "there's too many job openings"

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