i know it's twitter but in the end, it's all meta

  1. The conspiracy is that the titanic had many people opposed to the federal reserve on it and thus is supposed to be intentionally sunk.

  2. There is no Titanic, nor Titanic movie, it has never existed. The existence of the movie is a lie. ARE YOU SURE YOU HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN THE MOVIE AND IT IS NOT A FAKE MEMORY creates by pedo-roundearthers to stop Trump from being reelected ?

  3. My favorite is the Olympic Switch. Basically it wasn't actually the Titanic that sank, but her damaged sister ship for insurance money. (Obviously nonsense.)

  4. The real conspiracy is how Olympic stole all the luck from her sisters Titanic (iceberg, 1912) and Britannic (naval mine, 1916).

  5. As information goes, learning in school that there was a big boat once that sunk is hardly up there with the vital facts of our time. And the conspiracy behind the titanic is that isn't that it didn't exist, but that it was sunk intentionally. Much like 9/11 isn't claimed to have never happened. But that how it happened wasn't quite kosher...or too kosher

  6. The earth is a donut, but he render distance on our simulation isn't good enough to show you the inside when looking up, hence why you just get to see the sky box.

  7. You know what would happen if you did this to a kindergartener? They would throw everything but the globe on the ground and then start spinning the globe.

  8. I was fascinated by the Titanic in Kindergarten, I absolutely would not have thrown anything to do with it on the ground.

  9. When children are coming to school for the first time, the teacher immediately starts spewing stuff like "hi children" or "hello kids". The indoctrination starts then and there😔

  10. I thought this was hilarious satire but then I checked his twitter and he’s serious. Kinda sad now, but it’s still funny,

  11. I don’t remember getting all that cool free stuff! I had to go out and get like 20-30 different items in some sort of twisted scavenger hunt, only to use half of them more than once. To be fair, I still have the ruler to this day somewhere. But shit, what rad school did this ungrateful bastard go to??

  12. Mother fucker doesn't believe in dinosaurs even religious people belive in dinosaurs (at least some do) what the fuck does this guy even think is real

  13. so the moon landing was fake, evolution is bogus, the earth is flat, That's all one thing. But saying the Titanic never happened? You don't see people denying 9/11, not even muslims deny 9/11.

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