Whoopi Goldberg Says 'The View' Is Calmer Since Meghan McCain Left: "Nobody Wants to Be That Tired"

  1. The Fox News crowd seem pretty obsessed with the show, that’s for sure. My dad is a pretty hardcore Fox viewer and I can’t even count how many times he has been insanely pissed at Whoopi Goldberg in the last few years. He always only has a vague idea of what she said, but somehow is always absolutely appalled that she said it.

  2. Honestly, I watch it every single day while I eat lunch. I’m a 38 year old gay man, and there’s something I find calming about it. Secretly, I loved it when Meghan was on because I lived for the drama… now it’s just 5 women agreeing with each other.

  3. I do, I'm a millennial dude. I watch via clips on YouTube. They have interesting discussions on various topics.

  4. I am home most weekdays at 11 except Fridays when I have Yogalates at the Rec Centre. I certainly agree it's not as strong as the 2011-2013 Golden Era but I like to watch it to stay fresh on what is happening in the news and to make sure I have a good hold on all the different points of view out there. Usually I can watch recaps on their website when I miss Fridays episodes.

  5. People in the media play it all the time. Its one of the shows they decided are important. Megan McCain was the token republican. The show sets up as 3 democrats to 1 republican intentionally to have conflict where the republican is out numbered. They want it that way because it helps rating given its watched by more democrats and they want to see a republican getting yelled at by 3 people.

  6. Older women. Especially older childless women. Because older women are invisible. They talk about it all the time on TikTok and Facebook and anywhere they think someone will listen.

  7. Enough people do, that's why it's still on air. Just because it's not your taste doesn't mean it's not for millions of people.

  8. I would seriously love to see intellectuals with various degrees of upbringing, education, perspectives, thoughts, and beliefs give a wide berth to any real-world discussion in a calm, competent, rational, sane, and unbiased perspective.

  9. Glad to see your upvotes. Everyone on the show is self-righteous and ignorant, which is a dangerous combination.

  10. Really was the drama and influence from the legacy of McCain; than the republicanism of Trump or the degeneration of psuedo conservatism.

  11. She doesn’t deserve a dissenting opinion after saying Hitler wasn’t racist because Jews and Germans are all just white people.

  12. It's perfect how Joy says being on who wants to be a millionaire is going to make him look dumb before he went on won the million.

  13. He was straight up trolling them from the moment he stepped out and they were just left in his dust the entire time.

  14. Man I love Norm but that interview was a trainwreck from all perspectives and I can only assume he was still drunk from the night before. But I would be too if I had to go on the View.

  15. The View is just a half dozen mean old ladies in a room with fake smiles and talking shit behind each others backs. It’s the Kardashians for the elderly

  16. If a show is filled with people who are not intelligent spouting views which are not intelligent and has been going for this long....it's because it's a bunch of unintelligent people spouting unintelligent views. If they put someone smart on there, they'd probably lose 3/4 of their audience.

  17. not to defend her, but I wanna point out a good chunk of hollywood has supported Polanski in the past and still do to this day. The standing ovation he got for winning an oscar in 2003 is disgusting (he fled US in late 1978)

  18. Literally a bubble of the exact same opinions to where they can pat each other on the back and be a "powerful" woman.

  19. “The View announced it had tapped two new co-hosts representing conservative viewpoints: Republican commentator Ana Navarro…”

  20. I know nothing about the situation, nor do I care about Whoopi or Meghan, but "Nobody wants to be that tired." Is a solid life motto in general.

  21. She was such a role model growing up. Sure, she had her comedy chops to work with, but I legit saw her as the kind of female role model I'd have loved to learn life lessons from. This was in the 90s, mind you. Peak Whoopi.

  22. Yep, she and a few others have ruined Star Trek for me. She was a great recurring character on that show. Now, not so much knowing what she has become.

  23. What changed from when it started? All I remember is Star Jones and it being popular and I forgot oabout the show until it pops up in the news for them having some controversy

  24. Life is easier when there aren’t opposing views to contend with, and you can just spout nonsense with impunity. Pesky facts get in the way.

  25. I read a book about the behind the scenes drama about the she show and it was fascinating. Waaaay more entertaining than the show

  26. I guess it's important to remember the name of the show is "The View" (singular) not "The Views" (plural and differing) 😂

  27. Whoopi, Joy Behar and Rosie O'Donnell have all added to the toxic environment that has plagued the show since the 2000s.

  28. I remember seeing clips of one of Trump's sons on there. Eric? (have no idea WHY or HOW he got on that show). They were screeching pretty bad and hard non-stop then as well. For a show that's supposed to discuss things, they don't really unless it's something they agree with.

  29. If they’d drop the political BS basically become what the Wendy Williams Show or Ellen Show used to be they’d probably do better ratings wise

  30. "It's so much easier when you only surround yourself with people who think exactly like you. Thinking is hard." -Whoopi

  31. So basically Goldberg and all of them just want a View from their side and don't want any opposing "views" to challenge them.

  32. Gotta always have a contrarian who doesn’t believe the sky is blue or the grass is green to be fair to both sides. /s

  33. They always have a conservative on but it's hard to argue with the Princess of Arizona Me-Me-Megan who just bleats "MUH FATHER" every two seconds and always complains about being silenced on the highest rated syndicated show in America.

  34. Everyone doesn’t have the same view. They’re just better at expressing it than the Princess of Arizona.

  35. Why do shows have to have opposing view points? I don't watch the show but I generally find "Republicans are annoying as shit and we would be better off if they somehow disappeared" as a rule to be true. I've seen clips here and there and she was insufferable. I'm all for opposing arguments but I need them to have some basis in reality.

  36. Has everyone forgotten about Whoopi Goldbergs wild Holocaust take a couple months ago? And her track record of antisemitism? Whoopi Goldberg is a bad person and this show is made for brainlets.

  37. didn’t Whoopi say the nazi and the jews were both white and thus the Holocaust wasn't about race? And people think Law&Order damages American brains, lol

  38. Insufferable group of fishwives. How are they still on the air? Know it all Goldberg and Behar is just the worst, angry and pathetic.

  39. Daytime television is bonkers to me. It’s crazy how many programs get funding for what seems like forever and meanwhile I’ve had my favorite show cancelled multiple times.

  40. Yes things tend to get calmer when you surround yourself with either people who agree with you or people who allow you to talk over them.

  41. At best, the View models what a civil discussion is like between people with different political views. America needs more of that. When Meghan was there, she would show up with her talking points and spit them out at the camera with minimal engagement in the conversation at the table. It was rude and selfish behavior the was the opposite of conversational. Whoopies' comment is very kind.

  42. No. Her real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson. According to wikipedia, she chose Whoopi as her stagename in reference to a whoopie cushion, because apparently she was gassy.

  43. The View is the number one daytime show. I don't have Invasion ratings, but I doubt they were great. Makes perfect sense.

  44. Goldberg has taken such a fall. Her stand-up in the 80's was amazing and then she went onto to The Color Purple and many other great films. Now she is just an angry know it all. I'm pretty far left leaning and I can't even stand her. She has the swagger and arrogance that has taken over conservative media.

  45. Are people still listening to random washed up actors who can’t cut it on the. If screen so they shift to opinion tv?????

  46. Is almost like conservative assholes just want to be assholes for the sake of it, and should not be engaged because they are never acting in good faith.

  47. The thing about conservatives is they'll call you hysterical, delicate, unreasonable, intolerant, they'll say homosexuality is an abomination, they'll call them groomers and pedophiles, they'll call immigrants criminals, even the legal ones, fully supporting the "fringe elements" of their party, knowing full-well the words they use incite others to hatred and violence. They say they want "debate" while disparaging your very existence. Then they turn around and say they're being attacked for having a "different opinion".

  48. I have to say, the show hasn’t been as viral as it once was with Meghan. This is a good thing btw. The less this show spreads around the better

  49. Hasn’t the majority of headlines about this show lately been about shit Whoopi has said? How is that calmer?

  50. Shocker, an echo chamber is calmer without someone who disagrees in it. I bet no one saw that coming, eh?

  51. God forbid someone has a differing opinion of yours. Rename the show, “The Echo Chamber”.

  52. Someday, when she's less busy, they should have Liz Cheney. They should also have a true progressive as a balance.

  53. "Nobody wants to be that tired" is a perfect reason for never electing Trump to any position ever again. That man exhausted America with his tantrums.

  54. This show sucks. It's always been a bunch of women that don't listen to each other, talk over eachother and just basically argue. It's horrible

  55. Yeah...amazing how much easier political discussions are when you get rid of people who disagree with you.

  56. Well Meghann bravely stands for what she believes in. She doesn’t pander to studio execs. This is Whoopies last hurrah. I am a democrat incidentally. Whoopi is indeed a sell out and tired/ so is Joy Behar. Meghan has her whole life ahead of her.

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