Netflix Removes LGBTQ Tag From ‘Dahmer’ After Backlash From Viewers: ‘Not The Representation We’re Looking For’

  1. As a black person this kinda shit really annoys me. For generations nobody gave two shits about how black people felt and our representation or lack there of, but all of a sudden everybody needs to bend to the needs and demands of the LGBTQ community. The main character is gay, his victims were gay; sounds like the tag is appropriate. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  2. Because this isn't a show to bring light to specific dangers that queer men face in dating. It's meant to be ENJOYED like any other horror story. Dahmer claimed he wasn't a homosexual and became a born again Christian in prison. I guess we could put it under the faith stories.

  3. So, help me understand… does the LGBTQ tag just indicate gay content is included, or that it is geared towards the LGBTQ community?

  4. According to Netflix, the tag is for content which "celebrates the LGBTQ community". Thus, adding the tag to this show is not really appropriate.

  5. It is all for commercial purposes. It isnt because they are trying to be more inclusive. It has always been like this with large corporations.

  6. I use it to find cute gay films to watch. I can see the backlash if that’s how you use the tags - this series would be more “history”.

  7. I mean like 90 percent of the show is oriented at his interactions within the gay community at the time.. i’d say at the very least it historically shows how predatory he was exclusively on that community.

  8. Yeah it's not like the tag is meaning dahmer is representative. The show clearly is depicting how Dahmer used societies homophobia and racism to his advantage.

  9. That’s kind of what I got from it as well. I mean the way he uses the cops awkwardness about homosexuality to his advantage kind of exposes how the homosexual community was treated. Saying “I’ll grab it, there’s gay stuff in there” after the cop had said something like “I don’t want to catch anything”. Dahmer was a complete monster, but the way that he was overlooked at the time because it involved the homosexual and African American communities is telling of the context at the time. Maybe the issue of tagging it as LGBTQ is that it’s not an empowering depiction of the community and is just a terrible thing that happened to people within the community? I still think it has an underlying statement there that is still important.

  10. I think it’s important historically and currently because Bruce McArthur showed that non-white gay men are still extremely vulnerable to serial killers because of community and law enforcement bias.

  11. To my mind, the LGBT tag on Netflix is more of a genre than an identity. It could be jarring finding Dahmer in the same category as Queer Eye and lesbian romance movies. It is definitely a movie about an LGBT man, and important to that community for his impact on it, but he is first and foremost a Serial killer, that is what the general public associates with him

  12. Netflix removed the D&D episode of community because Chang wears drow makeup that pokes fun at how socially unobservant he is in not recognizing it as blackface.

  13. Netflix reacting to like three tweets, headlines blowing it up, people taking the rage bait, etc etc. you know how it goes

  14. Yep. Literally no one knew anyone complained about this until Netflix decided to remove the tag because people "complained" about it.. People complain about everything. There are billions of people in the world and five times as many bots and bullshit clickbait stories.

  15. I worked in development/talent in Hollywood for nearly a decade and this boggled my mind at first until I remembered exactly how removed they are emotionally from the rest of the world outside of the “😁” expression permanently planted on their faces

  16. I will forever loathe Netflix's decision to remove one of the funniest episodes of Community for something I have never heard anybody have an issue with. Always Sunny too, though I'm sure some people were probably offended by that one a little more. They're still wrong though.

  17. That's literally how all corporations work nowadays. CEOs live on a separate plane of existence to the rest of us, so they use social media to try to see what the real world is like. But Twitter is the same six people arguing, amplified by an algorithm, and a bunch of bots.

  18. Considering he targeted gay men specifically and was gay himself, the series is definitely LGBTQ relevant. His victims were targeted because of their sexuality and lifestyle.

  19. Do people think all gay people are murderous psychopaths? No. Is this technically LGBTQ related? Yes.

  20. I got into an argument once with a girl who said the author of a book was a transphobe because a character in his super shitty novel was a murderer who was also trans. Apparently using LGBTQ characters in anything but positive ways is anti-LGBTQ.

  21. I’d say the story is very much lgbtq related. It shows what a dangerous time that was to be a gay man. It’s another example where if allowed to people will express an ability to completely devalue another human being simply because they are different.

  22. The take away from that show should be somewhat of a cautionary tale for the community because of who his victims were - and that ppl in charge there never made a memorial to remember his victims- they sensationalized the killer and didn’t give proper attention to the victims or their families and that is absolutely horrible and sad- those city officials deserve a kick in the ass!!

  23. Lol exactly, I thought representing diversity was about breaking stereotypes. Picking and choosing only positive representation doesn't portray the grey area. Anyone, any gender, sexual orientation, can be evil lol.

  24. Why? He is a representation of a LGBTQ person. Is he not? I had a male friend that got raped by another male. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, and painting it as such lowers people’s instincts and protective barriers. A lot of vulnerable LGBTQ teens are drawn to gay areas and there are bad actors in those areas too.

  25. This is just dumb. I’m a bisexual man, the people whining about this are idiots and make us look like babies. The tag alone is find any content with LGBTQ related content. Dahmers entire story revolves around the gay experience of the time.

  26. One of the major points of representation is to call attention to our shared humanity with marginalized communities. And a big part of our shared humanity is that we’re all capable of being shitty people.

  27. Also not all media needs to portray only the good people of a community. Even if we’re talking about someone who isn’t Dahmer, but a morally grey queer person is still going to be compelling story telling. Writing a story to check a box on representation is a disservice to that community as it shows you’re still not seeing them as complex people, it’s tokenism.

  28. That would be like me (an Italian) complaining about a mafia movie having an "Italian" tag. Does it represent us as a whole? No. Is it Italian? Yes

  29. My issue with this whole thing is that I'm seeing a lot of fabgirls treating this show more like a weird slash fic than a show about a real life serial killer.

  30. Does that mean that the LGBTQ community only wants to be associated with the positives about their community and not the negatives?

  31. Being part of that community does not immediately make you a good person. Take the good with the bad. If anything this displays a crime against your community from within it. I get the movement is still early and you don’t want people to think all gay people are like this. Honestly, you’d have to be pretty dumb to think that. But wouldnt you want a crime against your community reported? It doesn’t exclude him from the community just because he killed mad people. You can be gay and also a terrible person.

  32. If that’s the case, can we remove the black tag from every “black” movie. Because every single one of those movies makes us look terrible or is disrespectful or glorifies slavery….

  33. He was gay and only killed men. This is definitely LGBTQ related. Sorry friends, ALL the publicity can't be good publicity.

  34. almost like true acceptance for a group is accepting that there are both good and bad members of that group, like every other group of people

  35. I think a big part of the problem here is modern special interest groups want to pick and choose so that the only messages about their group of choice are wholesome and affirming and emotionally safe for them and on the other side of the aisle general audiences have a tendency to go for shocking and dramatic productions with sex and violence and immorality.

  36. It's weird how representation for the LGBT community has to be cherry picked. You wanted equality, this is part of it.

  37. I'm gay and I'm struggling to see why this fucking mattered in the first place. It screams of slacktivism. So many actual important causes for LGBTQ issues to work on but require a bit more work than just being angry on social media, so they won't do that, but they'll do this and pat themselves on the back pretending that they did something important. How the fuck cares. His victims were gay. It showcased queer culture in the past. Such a silly thing to get upset about.

  38. What about the 99% of the positive gay characters in the series. They had a great supportive community. The club seemed like a cool place. The bathhouse as well.

  39. One of the dumbest things to remove , it happen...accept it and let the LGBTQ actors have thier work and you don't get to choose representation as long as its true.

  40. Look I am an ally through and through, but representation means representation. As a white male myself, I don’t get to deny Dahmer’s whiteness or the fact that he was a man.

  41. I guess the issue is netflix usually puts romance under LGBTQ so people felt that putting this tag was glorifying what happened and trying to market it as something sexual… idk just my take

  42. Im laughing imagining Netflix adding a LGBT tag to the Bundy show because straight people tweeted they didn’t want to be associated

  43. As a gay dude, this is dumb. You don’t get to pick and choose what happens in and around your demographic, no more would I expect “racism” to be removed from To Kill a Mockingbird because I don’t want it associated with being white or being American.

  44. The thing is, it's not even meant to be he's an evil gay person. He was basically free to do what he wanted due to societies distaste for queer folk. They handed back an obvious victim simply because they did not want to get involved in gay "lover's" dispute.

  45. Folks playing pretty wilfully obtuse here - tags are used to filter down to themes of interest, not categorize reality.

  46. Clearly this needs a “romantic” tag too because of how he attracted victims, actually all of these true crime stories about families (family tag) or lover (romance) or crime (action) should be tagged.

  47. Thank you. Explained it better than I could. This is about a search engine tag. Not a Medal of Representation that I'm seeing a lot of people trying to turn this into.

  48. Yeah, but I like choosing being offended over common sense. Makes me feel important, because deep down I don't get the love and attention I need, because even deeper down I don't truly love myself (so I make up for it by being too proud of my identity, which is an oxymoron, because the point I'm trying to make is that my identity is irrelevant, which confuses me even more which drives my self esteem even lower and then I point the finger at the Netflix tag as the culprit for all of my woes)

  49. Exactly this. People are trying so hard to make this political. Meanwhile the tag is there to help people find a certain genre of media. This wasn't in line with what they were looking for, so the tag was removed. Simple as that.

  50. Yeah but you see the hilarious Reddit comedians won’t be able to call out those dirty homos for their hypocrisy. They’ve had it way to good for way to long.

  51. So people looking up movies about black or jewish people aren’t looking for documentaries about Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby? /s

  52. Glad I at least found one comment I agree with in the top how ever many. The TikTok comment used representation jokingly; Dahmer is not a “representation” of the LGBT community. Everybody saying “you gotta take the good rep with the bad” don’t understand what rep means.

  53. His victims were gay and he was heavily involved with the gay community and preyed upon them, this series goes into that so I don’t think it is that willfully obtuse.

  54. Gay people are just like everyone else, and just like everyone else some gays are murderers. So is your message that gay people are just like everyone else or that gay people are all magical unicorns that do no wrong?

  55. Well, let me get this right: LGBT ppl want to be represented... but only in a positive way. When the LGBT character is a serial killer, they just don't like it...

  56. You can't pick and choose what representation you want. Dude was gay and ate people. The show isn't trying to portray that all gay's eat people. But leave it to the Netflix to do some dumb shit like this.

  57. Once again Netflix overreacts to overreaction from a few accounts on Twitter in an attempt to be as political correct as possible. And they wonder why their stock price is going to shit, and why people are unsubbing from netflix lol

  58. Someone explain something to me please. I was under the impression that the tags meant that the show had elements of these themes in it, not that it represented the people in it. Was i wrong?

  59. Kind of a ‘too damn bad’ situation. Do they (armchair activists) somehow believe the tag nominates Dahmer the newest Gay Ambassador to the USA?

  60. With all due respect, he was a homosexual. Is it a driving portion of the narrative? Yeah, I guess it is considering he’d have sex with other men and then kill them.

  61. I feel like context matters a great deal here. For one, the Netflix lgbtq tag is described as content that “celebrates the LGBTQ community” and contains mostly lighthearted shows and movies. On the surface, sure this dahmer show is about lgbtq people, but it also doesn’t quite fit the category as it’s been established.

  62. "not the representation we're looking for" is such a meme statement, it's embarrassing that Variety is using it in the headline.

  63. Oh so …… even tho he was gay you don’t want the bad light on gays oh ok…. Cuz why would there be bad people in the world right lmao

  64. You can't cherry pick inclusiveness, if someone is gay and also evil, you can't just pretend they aren't gay to avoid the association.

  65. Lol. I get that this is bad publicity and I‘d tend to agree in general, however, the quote irks me. It implies that people should choose which kind of representation they want. In truth, it IS an LGBTQ story. Even if it’s a nasty one. And it should be regarded as such. Not just because of dahmer himself but also because of the victim’s.

  66. Yeah, that's like taking a docuseries about Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy and labeling it "hetero" as if it were a representation of all straight people. Plus, no one looking for LGBT content is going to be like, "Oh yeah, this is what I was looking for."

  67. Dahmer was gay, the show depicts his interactions with the gay community and the impact of his crimes on that community and did a pretty good job of focusing on his victims and making them people instead of footnotes in his story. I'm just not seeing the issue here.

  68. As a bisexual I will say I personally am not offended by this it’s literally what happened and history is not to be sugarcoated

  69. This is so strange. The LGBTQ tag isn’t just about representation. Jeffrey Dahmer was a gay man who killed young gay men. The series focuses pretty heavily on his interactions with these gay men and Dahmers internal struggles of being gay himself. To remove the tag kinda just invalidates the victims. Most of them were LGBT.

  70. They might not want to claim him, doesn’t change the fact that he and his victims weren’t gay 🤷🏾‍♂️

  71. Too bad. You don't get to write off the shitty parts of history because you don't like them. This happened so you are stuck with it, sorry

  72. I agree that Dahmer doesn't belong under the LGBT category if someone is actually using that to search for a show to watch on Netflix, but i dont think that quote about "representation" was the best way to word the reason why.

  73. I believe John Waters once said something to the effect of, “Why do gay people always have to be good, why can’t we be killers too?” I for one would love to see more LGBT characters that are dark rather than just cutesy. Multiple Maniacs and Pink Flamingos are excellent examples

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