‘Better Call Saul’: Guest Stars revealed for Final Season

  1. The first episode of the season begins right where Breaking Bad left off. A policeman checks Walt's pulse. "He's dead!" the officer shouts, only to dart back a moment later when Walt's body suddenly quivers. Two huge blue, crystalline wings sprout from Walt's back, and the ailing bald man levitates into the air. He's completely naked, but blue meth crystals tastefully cover Walt's crotch and chest. A title card suddenly appears, reading "Walt: Goddess of Meth." He then takes out his katana and kills all the cops with a single undodgeable combo attack

  2. Jester Whiteman, the hybrid conjoined twin clone that Gus had been secretly developing in Mexico from samples of their DNA that he collected from their tray the first time he met Walt/Jesse at Los Pollos.

  3. The way he said it in the panel, it almost like he was saying there were even bigger things that happen in this season than Walt and Jesse returning, which is hard to imagine in terms of connections to Breaking Bad. Perhaps the scale of their return will be bigger than expected or the way their inclusion changes how we view Breaking Bad.

  4. There’s a Nebraska-native BCS character who would be a lot more likely to cross paths with Gene in Omaha. Especially if they have to run home in disgrace after Saul destroys their life, as he is wont to do.

  5. Why? They look nothing like their younger self especially Aaron Paul. I don’t like to shame people for what they can’t control but his head and receding hairline compared to his first season appearance has a dramatic difference. When they did the flash back scenes in season 5 of BB, I just couldn’t look past it.

  6. This really shouldn't surprise anyone. I was expecting them to at least show up for one scene. If anything, this just increased my hype.

  7. Really annoyed that this was revealed, like why? Is it so more people watch? It's so cheap, imagine if they did the same thing for the El Camino reveal. Tried to go into this season as blind as possible, it's not even like it's leaks and rumours, its the official accounts 💀

  8. Probably because it's beyond obvious that they were going to show up and Gilligan and Gould didn't want to deal with being asked about it 100x over next 3 months. I doubt it gives away anything big if they confirmed it so early.

  9. With El Camino, people worked themselves up into such a frenzy over whether Bryan Cranston would be in it or not that it overwhelmed the actual reveal and maybe even the whole lead-up to the movie. It would have been worse with Better Call Saul and months of speculation over a couple of cameos wouldn't have been productive for the show. Better to just turn the temperature down and put people at ease by saying that they'll show up, especially when everyone kind of knows that in the back of their head anyway.

  10. I think he answers it in the article, he has been asked countless times if they will show up. Seems to me like he's made the executive decision to finally confirm it so that he can focus on other things going forward press wise.

  11. Cheap play to boost viewership. AMC don't have any slam dunk hit shows in the pipeline so they're milking the final Breaking Bad Gilliganverse season for all they can.

  12. They pretty much did, there were stories about a guest star being 'secretly flown in' for 'El Camino' and everyone knew it would be Cranston.

  13. Spoilerphobes are too puritanical at times. Getting salty that the showrunner chose to disclose this is nonsense.

  14. I know Breaking Bad enthusiasts will hate me for this, but I love Better Call Saul as a series on it's own, that I don't really care about Guest Stars and so on. I trust the makers of the show to make all that sensible though.

  15. Hard to appreciate it as a series of its own when it's basically two shows stapled as one: "Jimmy's misadventures" and "breaking bad zero" (aka the Mike show).

  16. Its just-- am I wrong to think it would have been better if we just got to see it instead of knowing it was coming? I don't know why journalists ruin a big reveal in movie or TV. There was a time when we didn't see it coming and that made moments of TV/film history.

  17. I don't care about Jesse and Walt; okay maybe Jesse would be cool, since he was already familiar with "Saul Goodman," but that could just as easily be explained by Jimmy's aggressive advertising.

  18. I’m guessing the first half of the season is the end of the Kim Wexler era and the second half has a time-jump that overlaps with the BB era.

  19. If you are bitching about spoilers in this thread, get over yourself. We all knew they would be in it at some point.

  20. I wish he would just straight up lie, instead of confirming it. Now that I know (thanks to Reddit), it won't be as surprising anymore.

  21. Yeah, why announce that the biggest TV characters of the last 20 years are appearing in a show that has always lagged behind their iconic show in the ratings? Why would they do something like this?

  22. Yeah, people are gonna watch it. The people who watched the previous seasons are. But they want all the Breaking Bad people, a group that is practically “everyone on earth,” to watch it.

  23. This shouldn't be surprising in the least to anybody tbh. Walt and Jesse are both immensely popular characters, and are integral to Jimmy's character arc. It wouldn't make any sense to exclude them.

  24. We'll probably jump into the BB timeline soon and see Saul's introduction from his perspective. Them coming back in inevitable.

  25. I liked Saul but never cared for him enough to care about BCS; I gave it a few episodes then dipped out. I think a full circle moment would be really cool where the final moment in BCS is the same scene from BB when Walter and Jesse meet Saul for the first time.

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