1. We did once. His name was Abraham Lincoln. Oh, wait... never mind... he was an undefeated wrestling champion... which IS pretty cool, but not normal...

  2. If my mentally unstable ass can get a girlfriend, you can definitely get someone to love you. I believe in you.

  3. Bro ain’t you the guy who saved my cat from a tree then lent me your Bugatti??? Someone give this man a chance

  4. I had a friend in high school who used to kiss his parents in the mouth, like you would on the cheek but on the mouth.. it was weird af lol.

  5. Yeah my family does this too?? Everyone’s talking about it like he’s French kissing her but it’s literally just a peck

  6. I remember my cousin used to kiss me instead of greeting when i was 14-16 but as soon as i turned 17 she stopped, guess its normal, somehow

  7. Those look like pecks mate, everyone calm down, this isn't a big deal at all! My cultures don't rlly do it, but plenty do, and this is hardly weird! I know one father and daughter who pecked lips when I was in primary school.

  8. I grew up in a family that was comfortable greeting one another with hugs & kisses. When we were kids, at bed time we would give a quick hug & kiss to my parents & even their guests.

  9. This is the first fucking person who disses a president and then apologizes when he’s proven wrong THERES HOPE FOR POLITICS AFTER ALL

  10. This is pretty normal. This is how I kissed my grandma and how I still kiss my mom. Where y’all live that your parents don’t kiss you? No wonder we have so many school shooters.

  11. The US has interesting presidents. One kisses on the lips and the previous one bragged about grabbing women by the pussy!

  12. This is not “making out”. This is a peck. Many people in my family and other families I know greet each other that way. The President is a warm, loving man. The “creepiness” that you ascribe to him is either your own perverted mind or because you belong to the other party.

  13. oh so only Republicans can be pedos? yeah that sounds like the mandatory dems mantra of accusing the other guy of what they themselves are doing in the hope of drawing away attention , your busted hun

  14. Everyone who thinks this is weird probably has a incest fetish and you are making this into something it's not cause your brain loves incest so much. They are not making out there is no tongue it's a fucking peck on the lips like when you kiss your mother holy cow people. You are the freaks

  15. Biden is fucking weird. Trump wasn’t perfect, but at least our economy wasn’t fucking dying nor was he being a fucking pedo.

  16. Bro the economy did fucking die under Trump. The fed pumped 2.3 TRILLION dollars into the economy to keep it afloat in 2019 even though for some reason no one talks about it. They then gave everyone 2000 dollar checks for months and gave 400 billion dollars for ppp loans. The economy was literally on 7 different types of life support when Biden took over.

  17. They're not making out. Their roots are Italian and it's very common to peck people on the cheek/lips whether you're meeting them for the first time or they're just family.

  18. Great, now not only do we have the rich controlling the little democracy we have but now they're not even subtle with their thing for incest or children

  19. Well when you take a picture of something it tends to look longer than it actually is, this is a comment section of gullible idiots

  20. Y'all never kissed your parents, aunts, uncles, or grandparents on the lips? I'll admit it's weird to still be doing that at 19 years old but y'all are actually tripping rn

  21. I’m not gonna sit here and let you guys sexualize a real as grandfather and granddaughter relationship for the internet

  22. I don't know if it's true, but I heard there are vids of Hunter partying in a hotel room and his niece is there. Is that the niece with Hunter in his vids? If so, this probably is not the slightest bit weird for her.

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