Not that anyone cares, but I’m moving into my first apartment!

  1. Sorry, just curious, since in 3 years that is also my problem, but how much does it cost per month because it looks like a great place!

  2. Ngl, it does look kinda cramped but not bad for a first Apartment. If you get a decent job and a good career, you might move to the suburbs some time.

  3. That's epic, i will probably go live with my grandparents soon, my mother is searching for an other apartment to move out of where we are but there's no 4 bedrooms houses so i might go live with my grandpas for their security and to have more privacy, i would also be able to keeo walking to school instead of taking the bus or something

  4. People will complain about how small it is but it seems really cozy to me if you live by yourself. If you have good entertainment and games with that triple shelf thingy you can make a good entertainment area in your living room. I keep thinking about how life would b after I move out and I wish I could have a place like this. For me personally, in my bedroom I'd have some statue figures and band posters. How's the rent looking?

  5. This looks so cozy! Maybe just clean up the kitchen a bit, have some rugs down (If there aren't and you fancy) for me some nice warm lighting / red light would also do the trick! I love small apartments like this honestly.

  6. I care. This is a huge step for you dude! I also moved out at 18 and ik how difficult it is. It looks like you got a single. No matter where you are in the world, it’s going to be more economical to rent with friends. I was renting in Atlanta and the most cost efficient number of roommates for me was 2. So I lived with my friend and his sister and it took $400 off of the price of living alone. Definitely worth it.

  7. it looks nice and cosy, definitely inspiring me to put my name down on the commissioner's list in my town for a 1 bedroom flat soon! best of wishes

  8. Damn boi looks better than mine, when I moved in I needed to call the maintenance person to remove black mould from my cupboards.

  9. Damn I like your new place. I feel very homey and welcoming. The vibe is kinda comforting. Nice place I would say.

  10. Congratulations!! I saw a reply of yours mentioning the expenses. Have you considered getting a roommate so the costs will be split?

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