If I nut in her clit will she become pregnant 😓

  1. Right. The turkey could get pregnant. Not your cousin. How long has it been ? U can get the pill for the turkey if it’s not too late. Target or Walmart will have it.

  2. “Ground me if you want. Nothing will unfuck the Thanksgiving turkey!” I want to say that one year…but I’m not sure I have the strength to pull it off

  3. I don't get this whole ordeal of not wanting to buy condoms, in Italy anyone can buy condoms of all ages, and they even have machines outside to evade embarrassment.

  4. Yeah it’s like all the new 13 year olds all just rocked up with a body count of ten under their belts for some reason and everything else went to shit

  5. The clit isn’t even a hole???? Y’all really need some sex Ed holy shit. Pulling out doesn’t do anything. Sperm can still get in the vagina even if you “pull out”. Just at least use some condoms.

  6. I am not a teenager, but I saw this on my feed. Usually I ignore because this sub isn't targeted towards my specific demographic, and you guys deserve your own space. But there is so much wrong with this post. I'm scared for what passes as sex ed these days.

  7. you need to have sex again in the next 24 hours but use a condom, that way, it will kill any existing sperm that could have got anywhere. the lubricant on condoms is sperm killing just in case

  8. cmon man pulling out isnt even a viable protection method. there will be sperm cells on yo willy the whole time, it's a lost cause either way

  9. Well man.. I’d just pray and cross my fingers , it’s 50/50 that she’ll be pregnant. Also, the clit is the little bean looking thing on the top where the lips meet , try to use protective next time ! Lots of stds going around, very common now a days .

  10. if the semen goes into her vagina then possibly yes. However if its wiped up or washed off without entering the vagina then there is a possibility that she might not get pregnant. Whenever you have sex there is a chance to get a partner pregnant, always remember to wear a condom.

  11. Okay; there is no such thing as a “clithole.” You do not understand human anatomy or reproductive function; if you can’t figure out the answer yourself, for the LOVE OF GOD, go back to jerking it.

  12. bro im 13 an i know damn well if im penetrating im using a condom always and if i for some reason which is never gonna happen im putting full concentration into not nutting in there, i dont want a kid rn def later but not rn, also HOW TF DO YOU NOT KNOW IF YOU NUT IN HER YOUR THATS THE NUT YOUR GONNA HAVE TO RAISE, NUT ON HER NOT IN HER

  13. Op just get some plan b, it's emergency contraceptive and it's most effective as soon as you use it within 72 hours of sex, the more time goes on the lest effective the chance it'll work will be and next time wear a condom

  14. This is why women of this generation will not have orgasms. Do you not know what and where the clit is? It’s not what you think it is based on your comment here. It is way more important.

  15. Wym? Like on the clitoris? Or actually in her? Cause if it was on the clitoris, there's still a risk but not as much as in her. Use fucking protection. Pull out. Gah damn.

  16. I mean, that's why you use condoms so you don't have accidents. I'm confused on how lots of teenagers (any age) do the dirty and not wear condoms and worry about pregnancy. I'm also super surprised that you aren't afraid of STD's. it's not 100% guaranteed that she will get pregnant though as it depends on the situation but that doesn't mean to spin the wheel with your dong raw and risk having a baby or a STD in your body. Long story short, use condoms.

  17. In her clit??? CLITHOLE????? Dude, i think you mean you literally just came in her vagina 😟 I seriously feel sorry that you’re so irresponsible and uneducated on anatomy before having sex. And I’m praying for the girl you had sex with and that her abortion goes well (slightly kidding cuz hopefully she just doesn’t get pregnant by some miracle)

  18. That poor girl is going to be become pregnant, chances are you’ll leave her, and her life will be ruined because ya’ll didn’t use protection and Sex Ed in schools is extinct.

  19. Wrong sub for wrong question. Mostly 1st world country kids use this sub. Idk why I an seeing posts from this sub but, don't go asking important, life altering information in a teenager sub reddit. Good Luck on the FatherHood tho

  20. I am mad and disappointed at you son. Always use protection. Now, get sperm killer and prepare to pray!

  21. If you are really unsure, find a place that sells emergency contraception if you can. They usually only work 24 hours after sex though.

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