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  1. I’m the lone blue in a deep-red extended family but I don’t bash them for their political views. It’s their opinion, and they’re entitled to it as much as I’m entitled to mine.

  2. Do Republicans just not use the internet? I swear mostly every american on the internet is democrat yet the amount of democrats compared to republicans is not that different

  3. The average republican is significantly older than the average democrat; only about 21% of millennials and 17% of gen z identify as republicans. Combine this with the fact that one’s from recent generations are likely to be the moderate republicans and that the internet will get extremely controversial about it, and most moderates on both sides don’t bother getting involved in online discussion which leaves a very small portion of republicans that use the internet (especially reddit) and are willing to voice their opinions.

  4. The biggest ick is letting politics rule your life and then making a “holier than thou” post about it on a non political subreddit

  5. I’m sorry, but who they vote for should not affect your relationship with them. My dad is a centre right person while I’m a centre left, I still love him and respect that man more than anything. He respects my opinions and I respect his.

  6. Yea, my friend group has very different political wiews, one votes left, one's openly facist and one doesn't even have political wiews or care about politics at all. Yet we hang out and have good time.

  7. i mean... sure that's your relationship with your parent. But if trump came along again and got elected for president; i'm not sure how I would feel about people I know would have then voted for him

  8. Yes because politics dictate my relationship with my parents. I hold politics so close to my life because of media and what randoms on the internet say over my own loving family!!

  9. If you think your life is divorced from politics you’re living in a bubble. Politics isn’t just CNN and Fox and randoms on the internet. Local and regional politics dominate every aspect of your life. You’re not apolitical because you’re above all the drama. You’re just lazy and probably don’t like conversing about issues you don’t fully understand.

  10. Why is that a problem? Older people are generally more conservative, while younger people are generally more liberal. That's not news.

  11. Both sides have their bad people. Criminalizing one party is exactly what the worst of the other party wants, yet there is a strong fear for voting third parties due to the belief that no third party can win an election in the US.

  12. Oh cool, hey can you tell me real quick what side is grooming children, didn’t want slaves to be free, and have be caught in a international child sex slave operation?

  13. The right, though more specifically the far right. However it'd still be dumb to claim every right-winger wants those things, the large majority don't, and most disavow slavery in today's society, even if conservatives in the past may have liked it. Judging the entire right-wing and everyone on it based on the actions of hitler and the confederacy and so on would be quite idiotic

  14. The biggest ick is thinking that who you vote actually makes a difference, they all lie and dont keep up to their word. Also, trump was a republican and statistically he is the best president the USA has ever seen but the media potrayed him as a villain which he isnt. Not even american so idc but look at joe biden and tell me honestly that he is running a country, there are people above the president who actually run the country and thats why trump is demonized because he didnt take orders and he ran the country on his own. Joe Biden couldnt even pour a bowl of coco pops with no milk on his own nevermind run a country

  15. The whole "jewish media" narrative gets so old. What do you think the most popular news network in the US is? How about the most popular US political podcast or political commentator? The idea that jews are controlling the media and trump is secretly a good guy and it's just random that all data disagrees or that science doesn't really matter or that hitler wasn't that bad or whatever just doesn't work anymore, you'll have to come up with some new material eventually. At least joe biden has objectively done more good than harm when compared to trump, who cares if they're both old, he's doing a hell of a lot better than you or hitler did, whether you want to admit it or not

  16. Did he tho? He downplayed a pandemic and by doing so is directly responsible for the deaths of millions. And also much of his early success running the country was kind of guaranteed because economically America was already on an upward trend before he took office. He just did what he did best, inherited the success of others and then claimed it as his own. The minute an actual crisis came to America he folded. But yeah Joe Biden is a piece of card board will probably be forgotten in a month after his presidency, he was just boring enough to not be hated or loved by the general public making him the perfect candidate against a polarizing figure like Trump.

  17. I think it's better to say when you don't think like they do. Whether they vote Democrat, Republican, or abstain from politics all together.

  18. It's kinda funny that the "politics don't matter" or "leave politics out of this" folks are usually people who aren't being targeted by republicans.

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