Man, I’d love to be a teenager in the 1990s or 2000s

  1. While they did have a lot of cool stuff, I do think what we have now is better. Having a collection of cassettes and records are something you can still do. And either way, for listening the services we have now are better

  2. You realize all these things still exist right? I get Pontiac doesn't make cars, but you can get them vintage. Being a teenager sucks, regardless of the decade.

  3. I was a teenager in the 90's and it was a mixed bag. Xbox and PS2 introduced online gaming for the first time and it was less toxic. Split screen online Halo was awesome. 50 cent 2 Liters at walmart and $1 menus at fast-food. My first tank of gas was $1.02/gal. Napster arose and fell, music went from being expensive to free. 24 track mix cds that were just burnt the night before went into the cd player you retrofitted into your car because it came with a tape deck. This required you to have encyclopedic knowledge of what mix cd had what songs, as you often just put a date on the blank silver finish. You grew up with arcades, but they're all but dead and niche by the time you can drive yourself to one. I got to graduate highschool and throw myself into the real world just before the financial collapse of '08. My roommate lost his job for a long time. Prescription opiate pills flooded neighborhoods and I've met a few people who eventually died from an OD. Also Pontiacs suck, that's why they're not around anymore.

  4. if you had been born “5 years earlier” like you say, you would still have been 0 years old during the 90s and would not have been exposed to the culture/media of the times either way. Being born during a specific decade does not automatically make you feel more connected to it.

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