1. Don’t worry OP unless your mom is as old as the dinosaurs, she has one in her bedroom that makes as much noise. She just not as impulsive and she waits till nobody is around. I just realized I took for granted OP is female doesn’t matter enjoy

  2. better check your walls too sir I've been on a quest to have a lil taste of walls around the world and sometimes I get a lil excited and gobble up the entire wall

  3. Well several years passed before i realized that our walls are actually thin and everything can be heard everywhere, my parents probably heard me watching porn or masturbate many times, though they didn't even give a look at me about it.

  4. Lesson one: always play other distracting audio when you jerk it, I usually play the theme from the anime JJBA;VA so when I climax there’s an accompanying hype beat. Lesson two: always lock your doors, this is the most obvious lesson, don’t want someone walking in while you’re “playing the flute”. Lesson three: choose your time man, do it when there’s no one in the house.

  5. At some point in every person’s life, their parents catch them masturbating/having sex. It’s normal, not a big deal-unless your parents are like super religious and make it a big deal, in which case I’m sorry. Otherwise, she probably understands and went through this herself.

  6. You are a growing teenage girl so its perfectly normal for you too use one . And chances are your mom uses one too so just pretend your mom didn't hear it and continue doing what makes you happy. Your mom should have no control over you, your possessions or your body.

  7. Uh so.. I'm not a teenager but when I WAS a teenager, my dad heard my vibrator in my room while I was out of the house. It turned on somehow and was vibrating against the wood of the dresser it was in so it made a weird noise and that's when he found it.

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